Best New in MLM India

Today we’re going to talk about the best new mlm India: network marketing opportunity in India. Now this company is really hot right now and the best time to join a network marketing company is when they’re in the exponential curve. They’ve only been around since 2019. And in that year, they only did 2000 2 million in revenue. The next year they did 35 million, and in 2021, they did 50 million so from 2 million to 50 million in just three years. We are available in India as well as 180 other countries. 

Best New MLM in India: Best Network Marketing Company India

So this company is absolutely growing super fast, and we’re looking for leaders in India. So let’s go over some of the details. Now this is just a landing page that the company gives us and I’m going to show you how to promote this because we use everything online. 

Internet marketing has really evolved over the years. Network marketing has evolved. And we now have marketing tools that we can use online. You don’t have to join someone in your neighborhood anymore, or at the local town square. You can sign up with someone across the world. 

I’ve had many people in my company on my team from India, from Africa, from Asia, and we use landing pages to capture prospects and then our company will email these prospects which helps our conversion rate. 

Why MLM in India?

So let’s get into the numbers. India has 1.3 8 billion people. So it’s absolutely one of the biggest countries in the world. I think it’s the second biggest behind China, so there are absolutely a lot of people there. 

However, Indians only make about 91,000 rupee a year. So they are hungry because they’re hungry for opportunity. Especially post pandemic, if you see right here in a year dominated by COVID and lock downs the Indian direct selling industry has managed to emerge stronger and maintain its growth in fact, in 2021, it grew by 6.32% Making with 7.9 million distributors in India. Here’s another chart you can see right here India has had a phenomenal year. 28% in 2020. The last three year average India’s MLM has grown 17.6% with now 7.9 million distributors. So it’s absolutely in the top 10 countries as far as MLM growth is concerned. So now’s the time to get in. 

Best MLM Commissions in India

Let’s talk about the company and the compensation plan. We offer the first five minute pay. So when you sign up with the paid package, if you become a promoter, you can get commissions within five minutes. We offer a virtual debit card or a physical debit card that can be mailed to you. So those are the two options. 

You will not see a Pay option until you get your first commission. Then you will get an email from our company within five days on how to activate your payment portal. All right. very lucrative. 

So the world’s first five minute compensation plan. Here’s some of the perks. We have a global opportunity. It’s under multibillion dollar management. We have cutting edge products that help you lose weight. 

We have industry leading field leadership and the fastest payout in the industry. You get a free mobile app plus you get a FREE MARKETING SYSTEM. This is part of that landing page that I showed you. We have over I think seven to 10 landing pages like this that you can choose from that have your own user ID number in the URL. 

Now of course you can change that and point this to a website that’s memorable to promote it on social media and whatnot. My link is under this video if you want to take a free tour, check out the company and I strongly urge you to upgrade and buy one of the products and become a promoter because India is super hot right now. 

Best MLM Leads for Indians

Here are some of the places where I get leads. The first one, there’s over 200 million users in India that are on Tiktok so it’s absolutely a phenomenal platform to use to generate free leads. 

This is my tik tok account. I just do 15 to 30 second videos every day. They’re very simple to do on your phone. If you don’t know how to do one you can always Google it. I learned how to put text in a tik tok. by googling it. So it’s really not that hard. 

The point of doing tik tok is to do one tiktok every single day. It can be about your life. It could be about you starting a home business, and then you want people to click the link in your bio. And if you can’t put a link in your bio yet because you don’t have 1000 followers. You can put text in the tik tok and point them to a website that you have pointed this landing page to. 

For instance, mine is Instant Pay MLM com. Okay, so you can pick up your own website name and forward it to this one of your landing pages. That way it looks memorable. But if you do have over 1000 followers on Tiktok you could put a link in your bio. Mine says click link for best online opportunities. If you click here it goes to my link tree which is also a free platform. 

Then you see right here promote an international product with five minute payouts. Click on that and it goes to one of my landing pages that our company provides. 

So the whole name of the game is getting eyeballs on your landing pages and having people take the free tour. And then they can see the company name, the products, and they can go from there. You want to get them into the landing page first. 

You don’t want to tell them what the name is because then they’ll go off and research it and you just lost a prospect or a lead and our company emails your leads. So you definitely want them to sign in on the landing page. 

The next place where I get free leads is obviously YouTube. That’s where you’re seeing this video. I put a link to my opportunity under every video with the HTTP so it’s clickable. The link turns blue.

This goes to my landing page as well. So you always want to have the HT the full link, you want this to turn blue, so people can click on it. Now obviously you’re going to do this with your own links, not mine. So you have to sign up as a distributor, a promoter. 

So the products are generally let’s see if I can find it if I can’t find it. The products are roughly 50 to $80 US per month. So if let’s see here, if I have a converter open. So $50 would be about 3989 rupee. So about 3900 rupee a month you can become a home business owner and have the potential to make a lot of money. 

Our 30 day supply is more like 80. So you’re looking at the $6,300 rupee. But if you want to come in at the big pack, which can give you higher jumpstart commission potential, it would be about 16,000 rupee. All right. That is not bad considering that this is a true home business with the potential to earn you a million rupee a year. Many network marketing leaders make over $100,000 usd per month really, but here’s the thing.

How to Build a MLM Business in India 

Now I’ve noticed this with a lot of third world countries, that when people sign up to network marketing, they want instant success. They want lots of money fast. Here’s the thing, you’re not going to make a lot of money in the beginning. 

You have to slowly build a team and you earn a commission every time your team orders a product or they recruit their own distributors. So it does take time. I’m saying it’s going to take two to three years of consistent growth, recruiting people every single week and plugging them into our CEO training. 

And there are going to be people that quit your team. That is part of the business. If you are serious about doing this. If you have been in network marketing before you know that people quit, you know that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

Okay, so you’re gonna have to recruit and recruit and recruit, and many people are going to quit, but eventually you’re going to get three to five leaders that stay in and they bring in dozens or hundreds of people, and that’s when your income takes off. 

Once your income takes off, it can explode and you’ll be getting a residual income check every single month or instantly with this compensation plan. So I urge you to click the link under this video/article. Take the free tour, sign up as a promoter and let’s get the ball rolling. 

And this is up to you. This is completely up to you. I am here to help you and guide you as much as I can. But I don’t have time to individually help each one of you because there’s hundreds or 1000s joining my team every single month. 

What we do is we share the company training and that’s what you should do as well. When you sign up as a promoter point to the company tools because your team will get so big that you will not have enough time in the day. And we do want time freedom with this opportunity. It’s all about time freedom. So I hope you liked this. Hit the link under this article, and see you at the top!



Erik Christian Johnson