Free MLM Leads

Anyone who has done MLM or affiliate marketing before understands traffic and leads mean everything. Without leads or traffic you have no business. After generating over 70,000 leads personally, I will discuss where to find the best free mlm leads online.

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What are Free MLM Leads

First of all, a “lead” is a person who might be interested in your offer and submitted their name on your website or landing page to get more info. A “click” is just a person who clicked on your site but didn’t submit any of their information.

A general metric I use in internet marketing promoting in the cold market (people who don’t know you) is 100 clicks equals one lead and a hundred leads equals one sale. 

This is a 1% conversion rate. The national average is 3%. However, with more companies springing up and more people working from home, I am lowering that conversion rate to 1% to be conservative.

A free MLM lead is someone who submitted their info on your website or landing page without you spending any money to influence that decision. A free lead can come from a post you wrote on Facebook and someone comments “more info” and you send them your website link in private messenger and they submit their info.

Free MLM leads are the way to go because high-quality MLM leads can cost up to $4 each and not even be exclusively yours – the lead company shares the lead with you and another person!

My rule of thumb when I start any new network marketing company is to work up to generating 20 leads a day, consistently. If you can do that, you are almost guaranteed success, no matter what company you’re in.

How to Generate Free MLM Leads

The first thing I do when I join any new online opportunity is create content. Like I said before, I use attraction marketing to attract prospects to me instead of pushing my opportunity onto them.

So, ideally you know when a company launches pretty quickly. This method doesn’t work well for companies that have been around for awhile and everyone has already joined and quit.

I create review videos for that company right away on YouTube. It might take a few months for my videos to get any views, that is why I build my foundation of content as soon as I learn about the new company. And, if things look great I have already joined so I can start building my team and generating leads.

You want to be seen the most if someone searches for the new company you are in. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know everything about the company before doing videos about them. Just learn a little and then speak what you have learned on a video. Use keywords people use when searching for a new mlm opportunity, like “Best MLM for (year)” or “New MLM for (year)” or “Why I Joined (your new company)”.

My Best Converting Leads came from my MLM blogs.

Best Platforms for Free Leads

Videos are the best way to get new recruits, especially if your video shows up in the number one spot. You can also post on Facebook images that pique curiosity without giving away the name of the company, and have people ask for more info in the comments before you private message them your company link.

Blogging is also super powerful for network marketing lead gen. In fact I have built over 90% of my MLM teams with my blogs. However, you have to write over 100 articles and wait up to two years for your articles to show up on the first page of Google, if you are lucky. Business blogging and SEO aren’t sure things any longer with massive ROI, but they are still worth doing.

Best Free MLM Leads

If you can generate 20 leads a day or more for your multi-level marketing opportunity, you are all set. There is a book called “Recruit and Grow Rich” which basically states that if you get the recruiting game down you can make a lot of money in any MLM opportunity.

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