Best MLM in Malaysia

MLM in Malaysia is big business. Malaysia is considered the gateway into Asia for network marketing companies. Malaysia is ranked #7 in the world as far as annual revenue produced by direct selling at $7 Billion per year. We are going to go over the Best MLM in Malaysia, how to join MLM, how to promote MLM and have massive success.

This Is The Best MLM Business To Join Right Now

What is MLM?

MLM stands for “Multi-Level Marketing” and is a business model where distributors (people like you and me) share the brand with others. This business model is very cost-effective for the network marketing company because it saves millions in advertising. MLM is also called “word-of-mouth” marketing.

Having joined a MLM company, you are an independent contractor who will receive a tax form at the end of the year as a business owner. If you make over a certain amount of money you have to report it to the government. 

However, being an independent representative in MLM has many tax advantages where you can write-off expenses that relate to your business, like going to a restaurant to meet a prospect – since that is “business-related” it could be considered a business expense.

What is a MLM Opportunity in Malaysia

An MLM Opportunity in Malaysia means that the company is looking for distributors in Malaysia, and means that the company is doing business in Malaysia, and has the ability to ship products and promotional materials to you.

The cost to join an MLM in Malaysia varies – it could just be the price for a product line or they might have a starter fee on top of the product price that is a one-time payment or annually.

Consider the compensation plan when joining a MLM opportunity. If you order not enough product you might not be considered at the distributor level and won’t get commissions or very little. 

Speak to the person who shared the opportunity and ask what or how much product you should “buy in” with. Most MLM companies want you to buy the biggest pack the first month to lock in a certain commission rate, then you can maintain that rank the following months with a smaller product purchase.

What are the Benefits of doing MLM in Malaysia

The average income for a Malay is around $27,000 per year, which is significantly more than Thais and Filipinos. However, that is not enough money to live well in Malaysia.

Malays are community-based, have large families, and large networks of friends, which makes network marketing and MLM very attractive and lucrative for the right individuals.

How to Start a MLM Opportunity in Malaysia

Starting a MLM business is simple. Simply find a MLM company that has products or services that you find interesting or potentially beneficial to your lifestyle, then find someone who is in the company and sign up through their website link.

Most MLM companies have a replicated company website they give to new reps when they join and buy products. Some MLM companies also have a sign-up form, also called a “landing page” where a prospect can sign up to take a free look by entering their name, email, and phone number.

After the “free tour” you can order a product as a customer or as a promoter right then and there or you can think about it and log back into the company website later, via the email the company sent you when you took the free tour.

How to Be Successful in MLM

Most people are not successful in MLM because their expectations do not match the work they put into it. It takes thousands of views per month for you to make any significant income in MLM – or a large network of friends, co-workers, and family who sign up with you.

If you do not have a large network, you can create articles, videos, and social media posts to get views on your website, or you can buy MLM leads. However, most international MLM members do not have extra money to buy leads or traffic. We will discuss the best way to get massive traffic to your MLM links next.

How to Promote MLM in Malaysia

MLM is about consistently getting views to your website links and getting orders and new affiliate members. You can either promote the products or promote the income opportunity.

Example: if you promoted the products rather than the business opportunity, you would show testimonials how the products worked for you. You see product testimonials everyday, whether you are aware or not.

If you promoted the income opportunity, you would talk about the commissions the company pays, and the income potential someone could make in MLM. The top leaders in MLM make well over $100,000 per month, so that is something to talk about!

The Best MLM in Malaysia Right Now

There are a few factors I look for when signing up with a new mlm opportunity:

  1. Complete Marketing System: I want the company to provide the landing pages, a contact manager, and an email follow-up system for me. I don’t want to create sales funnels on my own, and most people don’t either.
  2. I want the highest paying compensation plan. You should at least get 30 to 50% commissions that pay down many levels in the compensation plan. I want instant commissions, which is the hottest thing right now.
  3. I want a truly global opportunity that is in over 150 countries.
  4. I want relevant products, and new products released every year.
  5. I want a CEO who knows Network Marketing inside and out and has a great track record of success.

How to Join the Best MLM in Malaysia

Thank you for reading the Best MLM in Malaysia. I am excited to share the best MLM with you for 2023. Simply keep reading this blog and see my best MLM and Affiliate Marketing opportunity right now.