Welcome to Cheap MLM Leads! My name is Erik Christian Johnson.

I grew up in a small Victorian town in Washington State. I had big dreams of becoming a rock and roll drummer, and later I wanted to be a poet. I loved arts & letters, and was always alone in my room drumming up big fantasies.

However, my avid hard-rock music listening ended in my dropping out of high school instead of capitalizing on my parent’s promised graduation present of sending me to the Music Institute of Hollywood.

I also discovered another passion around this time: alcohol. Alcohol reacted differently in my body differently than with others, and made me feel alive and manic. Years of being picked on by my dad, friends and bullies in school, and even the teachers, made me use alcohol for a manic “cure-all” escape from reality.

This is how drunk I got every night for 16 years.

Nearly Dead from Alcohol

Fast forward 10 years and I’m getting blackout drunk every night and am nearly homeless. My only friend was a homeless drunk who drank like I did. I also had an alcohol-related heart-attack when I was 32. 

However, I thought it was a fluke and drank even heavier for the next four years. When I did finally get sober, my drive for success was stronger than ever. 

I created a full length music album in 2011 and a memoir in 2012. This turned me onto internet marketing and the power of earning commissions just by sharing my music and ebook links on Twitter.

I was hooked on residual income (earning money over and over from creating something one time) and discovered affiliate marketing in 2013 and then network marketing in 2014.

Network marketing was a completely new concept and I spent hours each night watch MLM training on Youtube. I also read several MLM blogs and learned the concept of content marketing and attraction marketing by writing articles to attract prospects to me, instead of me pushing my opportunity onto them.

It was a perfect type of marketing for an introvert like me. So, I began blogging and doing youtube videos.

MLM Traffic Equals Success

I remember being very stressed and crying at least once a week to my girlfriend that I couldn’t grow my network marketing business. I then asked my sponsor at the time what I should do to build my business, and he basically said get more leads. That’s it!

We had capture pages in that MLM company, that when a prospect was interested for more info they would put their name and email and phone number on this form – then it took them into a “temporary position” in the company where they could look around.

Our company also emailed our leads for us and the emails were great and created a fear-of-loss dynamic that motivated prospects to upgrade their position before a certain cut-off time and day once a week.

So, my sponsor basically said to get more traffic to that landing page and i’ll get more upgrades. That was my light bulb moment. I realized I needed to just generate more leads and the emails would close them.

I set out to work my way up to generating 20 leads per day. It took almost two years to work up to that because I was stubborn and didn’t want to actually talk to people! I created a blog instead and a youtube channel and prayed that my content would eventually generate enough leads for me.

See, I looked up to MLM bloggers like Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Eric Worre, and Randy Gage – who all blogged every week and had built huge teams from their content. So, I wrote and I wrote and I wrote!

Never Stop Before a Break-through

Around post #168 I was burnt out and crying to my one MLM blog friend and asked him if my blog would ever take off. He had over 1,000 posts on his blog that I later found out about, but he was nice and told me it would happen soon.

Lo and behold, I wrote a Best MLM companies of 2014 article which took about a year to rank in Google, but I finally started to attract experienced network marketers from around the world, and they signed up with me!

In 2018, I was one of the top 10 recruiters in our company, out of 100,000 members.

In 2018, CBD oil went mainstream and I had a few CBD MLM articles on the first page of Google and 3 to 5 people were joining my team everyday without even talking to me first! It was passive recruiting for an introvert at its finest!

After generating over 70,000 leads in the last 7 years, I can say that leads are the backbone of any successful MLM company. However, if you don’t want to wait 18 months for articles to take off on a blog, I suggest you buy leads instead and cut to the chase.

However, most people cannot afford to buy leads. If you join my team I will show you the best methods right now for lead generation. I am growing a big MLM team internationally and warmly welcome MLM leaders and beginners alike.

All I ask is that you are a self-starter and can get traffic to your opportunity links and share the opportunity consistently. MLM is all about getting enough people looking at your opportunity.

I have worked with some great leaders from Nigeria and the Philippines. I love people who are driven, and want anything in the world to create massive success inside network marketing/MLM.

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Testimonials for Erik Christian Johnson

“Erik Christian Johnson is a great guy, businessman, and friend. I’ve known him for more than five years now. We met through his blog. We’ve talked many times and shared business ideas, marketing strategies, and blogging tips with each other. I consider him a respected peer.

He is a network marketing professional, awesome writer, and cool dude. He is humble, nice, kind, and filled with knowledge and wisdom about our industry (and online marketing).

You should consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to partner up with him! He would be a great mentor. Erik is definitely a valuable asset to our industry!” – Chuck Holmes


“I have known Erik for many years and have found him to be a real professional in network marketing and direct sales. He knows many cutting edge industry techniques and is willing to share with others to help them gain success. These qualities are signs of a true leader.

Erik is a successful team builder and works very hard at his profession. He is an excellent teacher and a trainer and brings a successful track record for his team to learn from.

I am impressed as to how he is aware of the most recent trends in the networking industry. Erik is a true energetic network marketing professional.” – Mike Dew


“I’ve been a student of Erik’s for around 4 years now.

I have learned a great deal about network marketing underneath him, and because of his leadership, and disallowing me to lose faith in myself, have generated thousands in online commissions.

No matter how many questions I ask him (some repeatitivly) he never lost patience, answers them honestly and with care.

He has given me tools to help me overcome obstacles that I have faced in my journey, and has been a guiding hand for myself and my business.

I am proud to follow him into any online opportunity, and anyone reading this should highly consider doing the same.

Erik is a leader worthy of your time and efforts. He will help you succeed. He will help you reach your goals.

With MLM/Affiliate Marketing now set up to explode worldwide, you’re going to need a leader who can keep up with the momentum, and be able to set his teams up, so that they can come along for the ride too.

Erik is one of those leaders. Reach out to him today. You’ll be glad you did.” – Chadwick Wallace