7 Top New MLM Companies For 2023

best new mlm companies 2023

Welcome to Cheap MLM Leads! The multi-level marketing and direct selling industries are growing rapidly around the world. But which network marketing company should you join for peak profit potential? Today we are going to talk about seven brand new MLM companies two years or newer that are going to crush it in 2023. So read until the very end because we have a special announcement to pre launch ground floor opportunities no one knows about yet so read until the very end. 

I am also going to give you my best traffic source for MLM lead generation. If you want to get clicks or leaves to your opportunity you want to save for that as well. So let’s just dive right in to the top new MLM companies for 2023

7 Top MLM Companies 2 Years or Newer that will CRUSH IT in 2023

So this is the quintessential list of cutting edge MLM businesses. A lot of these companies are the most popular right now. They have been voted among the top company as far as popularity and for newness. So let’s just dive right in and number seven is called the Decentra. 

Seven: Best MLM for 2023 is Decentra

This new direct selling company made a million dollars back in 2021. They are powering the innovation of DeFi. So DeFi is pretty much everything blockchain for 2023.

They are involved in the metaverse and they are involved in staking. They are involved in blockchain and they are part of the web 3.0 And they are part of the growing AI and NFT sector. 

So definitely keep an eye out on these guys because they are really new. They only did a million in 2021 and more in 2022. So I will be excited to see what they do in 2023 for sales growth. Now let’s start moving forward to more top network marketing businesses for 2023. 

Six: Best MLM for 2023 is Bravenly Global

Number six is Bravenly Global. Now these guys have done $2 million in 2020 and $2 million in 2021. Now they have pretty much your traditional MLM products. They have products for skin health and they have coffees as well. You know they have really good quality products that stand out in 2023. 

So you can see here it’s called brazenly glow girl. It’s beautifying vitamin packed gummies that help boost healthy glowing hair, skin and nails. They have brazenly brewed a delicious Arabic coffee packed full of organic mushrooms with brain boosting nootropics. 

That kind of reminds me of Organo Gold if you remember those guys. They were huge for quite a while, nootropics are still coming on the scene. Not too many people know about them, but they’re very you know they do help your brain for sure. 

I ordered some herbs myself when I do a dry fast or a coffee fluid restriction fast and I use herbs and I can definitely notice a difference in my cognitive power. So definitely check these guys out. Also I want to talk about their breakthrough if you click on breakthrough right here. It goes to their 30 Day breakthrough plan. 

Okay, so the breakthrough program supports you in your journey to a healthier lifestyle. It gives you a realistic approach to healthy eating by filling your body with natural energy. 

Okay, so of course they have all the products you need to do a 30 day breakthrough. Unlock your unique breakthrough with the five daily keys, exercise guide food plans, grocery lists, science backed tools, and training and more. So pretty much everything you need to lose weight and have an amazing life is cravenly global. 

Five: Best MLM for 2023 is NUI Social

Moving on to number five is NUI Social now they say they’ve been in business for six years. That’s fine. I’m only talking about companies who have a track record of revenue track record of two years or less. So that’s fine. We’re going to work with them. 

They have strategies okay. So they do custody mining, arbitrage and trading. So the CEO wants to help at least 1 million people earn a residual income of 300 to $500 per month. 

These guys are out of Utah. And what’s interesting is most of these mining companies they’re not in the US. So I’m surprised these guys are still in business. They’ve been going for six years, and we’ll keep going ideally.

So let’s see they have different products. Okay. Let’s see here. They have 381,000 affiliates in 114 countries and 13 hours of trading. Okay, so definitely check out these guys. Apparently you can stake your claim and get a return. Let me see if I can go here. I want to show you this really quickly. I think these guys are interesting. 

So they did 1 million in 2020. And in 2021 They did 2 million so 100% increase year over year. So if you go down here to their products, they have movie rental contracts. So they do 12 months or 200% contract terms. 

The cap of 200% includes the return of your monthly rental plus any Commission’s associated k. So results 100% Return of your capital at the end of the contracts. So it’s pretty cool that they have contracts and they are still going strong. So definitely check them out. 

Four: Best MLM for 2023 is Ascira

Moving on to number four is Ascira. Now no these guys are a membership lifestyle platform. They did $6 million in 2020 and then up to $7 million in 2021. With a 70% increase. They have the ACERA Academy, they have smart travel and they have a bank. 

Now I’m going to show you what a bank is. I think it’s interesting that banks supercharge your business success with the only system scientifically validated to make your message more appealing 100% of the time. Okay, so it definitely what it does is it teaches you a personality based system system that shows you how to pinpoint and appeal to anyone’s personality type. 

