Why I Joined QuiAri Review After 8 Years in MLM

I want to talk about why I joined QuiAri Review after eight years of MLM. I joined MLM in 2014, and it was a company called Brain Abundance. I signed up on a landing page. I didn’t even know what that was. Then I discovered that if you get traffic to a landing page that is connected to an autoresponder that has convincing emails and a fear of loss system, then you can recruit a lot of people. So Brain Abundance was a binary and I went on to join a couple other binaries. 

Why I Joined QuiAri Review After 8 Years in MLM 

QuiAri has been around for about three years, and I have heard about them on and off. It wasn’t the right time to join when I looked at it before, but just recently, a top leader in network marketing approached me. 

The key with binaries is you want to join somebody who is a big recruiter, and this man was a CEO in another company that went on to make over $20 million, so I know that this guy is huge. He’s going to recruit a 1000s of people. So I just had to pull the trigger. 

QuiAri’s Exponential Growth

What I really liked about Quiari is that they have exponentially grown the last three years. In 2019 they did $2 million. That was their first year. You know, that is a given, a lot of companies start slow. 

But the second year they did $35 million and the third year they did $50 million. Now that is really good growth. I looked at the products and I was very, very pleased with what they offer. 

I also looked at the complete marketing system that they give all the reps and that is what I need. I need something that is all in one platform. I am tired of these programs where you sign up to the company on one website and then you sign up to the funnel system on another site, and then you sign up to the payment processor on a third site. 

I love companies that have everything in one platform. And this is truly a global opportunity and is in over 200 countries. 

But the biggest thing is that they pay instant commissions – five minute commissions is their motto, it is on the compensation plan, and there is no other MLM company that I know of that pays instantly right now. 

So the company is now hitting its stride, usually ground floor opportunities do great for two years and then they tank – this is doing the opposite – three years in and they are now starting to attract the top leaders in the industry and this is the time to get into the growth curve. 

So I am a heavy recruiter myself. I have recruited over 2000 people personally in several programs over the years and Quiari already has everything that I love. 

So get on this team. We are going to go places and I will be putting people under you. Since this is a binary you will get spillover. All you have to do is sign up. All you need is 25 BV. You could do 50 Bv or 60 or 80. But I think 25 is the minimum and then you put one or two people in your power leg and then you switch the rotator and start building out your small leg and you can start getting these max bonuses. So super exciting. I will leave a link under this article and welcome to the team!

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How to Make $100,000 Per Month with QuiAri

We’re going to talk about how to make $100,000 with the Quiari opportunity. I am Erik Johnson. I have been in network marketing since 2014 and made multiple six figures and today we’re going to talk about how to make $100,000 in QuiAri very quickly, a little income disclaimer – results may vary. It is all dependent on your efforts and you could make zero in this opportunity. 

How to Make $100,000 Per Month with QuiAri 

I have made money in every opportunity I have been in. I am going to show you how I generate leads for this opportunity. So stay till the very end. And if you are new here, hit the subscribe button. So this is what’s the most exciting part of QuiAri is the world’s first only five minute pay compensation plan. 

I got my first instant commission yesterday. You can watch the video it is here on YouTube as well. Very exciting. I have never been in a network marketing company that pays instant commissions. 

There is also seven ways to earn with Quiari. It is a binary and they just updated their compensation plan last February, they made it even more powerful. It is a very simple binary. 

So all you have to do to get qualified is for one order at least 25 qv yourself and then sponsor two people that both order 25 PS V, one on your left one on your right, and then you want to build out your lesser leg – as long as the one on your power leg remains active every single month. 

So I like binaries for the fact that you only need to put one on the power leg and then you can build out your small leg and I am going to talk about how to build your small leg. 

So here is the seven ways to earn real fast. You have the fast start bonus, customer bonus team commissions, speed bonus, matching, bonus rank advancement bonus, there is a lot of ranks that you can pass through, which makes it very exciting and helps keep you motivated, and lifestyle bonus. 

So I am not going to go over all of this. I just want to show you really fast team commissions. You can see right here you have a binary, a left and a right leg. 

How to Make $100,000 Per Month with QuiAri 

So you might be like how in the heck can I make $100,000 with just my efforts and that is not the case in network marketing. You are using the power of a team, you are leveraging the efforts of other people to help you make your money. 

Okay, so you really don’t need to personally recruit 1000s of people to make $100,000 a month, you really only need to find a handful of leaders that recruit their own people who then recruit their own people, and it builds out from there. 

New QuiAri Compensation Plan

I want to show you here all the rank advancements. Now what is really exciting is if you hold these ranks for two consecutive months or longer, they are going to pay you instantly in salary right here. 

