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Today I am going to talk about is the OLSP System a scam? Is it legit? So I have been in for a couple of months and I am going to talk about my experience and how I almost quit. 

Is the OLSP System a SCAM?

Here is the thing, people that are looking to see if something is a scam, usually haven’t made a lot of money online, and I do it too. I research a company before I join, I want to know that it is legit. 

So of course I am looking at reviews just like this one. But, on the other hand, when you are always kind of skeptical about things, is this a scam? Does it really pay? You are kind of attracting that energy to you, which will keep you broke. So somewhere down the line, you are going to have to open your mind and just open your heart and try something and see if it pays. 

Does the OLSP System Pay? 

So I have been paid several times with this platform. As you can see, my commissions are $679. If I go to my inbox, these are payments that they have paid me through PayPal. I have several different payments here from which you can see OLSP right here. They have paid through PayPal numerous times. 

If you request a payout before Friday, and you have met your threshold of $50 then you can request a payout and get the money by Monday or Tuesday. 

So they are based out of the U.K. You have to request the payment before Friday. I always do it Thursday just to ensure that I get the money. If I scroll down here to my commissions – oh I wanted to show you this. 

This is the dominator leaderboard. The Dominator membership is $97 a month sometimes you can get a deal on it. I have been a dominator for the last few months because the OLSP System will provide me 50 to 100 leads a month which I really love. 

This truly is an all in one done for you program. They supply the leads. If you do the dominator membership level, you get your own landing pages. They have a great email follow up system. 

And as you can see, I Am Number Four right here as one of the top recruiters in the company for dominators. So I am a dominator and a number four as a dominator. 

If I scroll to my commission’s then I can request a payment right now. Current requestable balance I could request $170 right now if I wanted to. Right now I have already made all these payments right here $61 $103 $50 $102 $110 $83 And they pay on time, literally every Monday or Tuesday if I request money on Thursday or Friday. I get the emails. 

Is the OLSP System Legit?

So it is definitely legit. It has been around since 2018. There are about 125,000 members in the Facebook group now in 2023. Wayne Crowe is the legitimate marketer who is also a traffic guru. He has 15 years experience doing solo ads, and you can buy solo ads right on this platform. 

So if you are not getting enough action, you can always buy solo ads within the platform as well. So everything is in this platform, there is no reason to go to a landing page creator or you know, copy and paste email swipes and put them into an autoresponder like other so called done for you affiliate programs where you do have to do some work.

With OLSP it really is done for you. There is one-on-one mentoring. If you want to sign up and talk to a mentor there is a one on one mentor; if you start generating leads, OLSP will email your leads. And this is truly a global opportunity. So it is in Africa, it is in the UK. It is in the US. It is pretty much in every country. All right, and they pay through PayPal, or you know maybe a debit card. I don’t know. I like PayPal. As you know, I have never had an issue with PayPal. So that is just me. 

OLSP System Memberships 

So this is my review of the company. I did start at a free membership level when I first signed up but the commissions are less and it took me like three months to get, you know 50 bucks. So I was like I am going go all in with this program. I am really impressed with it. 

I want those 50 to 100 leads. So I signed up as a dominator about 60 days ago. And as you can see, I have made you know almost $700 with this platform, of course, if you want to make life changing income, and you can make up to $2,000 commissions with this. 

So it is truly a high level high ticket affiliate program. But if you want to accelerate your growth and your income in this platform definitely upgrade to the dominator or even the OLSP VIP membership, which allows you to get up to $2,000 Commission’s 80% Commission’s on all the products, so that is very powerful as well, and they have a lifetime membership that you can just pay once and you are in for life. You also get Wayne Cruz personal leads (at VIP) that have been purchased already so they are documented buying hot leads. So keep that in mind as well. 

But if you want to grow this faster, definitely start promoting the link that they give you. Like I said, you don’t have to create any landing pages for this. My landing page is right here. I have a website name for it. But this is the link that OLSP gives me. 

I promote this under my YouTube videos on my blog posts and in my tic tock videos. So if you want additional income, definitely start sharing your link. After you watch the training you will be much wiser since there are hundreds of hours of training right here and training units. Plus, if you go through the bootcamp, they will give you a $20 commission so you just have to make $30 more and you can request a payout. 

And if you have never made money online, this is probably the fastest way to do it. So I am really excited about the platform. Our team is growing super fast. Like I said I am number four as far as the dominator leaderboard and I am not slowing down anytime soon. And I will give you all the pointers I have to make good money on this platform.

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