5 Steps to Unlimited Prospects

Today we are going to go over the five steps to unlimited MLM prospects in 2023. This is the post pandemic updated version for network marketers. There is a pre-existing video out there on multi-level marketing lead generation, and I want to give you guys the cutting edge newest techniques to grow your business and get three to five prospects a day without pitching them. Here is how to gain unlimited leads in network marketing for the modern age. 

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5 Steps to Unlimited Prospects in 2023

This is unheard of in MLM. For most network marketers, they are still still doing it the old school way. They are still trying to get their friends and family and burning bridges. They become part of the no friends left club, and we don’t want that for you. We want you to have ultimate success to success in the best MLM companies for 2023

So a little bit about me. I have been doing network marketing since 2014. I have gone on to recruit over 4500 people personally in several programs and made multiple six figures, all while being autistic, extremely introverted.

I come from the restaurant industry. I flipped burgers for a living. I needed to get out of there. I was getting to be 45. My back was hurting and so I found a way to recruit on autopilot. 

So here is the old list. I found this online. This would have been the five steps to unlimited prospects five years ago or six years ago. 

The Old-School MLM Method of Prospecting

Number one, create a list of every single person you know, that’s everyone. All right. So that is going to take hours and hours and hours. You have to think about everyone that you have talked to in your whole lifetime and that is going to take a long time. 

Step number two, you have to expand that list constantly. That means you have to add two people a day to that list. So you are still writing that list out. 

Number three, you have to raise your awareness and that means basically look around. If you’re in a restaurant and you see a sharp looking waiter or waitress, you have to talk to them about your opportunity. 

Number four, don’t prejudge, you know, still talking to people in person. Don’t prejudge them. 

Number five, join groups and network. All right, so to me that sounds like a nightmare as an introvert. I don’t want to do any of that. 

In fact, in 2014, I went into network marketing, knowing that I would get a sponsor, and they would most likely want to call me and tell me what to do. Go to home parties, go to meetings, do three way calls, create a list. All of these things are old school and unnecessary. So I am going to give you an updated version of how to succeed in MLM, even if you live in Argentina

New School MLM Recruiting for Unlimited Prospecting

There is a different way than the old school methods because the old school methods are literally destroying the industry. There are so many anti-MLMers out there trying to take down this industry because people are not prospecting or recruiting the right way. 

The Five Steps to Unlimited Prospects in 2023

One: Pick an MLM and Stay With It

Number one, pick a MLM that you are passionate about because you are going to be doing this for two to five years hardcore, but it is not going to seem hardcore with my methods. 

You just want to be consistent and stay in the same company. You don’t want to jump around. You don’t want to join something that’s bright and flashy, every year because a lot of people do that. 

They skip, they jump MLM companies or CBD oil companies and start new ones every three months and you will never get success in three months no matter what you do. So stay committed for three to five years. 

You are going to want to pick a MLM company that has momentum. So you can find their revenue growth and you can see how long they have been in business – and you can see if they are growing every year. 

Now if they have plateaued I would look out –  if they are declining, I would really look out. I wouldn’t join a company that is declining. If they had more than two years where they are plateauing or they are going down I wouldn’t join. 

I would, however, join a company that is maybe one to three years old, and they are climbing exponentially every year. You can check out all these companies over at Business For Home. That is a great resource you should subscribe to, download their app and follow the news in the industry. Find something that has exponential growth. 

Two: Find a MLM with Complete Marketing System

Number two, find an MLM company that provides landing pages to you with an auto responder connected to those landing pages. What that means is a landing page is a signup form a lot of companies already have. 

Example of a Landing Page

It is a signup form where you put your name and your email and sometimes phone number to request more information. Then you as the distributor get an email that someone signed up on your form or you generated a lead.

You get their name, you get their number and getting your first lead is very exciting. I still get excited when I get leads. 

So you want a company that has that for you. You also want them to have an automated email system where they email your leads for you. 

Every company I have worked for, probably nine out of 10 companies I have been in had an auto responder because I do not want to learn email marketing. 