So when you hit any of these ranks, and you hold it for two months or longer, they are going to pay you instantly, so $50 instantly when you hit rising star, $1250 when you hit champion, $5000 when you hit Legend. 

On top of that, they are going to pay you monthly. When you hit Hero, they are going to pay you $500 a month. When you hit Legend they are going to pay you $1,000 a month, when you hit Green Diamond they are going pay $2500 a month. When you hit purple diamond they’re going to pay $5,000 a month. Alright, so very powerful. 

This is a very powerful compensation plan. I haven’t seen anything like it before. So I am going to talk about the chart on how to make $100,000 a month. Right, so here it is right here. All right, I will scoot this over. So if you want to make let’s say you want to make $5,000 a month, it says right here estimated monthly income right? So this is estimated, this is not what you will make exactly. This is just the estimated educational chart, but it’s pretty close. 

So if you want to make $5,000 a month you are going to want to have you and your team purchasing at least 50 product packs a month. Now this is on your lesser leg. Remember I said this is a binary. Once you put someone on your power leg, you can switch the rotator and just build the lesser leg and when you have a team ordering or selling 50 product packs a month, your estimated income would be $5,000. 

Now if you want to make $100,000 a month, this is what you need. First of all, you will be a Legend. Okay, so you are going to have to order more products yourself. I think it is 75 qualifying volume, personal volume, okay, which is not that much at all. It is about $100 worth of product, not that much at all. But you need your team selling or consuming 1000 product packs a month. All right. That will get you $100,000 per month estimated. 

Now how easy is it to get 1000 people on your team? I am saying that you probably need three to five leaders on your lesser leg who are recruiting consistently. Alright, three to five leaders, and you could get there in a couple months. 

Now again, you might not recruit anyone. But if you are consistent with this business and you learn how to generate leads, which I’ll show you next, and you consistently recruit someone each week, three to five leaders can come faster than you think, especially with how people are quitting their jobs recently and coming home. 

Over 7 million people a month are coming home from their jobs to work online. This is a perfect opportunity to share with a lot of people who need fast money. 

Again this pays instantly. So if you are hurting for money, buy probably $50 worth of product to become qualified and put a couple people on your power leg and just build out your small leg and you can get up to this number rather quickly. 

It all depends on you. How aggressive are you? You know, I would like to say that people who make it in this type of business are the ones who are the hungriest – people that are from third world countries. They are the hungriest because they live in poverty. And for many of them, network marketing is the only way out. 

Your back literally has to be against the wall. If you join this and you say I will try it for a month or two, you are not going to make it, your back has to be against the wall and you have to put everything into this blood, sweat, and tears every single day. 

You should be creating content about this opportunity – and people want money more than testimonials. I mean it’s fine to do transformation videos about how you lost 30 pounds or whatnot. That is great. But people want money and they want “what is in it for me.”

They are going to ask what is in it for me, when you show them this opportunity? You are going to have to show them exactly what I am showing you now, “show me the money” that is all they care about. All right. 

How I Promote QuiAri and Generate Leads

I am going to show you how to promote this on social media and online. I am a content creator. I do content marketing to build all of my businesses. Like I said, I recruited over 2000 people personally just by blogging and doing YouTube.

So I am going to show you one of my blogs. I just did a Quiari review today. It is on my cheapMLMleads.com blog. Now blogging, you have to be consistent and I wouldn’t do blogging if you don’t like writing because you’re gonna have to write a lot of articles. 

The second thing I do is YouTube. All right, I started a Quiari reviews playlist. I’m doing a Quiari review video every other day, because I want to generate free leads, and nothing is better than creating content that generates free leads every single day. 

I just signed up with Quiari three days ago. I am already generating five to 10 leads a day, just from a couple of videos. Okay, so content marketing is very powerful. 

Then the last platform that I’m using to promote Quiari is tiktok. This is just one of my tiktok accounts. Now my Quiari Link is in this link. The whole point of doing tik tok is getting lots of views to your tiktoks, and they eventually look at your bio, and then click the link in your bio. When you click on the link in this bio. It opens up my link tree, which is a free service. And you can see right here, our number one income opportunity online pays instantly. Guess where this goes when I click on it. It goes to my landing page that Quiari gives us alright. 

What to Do When Joining QuiAri

So you are going to sign up, join, purchase your product, and then go to the marketing tools and grab your own Quiari landing page, which will have your own user ID number in the front like this one. Then you start creating content and you put your link under every piece of content that you create. 

You can also get a domain name. And then for the domain name to this link as well. Your link is not this one. This one is mine. This has my own user ID number in it. You are going to get your own when you sign up. You are going to want to order at least 25 personal volume. All right, so it is about $50. I bought the 14 day shakes. And now I am building the business. It is that simple guys. If you want to make $100,000 a month with Quiari then this is the opportunity.

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