Will MLM Die In 2025? Is Network Marketing Dead?

Will MLM Die in 2023

Let’s talk about MLM and is it going to die in 2025? Now, this is my honest review of the entire industry, and what is going on today? And how it has affected me and how it is going to affect millions of people in the direct selling industry. Is network marketing dead already?

Will MLM Die in 2023? Read Before Joining and Save Thousands

So first of all, I started MLM in 2014. I was doing affiliate marketing in 2013. I was promoting ClickBank, products on Twitter basically just tweeting product links and I made two grand. 

Then in 2014, I was introduced to Network Marketing. I never understood it before, never heard about it. I watched a lot of videos about it to learn about it. I couldn’t conceptualize it. 

But I was in love with it because you could build a team and earn a residual income every time they ordered. So if you had a monthly auto ship and you had built a team of a couple of 1000 people, you could eventually make a few 1000 a month, literally on autopilot as long as you had a team promoting the products and consuming their products as well. 

I was hooked. And the first two years were super hard. I didn’t listen to any sponsors. I did it my way. And I did it the lonely way. So I had to figure out how to be successful in it. 

MLM Leaders Who Create the Most Content Win

I started creating content because I looked up to MLM content creators like Ray Higdon, Eric Worre, Randy Gage, Todd Falcone, they all created YouTube videos, they had blogs, they would write about MLM and I was like that is the way I want to promote this. 

I don’t want to pitch anyone. I don’t want to push the opportunity on anyone. Although I did try. I talked to my parents about joining my sister occasionally. You know, once every three years I talked to her, trying to get her in, but for the most part 98% I was in the cold market. 

I used social media, a blog and YouTube and created content every day. It took about three years before I started getting traffic to my blog and my YouTube and I started getting sign ups and I am like, this is the way I want to build MLM. 

MLM Recruiting with Attraction Marketing

I want people to find me because I hated pushing it or even asking someone about my opportunity. I just don’t like it. I’m an introvert. I have a little bit of autism. I want to be left alone, but I want to make money. You know, when I went to Mexico, someone was trying to sell me something and I hated it. 

I hate it when people pitch me on Facebook. So I was just done. I was done pitching and never wanted to do it. I wanted people to come to me. And it started to work in 2018 when CBD oil went mainstream. I had a few articles that ranked number one on Google and I got three to five signups a day, just from my blog. 

They didn’t talk to me, they had their wallets out and they are ready to buy because they went and researched CBD oil before buying. They found my article. I was number one. They are like I am sold. 

So that was phenomenal and it lasted for about two years until my team started tanking. Because in MLM you have massive attrition. I don’t care what company you are in. There is massive attrition with network marketing companies and teams. 

Keep Recruiting or Your Team Dies. . .

After one year, 50% of your team will be gone. No matter if you’re the best sponsor in the world or have the best products in the world. After five years, 90% will be gone. 

So you have to keep recruiting. And that leads me to believe that MLM will die in 2023. 

Here’s the thing with the inflation the way it is: the cost of living skyrocketing, the food prices skyrocketing, people are cutting up their cards.They are stopping their auto ships. They are not even buying Bitcoin anymore. 

Okay, so anything that’s a little frivolous or not necessary 100%, they’re getting rid of it. Now I haven’t been in a MLM autoship program for about six months. 

Now, I tried the auto ship program six months ago. You guys who follow me probably know I was in a company that had shakes. And I was like, you know, I don’t even really need these shakes. I rather dry fast. 

So I’m going to just cancel my autoship and then all of a sudden, the 10 people I recruited, because I just started promoting it, they all canceled too, because the people will follow the leader, right? They’ll follow what their sponsor does. 

So if their sponsor doesn’t buy a product, your team won’t buy the product Alright, so they do what you do. So keep that in mind if you want to build a successful network marketing team. 

That’s why the sponsors always seem to come in with the biggest pack when you join a MLM business. They say “You should buy the biggest pack that they have”. All right, so then you get a lot of people buying the $1,200 pack and they have tons of product collecting in the garage, because you can’t consume that much stuff. 

You can’t even give it away after a while. That’s one of the biggest flaws with MLM is your sponsors like hey, buy the biggest pack when you come in because your team will do the same thing. 

That’s great because the sponsor gets a lot of money because their commissions are higher. Your commissions are higher when you tell people to do the same thing. 

But then everyone has tons of products. All right. And that’s just one of the flaws of the industry. No one needs that much product. All right, you don’t see Amazon pushing more products Alright, they can care less what you buy. 

Final Verdict for MLM in 2023

So in 2023, here is what is probably going to happen. Either the MLM company has to be free. Alright, the membership can be free. You still get great commissions, but you don’t have to order products each month. 

I know that some MLM companies are rolling this out. They do not require an auto ship and you can still earn commissions from your team. That is great. All right, because auto ships sucks. 

People are canceling everything, auto-ships, memberships, you know, cable TV, people are getting rid of Dish and DirecTV left and right. They’re getting rid of their subscriptions or memberships. 

No one wants to be tied down. AT&T is declining because people don’t want to pay $100 phone bills each month. I have a Tracfone. I pay $200 a year for this. Alright, so memberships are going away. 

So if the MLM is free, that is, they’re gonna survive 2023. But if there is a monthly fee, there’s some MLMs that still have a yearly fee. You know, it’s just for their maintenance for dashboard maintenance or for website design. We have to charge 99 a year, you know, or whatever they call it. That’s just BS. 