I do not want to buy an auto responder. I do not want to create landing pages. I want it all done for me. Very first company I joined in 2013 and 2014 had landing pages and auto responder. 

They also had a killer, fear of loss email system. So when someone upgraded on our team, everyone above that person got an email, urging them to upgrade or they are going to miss out on commissions, and that is a very powerful email system.

I don’t know of too many companies using that email system anymore, but definitely check out a company that has the complete marketing system for you. 

Three: Learn Attraction marketing aka Content Marketing

Step number three is to learn attraction marketing, aka content marketing. Attraction Marketing is the only thing I have done for the last eight years and it’s an ideal perfect world for introverts like us. 

You don’t want to go out there and create a list and talk to waiters and talk to everyone three feet around you. That is old school all right. 

This is a new school. This is something that everyone’s doing is successful. They are using social media and they are attracting people to their opportunity. 

I don’t want to be on Facebook all day, and you know, hiding out and stalking people and asking you if they want to look at a new opportunity because we’re expanding in the area and you look like a sharp individual. I don’t want to do that crap. I want people to find me. 

So I started creating content. I wrote blog articles and I did YouTube videos like this:

And people found me when they typed in a certain search term on Google. My article came up first or my YouTube video came up first. They have their wallet already out because they want to join a new MLM that has CBD oil, which is what happened in 2018. 

One of my articles on CBD oil took off and I was getting three to five signups a day without talking to any of them. They joined and bought CBD oil. And then I sent them a welcome letter and got to know these people. I got to know them after the fact. 

Okay, so you don’t need to know a lot of people to start this in 2023. I started in the cold market from day one. I didn’t have any friends because I was sober. All my old friends were drunks and I had to start brand new. 

And I have generated 70,000 leads and 2500 members that I recruited personally so anyone can do this in 2023. 

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Four: Create MLM Content

So step number four is to create content, long form content ideally. You could do a 600 word Facebook post, or a 600 word LinkedIn post, or do a 10 minute video on YouTube or a 30 second TikTok, it doesn’t matter. 

But, ideally the content should stay on the internet for several years, like blog articles and YouTube videos. TikTok and Facebook reels kind of get buried in the mix, but it is still content and people find you instead of you going after them. 

So you want to attract prospects to you not push your opportunity on to prospects. That is the biggest thing that old schoolers are trying to do. They want you to go out and talk to people. 

Most people do not want to be talked to. They are struggling with mental health issues, inflation, they are working three jobs and they are like “go away.” All right. 

You want to attract people that are actually searching for a new MLM company. So create content and when someone types in a new MLM opportunity, guess what? You show up at the top of search results. 

And they click on your information. And then they go, hey, I want to sign up and a lot of times they sign up without even talking to you or emailing you. 

Five: Connect with Members Who Sign Up

All right, number five is connected with your signups after they sign up. Alright, so again, you have an auto responder emailing them, the company is emailing your leads, that is great. 

But when they sign up, if they become a paid member, then you send a welcome letter and you introduce yourself and you say connect with me on Facebook, or whatever you can text me if you have any questions or if you’re an extrovert and you really want to talk to them, then say hey, let’s set up a time where we can chat for a few minutes. 

If you are an introvert, scared of people just say, you know, text me if you have any questions, all right. That is how you can get unlimited prospects. It is all about creating content, people finding you and you not pitching them. It is all about not pitching in masterful multi-level marketing. 

That is the old school way. That is why 95% of people quit network marketing because they’re like, I don’t want to talk to people today. I don’t want to get on the phone. I don’t want to go out and pretend I’m working out in a gym but I’m actually stalking people to see if they want to join my opportunity. 

I don’t want to sit on Facebook for 12 hours a day doing this. I want to be in the sun or I want to be out walking my dog. I want to be watching football games. On Monday night I don’t want to be on Facebook with my secret MLM tips. 

All right MLMers so those are the five steps to unlimited prospects and 2023 It is controversial, but I did it and I did it my way and you can too, so don’t worry about it. I love you guys. Check out my attraction marketing formula under here, click the link and we’ll talk to you soon.

Recruit Unlimited Prospects into Your Opportunity without Pitching ANYONE.

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