Why I Make Money In MLM And You Don’t Profit

Make Money In MLM

So the title is kind of blunt, but I want to get the point across and I really want you to make money in MLM finally once and for all moving forward and 2023 and beyond this video is going to give you all the tips and techniques and what people do wrong in MLM. 

Why I Make Money In MLM And YOU DON’T (Real Talk after 3000 Recruits) 2023

So there is only one thing that has to happen in network marketing, affiliate marketing or anything online and that is getting the sale, and I am not talking about going out there and pounding the pavement and talking to everyone three feet around you. That is not what I’m talking about. That is old school MLM that should be left way behind. 

How to Generate 3 to 5 MLM Recruits Per Day

What I am going to talk about is how to generate three to five signups a day and these people come to you with their wallet out. 

Most people are doing non-income producing activities. The first thing they do wrong is when they join a network marketing or affiliate program, they sit on it, they just let it wait for a week, they let it wait for a couple of weeks. 

They are busy, they are doing other things. They think that they can just buy it and set it on the shelf. But if you really want to make money in network marketing, let’s just single out network marketing. 

If you really want to make money in network marketing the first thing you have to do is get into a company that is growing. Okay? Don’t join these companies that are 20 years old. That is ridiculous. 

The only reason those companies are still in business is because they went over to India and Asia and Africa and got huge followings over there. 

Okay, America’s usually sick of these MLMs by year five. They come and go in America. People don’t want to join Amway or Herbalife in America and if you do you might be crazy. 

Okay because Americans have heard of these companies. They are burnt out. There are hundreds of MLM scam articles on these companies. So don’t do that. 

MLM Companies NOT to Join in 2023

Don’t join a company that is 20 years old. It doesn’t matter if they make a billion dollars a year and they have been in business for 20 years. That is BS.

You want to join a New MLM company, ideally, or one to two years old. Okay, if you want to see their track record, then look up their revenue, and if they are climbing exponentially, great, get in it. 

If they are declining or plateauing. Don’t get in it. All right, something’s going on. If they are plateauing after only two years or three years, that is number one. 

MLM Loves Momentum and Go All In

Number two, if you have to get in, you have to jump in and do a 90 day blitz of income producing activities. So every company that I have been in the last eight years I’ve made money in automatically. 

And the thing I do is I do income producing activities only. Alright, let’s talk about the non producing income activities first. 

The Non-Income Producing MLM Activities

The first thing people do that’s non-income producing is they set up their website or they set up a Facebook group, or they make pretty little images that they might use, or they talk to the CEO for an hour, or they watch videos for three hours on YouTube. Those are non income producing activities. 

Now I know you have to get to know the products and blah blah, blah but the thing is the people that make the most money, they dive in first and start talking about the company even if they only know a couple things. 

There were several companies that I joined where I didn’t even know the ingredients in the product. I just started selling it. 

Income-Producing MLM Activities

I started doing company reviews on YouTube. I started running ads to my links. The bottom line is getting traffic to your links. 

That is the #1 income producing activity is getting traffic to your links and getting sign ups, ideally getting in a company that has an autoresponder that emails your leads. 

Because most of your leads are not going to sign up the first time they see something unless they’re absolutely targeted. What do I mean by targeted? They found they’re looking for a new company. 

They found your video online. They watched the review. They’re like hey, I want to sign up. That sounds great. I’ve been looking for something new. This is what I want to do. 

MLM Company Reviews Attract The Best Targeted Leads

For example, a company just just launched 12 days ago. If you look back at my previous videos, the last 11 videos have been about this company because you want to do SEO, you want to do company reviews, especially if the company just launched. 

So I have 11 videos, and I’ve recruited 13 People from those videos. I’ve maybe reached out to four people that were in previous companies. I was like hey, “this is ground floor. Get in with me. Okay, you can get my spillover. We’re going to grow this fast and hard.” 

That’s why I recruited 13 people in a week. Or whatever I said to 11 or 12 people in a week. Seven days is my anniversary for this new program. 

So the point is income producing activity is creating content that attracts people to you. All right, it’s generating leads. If I don’t get enough leads with these videos, I’m going to go run a solo ad. I’m gonna go run, post an ad on Craigslist or three ads to five ads. 

That’s the other thing people don’t do is they don’t do enough of the income producing activity. They might post once on facebook, and be like, Oh, that’s good for three weeks. 

