Best MLM in Philippines

The Philippines is one of the hottest markets in Asia for MLM and Direct Selling. With over 110 million Filipinos, several million are in one or more MLM companies. Today, we will review the best MLM in the Philippines and how to be successful in it.

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What is a MLM Opportunity in Philippines

More and more Filipinos are turning towards MLM opportunities because it is a business with low-startup costs and huge potential. For as little as P2000 you can create a million dollar business in a few years. Some Filipinos make over P300,000 in MLM by helping others inside MLM promote products and grow their own organizations.

MLM stands for “Multi-Level Marketing” and is a business model where ordinary people promote a company’s products using “word of mouth” advertising, rather than the company spending millions on traditional advertising.

In other words, you can sign up to any MLM company available in the Philippines, or MLM in Thailand, or MLM in Malaysia, and grab your promotional links after you purchase your monthly product, and you can earn a commission every time someone joins or purchases a product using your link.

The “Multi-Level” part of MLM means that once you start building a team in your organization, your team members fall into various levels. Example: when you recruit June, she would be on your level 1 – then June recruits Bob and he falls on level 2 – then Bob recruits Sally and she falls on Level 3. The great news is you can earn a commission from everyone under you on your team.

What are the Benefits of doing MLM in Philippines

Filipinos have always been eager to make extra income online and I have built several Filipino teams over the years. MLM is probably the least expensive business to start with the highest earning potential. 

Doing MLM in the Philippines is also a great way to connect with like-minded individuals, benefit from the MLM products, and explore other cultures and personalities of the World.

How to Be Successful in Pinoy MLM

Filipinos are very ambitious and many do achieve long-term success inside network marketing. However, the average income of a Filipino MLM distributor is only $198 dollars a year, which is the second lowest revenue behind Indonesia.

The three main reasons why Filipinos don’t make a lot of money in MLM are:

One) Doesn’t think long-term: Like most people these days, Filipinos want fast success. Most Filipinos have the expectation that they will make a lot of money in 1 to 3 months. Whereas, in reality, it might take 2 to 3 years of consistent work to achieve success. They don’t realize that they will never achieve any success at a job, even after 40 years, so MLM is a better option.

Two) Lack Mindset: Most people in Asia make only $1 to $2 per day. So, when they start MLM they are worried about money, they hold onto every dollar, and therefore they don’t attract wealth. With every business, it takes money to make more money. The more money you circulate, the more money comes back to you – if you have faith and a health money mindset. You can read The Law of Attraction to improve your money blueprint.

Three) Heavily Rely on Upline: Most Asians put all of their hope and expectations of the business onto the person who recruited them, aka their sponsor. They want their sponsor to hold meetings in person for their team, they want the sponsor to call their leads, they want the sponsor to do pep talks whenever they are down.

The reality is, the sponsor is busy with hundreds of other distributors and doesn’t have time to personally attend everyone’s requests. He is not a butler or maid in a hotel. He or she is trying to grow their business like you. Efficient time management is truly the key in MLM. 

Every successful MLM company has training material that every distributor can watch at their own pace. It is often taught to “point people to the tools” ; the tools are the training inside the MLM dashboard or the weekly company zoom meetings.

If you want success inside MLM you need to be “teachable” but also a “self-starter” – and outline exactly what your goals are short-term and long-term in MLM and you will go far. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

How to Promote MLM in Philippines

The main secret to promoting MLM is getting enough consistent traffic to your opportunity links everyday – in other words, consistently talk to or show at least 20 people a day your company presentation, or your company landing page (sign up form).

The MLM leaders attract hundreds of viewers a day to their opportunity by being active on social media, writing articles on blog (which attracts prospects), or doing TikTok and Youtube videos.

Example prospecting video I did. (I put my MLM link under every video to generate leads or prospects)

The Best MLM in Philippines Right Now

The Best MLM in the Philippines is one that is growing exponentially every year, has a complete marketing system, cutting-edge products, and a great team that’s growing fast.

You want an MLM that has a very lucrative compensation plan, weekly training calls by the CEO, and ideally instant commissions. Our company is in over 200 countries, pays instantly, and is growing fast.

How to Join the Best MLM in Philippines

We are looking for motivated Filipinos who want to launch our company in the Philippines and other parts of Asia. We want someone who ideally has experience in Entrepreneurship and can teach teams independently how to build their organizations.