Best Multilevel Marketing Opportunity in Colombia

Colombia is quickly becoming the fastest growing country for multi-level marketing. With over 50 million people living in Columbia, with an average income of around $1200 USD per month, MLM is a great option to earn additional or life-changing income for many Colombians. Today we are going to talk about the Best Multilevel Marketing Opportunity in Colombia and how to succeed.

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What is Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing is a business model that companies use to sell their products. The company acquires distributors or reps, like you and I, to get the word out about the products or services. In return, we get compensated whenever someone buys products or services through the website the company gives us.

The “Multi-level” aspect is the way our organization looks when we recruit other distributors. There is a level 1, level 2, level 3, and so forth in a distributor’s downline. 

The great thing about this formation is that the reps or distributors can earn commissions from everyone within their organization. 

That is how the top MLM leaders can make a lot of residual income each month. They get a commission whenever a product is sold or reordered.

What is a Multilevel Opportunity in Colombia

Multi-level marketing in Colombia is the fastest growing industry in Latin America at 20% growth each year, beating all of the other countries in South America, including Brazil and Mexico, which are much larger markets, but not in growth.

A multi-level marketing opportunity in Colombia means that the company is wanting to grow in that country and top-level distributors are looking to build a team there.

MLM can be done all online, so you don’t need to join a local team. In fact, I have recruited hundreds of reps from around the world. They simply filled out my landing page form, ordered products (the company ships the product directly to your customers/reps) and they were on my team. 

What are the Benefits of doing Multi-Level Marketing in Colombia

MLM in Colombia can be truly exciting and life-changing. Not only can you improve your health by taking the products, you have the potential to make life-changing income.

For as little as 240,000 pesos, you can become an independent business owner inside MLM, get your own website to share with others, and have the potential to change others’ lives as well.

MLM is the most inexpensive business to start with the highest potential for earnings. And, there is no risk. If you don’t like the products or don’t want to do the business anymore, you simply cancel your autoship or monthly membership.

How to Start a Multi-Level Opportunity in Colombia

Simply find a product or service you think you would enjoy, find a company that is growing fast and is relatively new (and available in Colombia) and find a top leader who is recruiting there.

Once you locate a leader you find personable, get their opportunity link and sign up on their website. Watch for emails from the company and the leader on what to do next. Usually, with MLM companies, the bigger product pack that you buy, the bigger your commission rate will be, and there’s more incentives.

If you want to become a rep or distributor, with the potential to make income by promoting the products, you want to sign up as a “promoter” or “affiliate”, not just as a customer.

How to Be Successful in Colombian MLM

Being successful in MLM takes a willingness to learn, and a strong drive to succeed. The people who make it big in MLM are the ones who had nothing to lose and put blood, sweat, and tears into their business. 

You have to really want success, because there will be slow days, slow months, and people will leave your team. It is a fact in every MLM business no matter how awesome the company is.

You also want to learn how to share your opportunity effectively. You only want to pique people’s interest, you don’t want to be pushy. I personally use “attraction marketing” methods, which means I create articles like this, or make videos and people find me and sign up through my links. No pressure, no selling.

The Best MLM in Colombia Right Now

The best multi-level marketing opportunity in Colombia is one that is only a few years old and their revenue is climbing fast.

You want a company that is truly global, has cutting-edge products that work, and has a complete sales funnel already built for you, and an email follow-up system already in place. I won’t touch anything that doesn’t have these things.

How to Join the Best MLM in Colombia

If all of this sounds good to you, then we want to have you on our team in Columbia! Simply click the link below and take a tour on our website, look around, and come in as a “promoter.” You will get your own company website and landing pages to generate leads.

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