How to Attract Cheap MLM Leads

How to Attract Cheap MLM Leads

Everyone who owns a MLM home business wants to generate lots of leads for as little money as possible. After generating 70,000 leads personally, I will show you exactly how to attract cheap mlm leads for any home business.

What are Cheap MLM Leads

First, I will explain what are NOT cheap mlm leads: $4 dollar leads that are shared with you and another person; $2 leads shared with you and two other people, or leads that do not want to be bothered ever again.

There are a lot of scammy places to buy leads that are frankly not even leads. The prospect (lead) may have been interested in a new opportunity a year ago, and now their info is being sold over and over again and they are really upset about it.

And, you can’t build a huge business buying $4 leads, especially if those leads are not exclusively yours. That’s right. I don’t know of a single place that gives you an expensive lead all to you. I checked several places if their $4 exclusive leads were actually exclusive (meaning sold to one person only) and they said no.

The average conversion rate for cold market leads is usually around 1%. This means for every 100 leads, you’ll get a signup. However, it might take 100 clicks to get one lead. I believe the conversion rate is even less now, maybe .05% or even .025% – meaning you need 200 to 400 leads to get a paid signup.

So, where are the best places to attract cheap mlm leads? The best leads are people that usually stumble across your offer on their own. They are not being forced to look at something because you messaged them on Facebook. I never prospect that way.

How to Attract Cheap MLM Leads

The cheapest MLM leads are actually free leads that come from prospects finding you first. Of course, you can just buy a ton of old leads for .05 cents each and email them using a mass emailer like GetResponse or Constant Contact, but if you want really good leads, attract them to you by creating videos, blog articles, and social media.

Some of the best MLM Leads right now are coming from TikTok and Youtube. TikTok however has banned MLM, so you have to say “home business” instead in your hashtags, video titles, and so forth.

Video is great, especially if you use titles that people are searching on Google for. There’s a great website you can use that tells you what terms people are searching for. Type in a term that relates to your business and you will get every type of question people are asking. Then, use that question as a title to your video.

A lot of people search youtube before they join something. Currently, I am recruiting 3 loan brokers a day from a couple videos on my youtube, because they are searching for the “best loan broker opportunity” and my videos pop up. I always add my sign up link under the videos to make it easy for them to sign up

Why Use Cheap MLM Leads

Whatever you want to promote, you need massive traffic to your opportunity to get sales. The MLM leaders on the top of your company’s leaderboard are getting massive interest from either having a huge social media presence, having a popular blog, Youtube, or Tiktok, or spending thousands of dollars on ads, or they wrote a popular ebook.

There is really no fast track to MLM success. Most leaders also bring over teams from MLMs they were in before – so in a sense, they have an unfair advantage over you. But, they make it look easy because they don’t want you to quit their team!

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