So you can get three up to 300% more sales in the fraction of a time so you can actually use this for your home business because it can help your direct sales business by an average of 86% more sales and 192% more recruitment. So definitely something that you can apply to your direct selling opportunity. 

arieyl cbd mlm review 2023

Three: Best MLM for 2023 is Arieyl

Okay, moving on to number three is erielle. Now these guys have been around maybe in 2019 but they didn’t show revenue until 2020 with $1 million, but then they had 1,000% increase because in 2021 they’ve made $11 million in revenue and the reason being not only do they have delta eight THC infused gummies. 

They are run by Kristen and Travis Butler, they are top earners in the industry. In fact I knew of them. When I was in my daily choice. They were top leaders and my daily choice and they decided to start their own CBD company. 

These guys went from food stamps to financial freedom. I think they’re a great couple. And a lot of people love them. That’s why they’re one of the top voted companies over at business for home dot.org Right now, because so many people love these guys. They can pretty much join any network marketing company and blow it up because they’re so big on social media and so many people can relate to their story. 

Two: Best MLM for 2023 is IX Global

Moving on to number two is ix global. These guys have a track record. Very good track record. They did 5 million in 2020 and it jumped 340% up to 22 million in 2021. So these guys are a platform that helps you

transform your life and be innovative. Okay, so they follow the latest trends, and they give you insight on how to change your life. And I’m not sure exactly what their product is. I think it’s pretty, it’s a lifestyle membership. And it teaches you how to have a phenomenal life. Obviously they’re doing great because 22 million in one year after only being in business for two years is pretty powerful. So definitely check them out. 

One: Best MLM for 2023 is GS Partners

Moving on to number one, these guys. Now I don’t know if they rebranded or what but they are T s partners. Now they were I believe before this called Karatbars. Now I don’t know how to branch off and do what and how much part of Karatbars is still involved with T as partners but these guys are number one as far as growth and newness. 

They did 5 million in 2020 and skyrocketed 100% up to $65 million in 2021. They are so complex. I am not even going to dive into it. I am not a crypto guy, but it looks like right here you can do gaming and get rewarded digital assets. 

So you can stake your claim in this virtual world and receive crypto rewards daily, weekly and monthly. They also have a crypto card called GS lifestyle. So if you look down here, here’s some of the benefits. It’s available in 100 countries. It’s a four to 8% Better currency exchange rate and the high street banks and let’s see, you can have a personal individual crypto wallet you can add funds using bank transfer. 

You can have up to 30% discounts, have hotels and travel 24/7 personal professional concierge services. Exclusive plastic aluminum or stainless steel gold plated or solid gold cards available. These guys work with I believe, be the Swiss they have really high definition really nice videos, so definitely check out their videos as well. 

They also have a meta verse. I believe you can become a meta broker. So Metaverse with meta mining, meta trading meta brokerage, meta estates. City Development, NFT meta markets, metagaming and so much more. So you can become a certified meta broker. This is absolutely unheard of. And if you’re into or want to be involved with the metaverse, and make money, this is probably your chance and the company you want to dive into. So definitely check them out. 

Best MLM Pre-Launches for 2023

Moving on to the pre launches. If you liked this video, give it a like really helps the channel out the first pre launch company is called Awakened. All right, so they have a scroll down here they have a product called Zenith that is clinically proven and patented. That accelerates fat loss by working through the body’s leptin system. 

Okay, it gently decreases leptin levels to restore accurate communication between fat cells in the brain. Allowing your brain to hear the stop eating and burn fat messages. Okay. 

They also have an eight week University. Oh yes, this is where they did a double blind PLACEBO test. So participants on Zenith lost an average of 21 pounds of fat and lost 3.9 inches off their waist reduced serum Lipton by 43%. 

Now these guys are in pre launch but what’s crazy is that they already have a lot of interest on YouTube. And I’m not gonna dive into it but let’s just say that the anti MLM errs are having a heyday with this company and it could be because Xen awakened is really a social media focused on seeing your biggest challenges. 

If I click on enrollment, I saw somewhere that they they do a lot of social, social media, promoting and that can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing, depending on the company and just just be very cautious how you promote any network marketing company because you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the anti MLM crowd. 

New 3×10 Forced Matrix MLM/Affiliate Hybrid: Matrix Empire

Moving on to the last pre launch. This one is very exciting because it is three income streams and one and it is called Matrix Empire. They use a three by 10 force matrix which means you could possibly get spillover from people above you. 

Even if you didn’t recruit them. You could earn a commission on them. They have three income streams, the first one being matrix empire itself, which has SEO YouTube courses and other digital products. They have a complete auto responder and landing pages to help you market your business. 

They have text AlN and as the second income stream number three they have against all odds which is a green drink. All of all three of these are matrixes as well which is great for new growing MLMs.

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