Best MLM Leads

Are you looking to grow your online business faster? Are you looking for the best MLM leads online? In this article, I will show you exactly how I generated over 70,000 leads in the past 7 years and how to get the best mlm leads.

What are the Best MLM Leads

These days, everyone is an internet marketer ever since people lost their jobs or decided to stay home instead of going back to work. Therefore, internet marketing is more competitive than ever and it takes a ton of traffic and leads to grow any online business.

I wasted years trying to do MLM my way. Yes, I eventually did succeed and made multiple six figures of income in MLM, but that was because I tortured myself writing hundreds of articles and shooting hundreds of videos.

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If you look at any huge Entrepreneur online that has made millions, they usually have a ton of content. Look at Grant Cardone on YouTube. I just looked and he has over 5,000 videos. Gary Vee is another content grinder with over 3,000 videos.

These guys took advantage of social media platforms when they were new and got rich. So, what can you do to generate massive leads for your business in a very competitive niche?

Below are the top 3 ways to generate the best mlm leads that I personally used:

Three:  Blogging

When I joined MLM in 2014, I quickly realized I didn’t want to be on the phone all day getting hung up on, or throwing home parties (in my converted school bus home).

I wanted prospects to find me and join me without me doing any convincing or begging them. I found some MLM bloggers who were writing articles to attract prospects to them.

It is very simple: if you want to attract Nigerians to your MLM opportunity you would write a 600-800 word article called: The Best MLM for Nigeria in 2023.

I did something like that in 2014 when I wrote the Best MLM Companies of 2014. It took about a year for it to climb to number one or second spot on Google search and people interested in joining new mlm companies found my article and signed up (many didn’t even ask questions, they just signed up!)

In 2018, I got even luckier when the company I was in launched CBD oil. They were 1 out of 3 MLM companies at that time that had CBD oil (now everyone has it).

As a MLM blogger, I jumped at the chance to write an article or three about CBD MLM companies. So, I got permission from the CEO of the MLM I was in and hit publish the moment he launched the product.

Again, it took about 7 months to get to the top of Google but all of a sudden I was getting 3 to 5 orders a day from those articles (because no one else had written about it yet). 

I made over $80k in 2018 just from a couple articles and was one out of ten top recruiters in our company – that is from zero three-way calls, meetings, home parties, cold calling, spamming on social media. Very Powerful.

So, if you like to write and can write 100 articles or more and be patient for a year or two then blogging might be the best way to get the best MLM leads for free. I know blogging is number one for me.

Two: Youtube

YouTube videos are a little easier to make and a little faster to rank. You can get a video on the top position on YouTube in a couple months if you are lucky and there is not a lot of competition.

It takes me around 15 minutes to make a video. I sometimes use a screen recorder and just review websites I like. Then, under the video I add a link to my MLM company or to another affiliate program I want to make money with.

You get the point. Video marketing is great, especially reviews, because a lot of people looking for more info on the company you’re in might see your video review and join you!

Again, you won’t get rich making 10 videos and walking away. This is a long term strategy that will pay off if you can do at least one good video per week. I use Google’s keyword planner to find low competition keyword phrases before I make the video.

Youtube leads are the second best MLM leads, especially because they are free to get and people feel like they know you when they watch a few videos by you.

One – TikTok

TikTok is growing super fast and more and more people are making great money with TikTok, and generating TikTok leads can be fun and exciting. It literally takes a couple minutes to make a TikTok and it can get over 1000 or 10,000 views really quick, especially if you get on the “for you” suggested TikToks.

Not only can you make a 15 second video on TikTok and potentially get viewed by thousands of people quickly, you can create up to 4 TikToks per day and have up to 5 TikTok accounts. I personally have 3 and post every morning on at least two.

The name of the game with TikTok is to get your viewers clicking the link in your bio – just like you do with most other social media platforms, like Instagram.

You want to make quick (15 to 30 seconds) and informative or entertaining TikToks. You can add music and not speak, or you can add text. If TikTok’s algorithm likes you they will give you more traffic. 

They will give you 10 to 100 views to test your engagement. If you pass the test, they will give you more traffic and so on. If you got the perfect TikTok, you can get over 10,000 views and up to a million views if super lucky and your channel is a little more established.

You want to stick with one niche per TikTok account. I have 3 different TikToks for each niche I want to make money with or help people with. After you make the TikTok, you can add the title and hashtags in your video description. I use about 5 hashtags.

Just be careful because TikTok banned “MLM” so you will have to be creative and use home business instead. Look at other network marketing TikToks for hashtags they use without risk of a ban.

There you have it! Those are the best MLM leads you can get for free and online. If you want to get the ball rolling even faster you can click the link below.

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