3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do MLM in 2025

3 Reasons You SHOULDN'T Do MLM in 2023

Let’s talk about why you probably shouldn’t do MLM in 2025. I am going to be very blunt. I have done network marketing since 2014, recruited over 3000 people personally and generated 71,000 leads. But what I see most common, the 3 most common reasons why people fail network marketing. 

I am going to dive into the three things that you need. You need one of the three things I am going to share with you. Let’s dive right into why you shouldn’t do MLM. There are only three things you need one of these to succeed in network marketing. 

3 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Do MLM in 2025 – Don’t Join MLM Until You See This!

So a little backstory: when I started out in 2014, I was ex-alcoholic, fresh, sober, didn’t have any friends and didn’t want to talk to my family about network marketing. 

I tried spamming people on Twitter and Facebook. I tried calling people out of the Yellow Pages and it just tanked and it sucked. It felt slimy. I was getting blocked. Everywhere. You know, I was getting thrown in Facebook Jail. You know, people were hanging up on me. Just on and on and on. 

So I was like, there has to be a better way. There has to be. So I started to create content online. Now, I looked up to these a couple MLM bloggers. They were writing articles about their MLM. And I was like I love to write too, so I can do this. 

First Reason You Can Succeed in MLM: Content Marketing

In fact, that’s what I started doing online before network marketing was where I sold my ebooks, and I loved writing. So, I can write articles. And 

Now I’m not saying you have to blog. I’m just saying creating content is the first thing that you need to do. If you don’t want to do the other two things I’m gonna mention in a minute. 

But when you create content, it is called Content Marketing or attraction marketing. And what you do is when you create content, like this video, or a blog article, it eventually shows up in the search engines. 

Someone types in a key phrase, and it goes to your content, guess what people are going to watch or read your content and they’re likely to buy it, if you are targeting them, and if you’re going if you’re hitting their hotpoint, they’re triggers, their pain points. 

What are people struggling with? What do people want? What do they want more than anything? If you hit that button, then they’re going to buy from you. I’ll give you an example. 

So in 2017 the company I was in launched CBD oil. Now I really didn’t know how to market this, but I knew it was a new product. So all I did was I wrote an article called The three best CBD MLM companies of 2017 or 2018, whatever. 

It took about six months, and then CBD oil was everywhere. I mean, people wanted it. So they went to Google and searched for the best CBD MLM company. My article was at the very top, the number one spot in Google.

Now remember, it took about six months for that article to rank in Google. But when that happened, and everyone was looking for a CBD MLM to join, they found my article, they read it and at the bottom of my article, I had a call to action that pointed them to my landing page of my CBD MLM company. 

So they took a free tour. They looked inside the dashboard and they upgraded to a paid member position. So I got to the point where I was getting three to five signups a day just from a couple articles that ranked in Google. 

So that is the one thing that you need. One out of the three things you need to be successful in MLM you need to create content, either YouTube, Tiktok it could be a long form post on Facebook, LinkedIn, anywhere, it could be YouTube videos, but this way people are coming to you, they find you first and I love this type of marketing in 2023. 

It is attraction marketing, you’re attracting people to you. You are not pushing your opportunity on people. Now most people don’t succeed in MLM because they don’t have any content. They don’t have a YouTube channel. If they do, they only have three videos, and they stopped. 

The network marketing leaders that are very successful have over 200 videos, maybe 300. It is just something that you get into a habit of doing every day or every other day and you can blow up. You can really blow up with this. Now if you don’t like writing, you can do a long post on Facebook or YouTube videos, tiktok but the bottom line is video or written content. 

Now, let’s say you don’t want to do that you’re like okay, screw that. I don’t want to do any of that. That sounds hard. All right. And there is no easy money on the internet. Let me just get that out of the way. 

Second Reason You Can Succeed in MLM: Social Media Following

Reason two: Let’s say that you have a social media following. Now most successful network marketers have 5000 friends on Facebook, they have, you know, 30,000 subscribers on YouTube and Tiktok and maybe 15,000 followers on Instagram. 

They could pretty much join any MLM and make a lot of money right away because they have a following on social media. So if you don’t have a social media following, maybe you only have 200 friends on Facebook, but you don’t really talk to them. 

You haven’t established any trust with them. Maybe you got 100 subscribers on YouTube. That’s nothing. Maybe you got 50 on tick tock. That’s not enough. So you need 1000s and 1000s of social media followers to get any type of sales in your network marketing opportunity. 

So if you don’t have any of that, then just cross that out. That’s the number two reason why you shouldn’t do MLM. 

Here’s the third reason if you don’t want to do one. You don’t want to create content, you don’t want to do number two, you don’t want to follow people on social media. You’re not really on Facebook or any of those, you know, screw that. 

Reason 3: You Have Money for MLM Advertising

Here’s number three. This is how you can succeed in MLM if you have money to run ads to buy clicks to buy traffic to your landing pages, because the number one thing you need to do. It is the only thing at the end of the day. 

The only thing you need to do is get traffic to your landing page. That is it. That’s all I’ve done since 2014. I’ve made over a quarter million dollars in MLM as an ex drunk introvert with autism. 

Now if I can do this, anyone can do it. But you have to do one of those three. So if you have, let’s say we have only 50 bucks a month to spend on this. Well, that’s not going to work. 

Let’s say you have 200 a month. That is not going to work either. And you are going to need 400. Maybe 400 leads a week to start growing your business. 400 leads a week could be about five to $700 if maybe more depending on the quality. 

Now you can’t just go out there and get 20 cent leads off of Fiverr you are not going to work. Okay, those are just a scam. Those leads are from 10 years ago and very low quality.

This leads you to buy real quality traffic. So I’m talking maybe $200 a week for about 200 clicks a week, minimum, maybe $500 a week. Now if she can do that great, but you’re still going to need a follow up system. 

So you need to get an MLM company that has an autoresponder that emails your leads for you. So those are the three things you either need time to create content or a social media following that’s in the 1000s and they they listen to you, they follow you they you interact with them. 

They are not just numbers, because I can do that too. I have got nearly 30,000 followers on Twitter. I don’t know a single one of them. You are not going to buy from me. The number looks great 30,000 so you might think whoa, I have 30,000 followers on Pinterest. Big deal, yes and no. 

That doesn’t get me anything because I don’t interact with them. So these have to be people that follow you and talk to you and engage with you. They love you. If you don’t have those two, then you have to buy traffic. That’s it. 

And if you don’t, if you can’t do any of those, don’t even try MLM because it is getting more competitive than ever. And people are getting tired of MLM. You have to really offer them a lot. If you’re a sponsor, you have to offer your team a lot these days. 

They are not going to just sign up because you have some fancy shake. Every MLM Company has shakes. Every company has great products. So products aren’t going to make you rich by themselves without recruiting a large downline as well. 

You have to offer them everything. Marketing, help training. You might even have to buy leads. If you are in a certain type of company like I am. I am in a new company aside from LiveGood and David Allen Capital. 

It is a 3×10 matrix called Matrix Empire. I am offering to buy leads from my top leaders to grow their downlines so you really have to offer people everything these days to get them to sign up. That is the bottom line. 

I mean companies come and go, you know these companies come out with new amazing products every month. It is not going to make you rich by itself. What is going to make you rich is not only recruiting a lot, but helping your team recruit. At the end of the day, it is all about so I’m gonna leave two links into this video one for my opportunity and number two, the best traffic you get for your MLM opportunity.

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