Some MLMs in 2023 will Be Like Affiliate Marketing Programs

Some of them are waiving that fee because no one’s paying for it. They rather quit as it has to be completely free but you have to be able to make commissions so that’s more like the affiliate marketing model. 

Most affiliate programs are free. You get a link and you promote it. It’s your responsibility. To get traffic to that link. And that leads me to the next point of will MLM last and 2023. Most people do not cannot get enough traffic to their website to their promotional links.

When you sign up with an MLM company, you get your own link. You have to get traffic to that link every day – and 95% of people can’t, that’s why the failure rates are so high. 

They cannot recruit enough people. They cannot get enough people to buy their products, even if it looks really good, even if it’s free to join you’re still going to get people that don’t join you even if it’s free. And then you put a $200 price tag on top of that. 

You want someone to pay 299 to start and then do maintenance of $100 A month after that auto ship. It’s getting harder and harder to ask people to do that. And then you have to recruit three to 10 people a month, every single month for a couple years. 

More Traffic means More Sales

Now I got really good at recruiting with my content. Most people won’t create content either; they’re not going to do a video every day. They’re not going to write a blog post, 300 blog posts, you know, so most people burn out. 

They can’t get enough traffic. Even if they spent money on advertising. You cannot run enough ads to get enough leads to grow a big team continually. You cannot sustain that you will run out of money before you build a team that sticks. 

Plus, if you don’t engage with your team, they don’t know you. They’re going to drop out the first month. You just spent $100 getting them in on advertising and then they quit. You made $25 profit on someone that you spent 100 on advertising to get in. 

Now the people that do make it in MLM are the ones that have a huge social media presence. They have a big YouTube channel or they were in MLM before they had a company they’re in a company or two or three or four over the last 10 years. 

And all they do is bring over their previous team. They already built connections. They already built relationships. So when they start a new MLM opportunity, guess what? 

They call up everyone that was in their last MLM. And they say things like I’m out of retirement because this company is so good. The compensation plan. I have never seen anything like this. You have to get in and buy the big pack. All right, because your commissions will be higher and you’ll be locked in at the Emerald level. All right. That’s what all the leaders do. 

They take a year off and come back in and say I’m coming out of retirement for this opportunity. I haven’t seen anything like it. All right. So it’s all about creating hype and momentum. MLM loves speed. 

You have to get tons of traffic, tons of people looking at your website, encouraging them to sign up. And so if you don’t have a previous team, you don’t have money. For ads. And if you don’t have money for autoships then MLM is dead. All right, people are not following mlm anymore.

They’re not following. They’re not falling for man made shakes that still have whey protein. They’re not falling for subpar CBD oil. They’re not falling for some hyped up forex trading platform or a crypto education platform. That’s not really worth, you know, $80 a month. They’re not falling for it. 

MLM Has to Get Smarter in 2023

They’re getting smarter. The consumer is getting smarter and smarter and smarter exponentially so that I don’t even know what this world is going to look like a year from now and I don’t even know what MLM is going to be doing, or affiliate marketing because of the issues I just stated. 

So if you do want to make it an MLM, in 2023, find something that doesn’t cost a ton of money every single month that has the highest commissions and something that you enjoy, your heart has to be in it. 

That is because if your heart’s not in it, your team’s not going to be in it. Then they’re going to quit. You’re gonna quit and you’re gonna burn out before you get any success. 

All right, I’m very rare. I’m a rare example. I had a strong reason to keep going. I was flipping burgers for a living. I was almost well. I was 44 And still, you know working in the restaurants and my back hurt, making like $11 an hour. Network marketing was all I had. 

So if you’re cushy at your job right now making 80 grand a year. You’re not going to make it in MLM because your backs are not against the wall. It’ll be hard. The company’s wrong. People are quitting. I’m outta here. 

Alright, so you literally have to be dying or starving to make it an MLM. That’s why people in third world countries make it an MLM, the people in Indonesia make it, the people in Nigeria make it because it’s life or death for them. They’re freaking hungry. And they’re putting all their effort and hope into the MLM opportunity. 

Americans, They’re like, I’m gonna watch TV tonight. I’m not going to build my business. I recruited two people last month, I’m fine. 

No, you have to recruit hundreds, 1000s. You have to keep recruiting Because 90 percent will quit in five years. You have to keep recruiting. Even if you have 10 years in the same company, leaders are always recruiting because people are always quitting. 

You have to keep filling up your hopper. That’s MLM for you. That’s affiliate marketing. affiliate marketers, they never rest. They have to keep emailing people they get orders and they keep building their email list. 

5000 subscribers, 10,000, a million subs and they email them every day. Buy this product. It’ll help you build a funnel. Buy this product. It’ll help you buy this product. 

They’re always selling and MLM leaders are selling so they just do it slightly differently but they use a lot of hype. They come out of retirement because this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Alright, so enough about that. 

MLM will stick around in 2023. But the industry is changing just as fast as our surroundings are changing. And people are buying the half ass shakes and whatnot. 

They want real value and they don’t want to pay some stupid auto ship every month and they want to make the highest commissions. So if you’re in America or Canada, click the link under this article. Check out what I’m doing where you can get over $10,000 commissions, but it is still very hard. 

There is nothing easy online. Absolutely nothing is easy. You have to commit. So if you click the link under here, you have to go through 5 hours of training. You have to promote the website every single day. 

Could be a year or two before you even make a commission. But if you’re ready to rock and to make life changing income, at least the possibility is there to make over not only 10,000 20,000 $100,000 commissions are available in this opportunity, and it’s absolutely free.

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