Work From Home Online for Beginners

Work From Home Online for Beginners

Today we’re going to talk about the best work from home online for beginners opportunity. Now, I have been doing internet marketing full time since 2016, generated over 70,000 leads and made a quarter million dollars all from the comfort of my home as an introvert. 

So if you’re new here, share this around to anyone who wants to work from home that you know of. So I’m going to talk about the best platform to use if you want to get home and work from home full time. 

Work From Home Online for Beginners

Basically what I did back in 2016 was I just created content. I was blogging, I was writing articles, but it wasn’t taking off. I was struggling and I really didn’t know the concept of affiliate marketing. 

There’s so many scams out there and there’s so many expensive programs out there and I’m doing this article to show you that you can make money from home without spending 1000s of dollars doing it. 

Done-For-You Turn-Key Internet Marketing System

So there’s a platform that I am promoting, that has everything in it already. It has the landing pages, it has the marketing training and it has a mentor where you can get one-on-one with your own personal mentor. 

There’s a sales team that closes your leads and you can even buy clicks within the platform if you need traffic fast you can buy solo ads to promote the system. There’s a free version of the turn-key system and there’s a $99 a month version as well. 

So basically, more and more people are coming home and they want to work from home. They’re tired of paying the gas prices and they’re just scared to go out of the house these days – and there’s this huge migration home and the more people are wanting to work from home, and there’s a lot of programs out there that you know, they want you to spend $2,000 to learn their secrets. And you don’t have to do that. 

Work from Home Online for Beginners Training

What I’m gonna teach today is very simple. It’s all about getting traffic to your link. So the first thing you want to do is sign up to the platform. I’ll leave a link under this article. 

Go through all the training and you will realize how simple affiliate marketing is. It’s basically sharing your link to enough people who are looking for a work from home opportunity and that is what we’re doing. 

We’re teaching people how to work from home all by sharing one link. Now, you can increase your chances of your success by buying clicks if you want but the whole platform itself is $100 a month. 

Most people are spending that on their Netflix or Hulu, their cell phone and whatnot. I mean you could cancel some of your memberships to do this. If you truly want to work from home, start looking at your bills and cut them back and then watch all of the training.

The best part of this is when you watch the training and graduate from the training, it’s like an hour’s worth of training anyone can do, they will give you $20 in your dashboard. That is going to be your first commission which you can earn within an hour. 

Most people never make money online. It’s confusing to them. It’s still a mystery to them but with this platform they give you $20 just to go through the training. 

How to Promote the Work from Home Platform

So that in itself is just, I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve been doing internet marketing since 2011 and full time since 2016. So that is the platform. Okay, so how can you promote this in 2023?

The first way is free. You can do TikTok. You can learn how to do a 30 second Tik Tok. I mean everyone is jumping on tiktok now, there’s probably like half a billion people on tik tok now, you can do that. 

You can do videos, where you just talk about your journey to work from home. You do a video every other day and at the bottom of your video you’re going to leave a link to this platform that you sign up with. 

Do this consistently every single day you can post on your Facebook. There’s also a Facebook commenter feature on this platform where you can comment on other people’s posts. Then when you get over five to 10 comments, then you can post your own Facebook posts for people to comment on your posts to help you go viral. 

That’s just one little feature of this platform. So those are the free versions on how to grow traffic. That’s why I’m doing videos about this platform every single day now because I want to start building a team for it and that’s what you have to do if you want income. 

Traffic for a Work from Home Life

If you want to work from home you have to start getting lots of traffic to your link. That is the bottom line. It’s a numbers game and will always be a numbers game. The more traffic you get to your link, the more signups you will get and that is how you start making money from home. 

This is probably the easiest turnkey done for you platform that I have ever seen. So I’m going to leave a link under this video. If you want to do paid advertising, you can do the solo ads within the platform itself. You can get 100 clicks for $90. That could be a good way to get traffic to the system. So you can start getting signups as well. 

Then there’s Google ads, there’s Bing ads, you can run a Craigslist ad every day. You know there’s $5 Craigslist ads, you just got to look around for the best place. You can do safelists. There’s herculist, and there’s other safe lists out there, where you can post your ad and then you can read other people’s ads and there’s like this exchange going on, and you’ll get traffic that way. 

There are free online classifieds. You can look up free classifieds online, there’s at least three that are really legitimate. So there’s many different places you can share your link to start getting traffic but that’s affiliate marketing 101 in the nutshell. 

So click the link under here if you want to work from home, truly, then all you have to do is learn how to share your link and get traffic to it. 

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