Instant Commission Affiliate Programs

Are you looking to make fast money online today we are going to talk about the affiliate programs that pay instantly. Now, these are the hottest programs right now. So many people are working from home, or wanting to work full time from home, and they don’t know how to start.

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Instant Commission Affiliate Programs 2023

So I am going to talk about the best program and how to make money right away, literally instantly. So the best program right now pays instantly – because so many people are sick of paying autoships in MLM companies, they’re tired of paying subscriptions or membership fees. They want something that they pay once and they are done with it. 

And that is kind of like a dream come true when it comes to internet marketing, because so many affiliate marketers or beginners in affiliate marketing, they spend so much money on this and that.

They spend money on an autoresponder, they spend money on a landing page builder, they spend money on advertising and solo clicks and solo ads, it never stops. 

And what I want to talk about is something that I have done successfully and that is signing up with an instant commission program and just getting free traffic to this program and making money over and over and over instantly through my paypal or my stripe.

Which Instant Commission Affiliate Program is the Best?

There are a couple other instant commission affiliate programs out there. But they are coming and they are going , they are leaving, and they are getting outdated.

The interest rate on them declines right away because they don’t have anything that they really teach you. They usually have like these PLR products you know, private label rights products on the platform that teaches you social media marketing and all these things that are just really generic, and they get really outdated quickly.

The instant commission affiliate program that I am really excited about, I will leave a link under this article, teaches you how to do email marketing. It comes with email swipes that you can literally copy and paste into an auto responder 

However, I don’t even promote the auto responder aspect of it. I think the homepage is converting on its own because there is a great video and then there is a free signup button. 

Now if you want to make commissions with this platform, you either have to pay the $25, $50 or $100 level, but it is only one time and that is it. And there might be a little admin fee that you pay the CEO through PayPal as well and then you pay me 100% Commission and then it is yours forever. Then you can learn to earn passive income and gain multiple revenue streams.

So if you bought the $100 membership level, it is yours forever. That means if you get a $100 Pro upgrade member, you just broke even and then from there, it’s pure profit. 

I signed up about six months ago and I am getting a pro membership every other day. I am getting that $100 Instant Payment payment through PayPal. 

I love getting those email notifications from PayPal that someone upgraded. I got a $100 payment that literally buys my groceries for the day, and maybe pays some small bills and I am good to go. 

I just create content like this. So that leads me to the next portion of this: 

How Do You Promote an Instant Commission Affiliate Program? 

Well, most people will go to Google when they want to learn something, the best traffic for your affiliate program is going to come from Google. It’s absolutely free. Organic traffic is free. You just have to create content like this. 

Most people are going to look for reviews for a company or they’re going to see if something is a scam. Those are the two most popular titles to use in your videos or articles. 

So if you’re just starting out as a blogger or a YouTuber, you’re going to want to do titles like that, and when you do enough titles like that you can do variations of the same topic. 

People are not going to get tired of it. They’re not going to complain and say, you know, Erik, you talked about this yesterday. No one has ever said that to me. 

I do a variation of a video, and I usually attract people that haven’t heard the information yet – and they’re like this is great info I want to sign up with you. It looks like you promote this heavily. You must be very successful at it. 

Create Content and Watch the Returns for Years

So you want to be consistent. The other thing you can do to add to your titles to give it more SEO is add the year. I’m already working on 2023 reviews because it’s coming up in three months actually. 

I want to get ahead above every other affiliate marketer so I’m already doing 2023 reviews and people are like what are you doing? I mean, they don’t actually say that to me, but some people might be like, What are you doing? It’s not even 2023 yet. 

You have to think ahead. Most billionaires are thinking ahead five to 10 years; they’re thinking about trends that will happen five to 10 years from now. You have to think long term in this way; you can’t just think about making a ton of money today because that never happens. 

Most affiliate marketing leaders have been doing the same thing over and over for five to 10 years. They have hundreds of videos on YouTube. 

They got 1000s of tik toks and Instagrams. So there is no such thing as getting rich quick. Even if you’re doing crypto or anything, you’re gonna lose a ton of money. 

You’re gonna make a ton of mistakes, until you start humbling yourself and watching videos like mine, where I’m very transparent and tell you the truth. 

Easiest Money Online that Pays Instantly

So this is the easiest money I’ve ever made online. I am not lying about that or anything. Because for one, people are tired of spending money on useless MLM products. 

They don’t want skin cream anymore. They don’t want diet shakes, they want money fast. That’s all that matters. 

So if you want to do videos about how you lost 30 pounds, that’s great. But then you’re competing with the whole diet industry, which is the biggest, most competitive industry in the world. 

Why not niche down, meaning target a very specific audience. Right now I am targeting people looking for instant commission affiliate programs. That is my keyword phrase of the day. 

I might do 20 to 40 more videos about this because I’m going to hammer it until I am ranked number one on YouTube and Google for this term. 

And then guess what? When someone types in instant commission affiliate programs on Google, they see my video or my blog article, I get the signups. 

Other people don’t because they quit the first week that they signed up.

So if you want real money, you have to be consistent every day, create content because truthfully, people want to just throw money at ads and they’re closing their eyes and crossing their fingers and praying for the best but you’re gonna run out of money before you get any significant income. 

You’re definitely not going to spend $2,000 on ads and make a million dollars. You probably won’t even break even unless you’re a great ad maker. You know if you’re just like a master at creating Google ads and go for it or Facebook ads, but you’re gonna be very upset when you find out you only made 100 bucks and you spent 1000 on ads. 

So creating content is the free way. All the leaders do it. They have extensive channels. And if you’re just starting out, don’t worry about not looking at your competition too much. 

Okay. You might want to look at your competition to find out title ideas. You can go through someone’s YouTube channel and pick out the top viewed videos that they have done and copy their title, maybe change it a little, maybe add the year 2023. 

You know, you can find title ideas from your leaders, but don’t get discouraged and be like, Wow, they are so far ahead of me. Because, you know, truthfully, you could have a YouTube video that takes off or a tiktok video that takes off or something that can take off. 

And it can change your life in a matter of months. I have seen it over and over. My life changed in 2018 when a couple articles that I wrote took off and it is still growing in 2023. 

They didn’t take off right away. It took six months but when they took off, I started to get three to five orders a day for the CBD oil that I was promoting back then, and it changed my life. 

best way to make money online 2023

My life changed. Literally in two to three months. We went from living in a crappy place to a nice place. I got a new car, all in three months because I wrote three articles that ranked number one in Google. 

So don’t give up. Keep going every day and create content every single day. And after a year you are going to have 365 videos and you are going to be like wow, this is good. These good things are taking off. So hang in there and click the link under this article for the platform I have been talking about and we’ll talk to you soon.

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