Do More MLM Income-Producing Activities

They might run one ad on Craigslist. They might run a little solo ad for $50. That’s not going to do anything. If you’re going to do solo ads, you have to do $500 or more. You have to do this consistently. Once every two weeks. 

You have to do a video every other day about your company. Just vary the title, just alter the title a little but if your company is new, you should be doing company name review and then the year and then is it a scam? 

(more subtitles) Is this legit? My seven day results income proof you know, titles like that, but the first part of it should be the company name, review the year and then dash and then a subtitle: Is this legit, income proof, my first seven days, should you join, watch this before you join. Is this a scam? Opportunity alert, new opportunity alert, ground floor opportunity, new launch, just launched, pre launch. 

These are all trigger hot buttons, hot button titles, but if you do some vague title like “I tied my shoes wrong this morning. Look at what I’m doing now.”

I mean, no one’s gonna be like where they’re gonna be, first of all, I’m not going to show up on YouTube because no one’s typing in how to tie my shoes, except for seven year olds. 

You want to create titles that actually attract your ideal prospects if you want to attract only 50 year olds, if you want to attract only Gen X people, males over 50 that want passive income that’s going to be your title, “how to build multiple income streams if you’re a Gen X.” 

You want to be so specific with your title that people search Google or YouTube. They type in that key phrase and boom, your YouTube video shows up.

More MLM Recruiting Tips for 2023

If you’re scared of the camera, then you have to run ads or you have to create a blog but a blog takes two years to take off. If you have over 200 articles on it. Nothing is fast. 

The only thing that’s fast is if the company is new, and no one has done a review about it on YouTube. Even if they have you can dominate them. 

There’s companies where people who come in the company are five years old. People come in when they’re brand new, they do 20 reviews for that company in a row and then they dominate and they get on top of the YouTube or the Google search because they’re consistent. 

YouTube’s like, oh this person is the authority on that company now. We’re gonna rank them above everyone else. YouTube will look at fresh content. And if you’re consistently doing videos for that company, they’re gonna be like, that’s the person that is the authority in this company. 

Best MLM Right Now for 2023

All right, I’m gonna dominate Matrix Empire. It is brand new. You’re gonna get my spillover if you get on my team. So click the link under this video/article, and you’ll learn all my tips and techniques but I pretty much showed you or told you exactly what I do. 

I’ve recruited over 3000 people and made multiple six figures, all from the comfort of my home. Most of it was free organic traffic from YouTube, or from a blog. 

I rarely run solo ads but if you don’t have a YouTube you don’t have a blog, you don’t have any following. You’re gonna have you’re gonna have to run ads, you’re gonna have to do solo ads. 

So I’m gonna leave my top traffic sources under here as well, and all you do is you buy the solo ad and you give them your link to the landing page of the company you’re in. 

More MLM Traffic Means More MLM Signups

The more traffic you get to your link, the better and if and ideally, your company has an email system that will email your leads. So all you do is generate leads and you have to be consistent month after month after month. 

So if you really want to make money online, like I have, you have to dive in headfirst and go all out. 90 day blitz you have to go all out especially if the company’s new because you want your review videos to be on top of everyone else’s reviews. 

Alright, so if you need ideas for titles, look at my previous titles, go find an affiliate marketer who does company reviews and look how they do it. Sometimes they have all caps and then the year and then they’re like, Wow, I’m glad I joined or Wow watch this. copy other people’s titles. Right? 

Don’t copy what they say. You know, but alter it a little. Come up with other points about the company. Don’t copy someone exactly, alter the title just a little. But that’s it. That is how you make money in MLM or affiliate marketing. You have to create content. 

The top leaders create tons of content. They don’t tell you that they don’t want to turn you off. But the big leaders have over 200 YouTube videos that they have for Tik Tok accounts. 

I joined a guy a couple months ago in a company, he outperformed me with content. He had six tick tock accounts, he had 500 YouTube videos, and he was running ads using Traffic Authority. 

I mean, he blew me away and he is number one in the company and he has $1,900 days because he came into a company that was 10 years old and did lots of content for that company. And he started ranking number one for that company in Google YouTube, whatever. 

And so that is if you want it bad enough, you will figure out how to talk on the camera. Or you will get money for ads. You will find a way if you really want those MLM profits.

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