Why I Joined OLSP After 8 Years in MLM

Why I Joined OLSP

So I am going to talk about why I joined OLSP after eight years of traditional network marketing. The first thing is I got tired of buying a physical product every single month. I was spending about $170 a month on CBD oil, and I had to buy that much to maintain my commission rate. If I buy anything less my commissions would go down 10 to 15%. So, here is why I Joined OLSP After 8 Years in MLM.

Why I Joined OLSP After 8 Years in MLM

With OLSP there is pretty much only three memberships free, where the commissions are like 10%. Then there’s Dominator, which is $99 a month and that boosts your commissions up to 20% to 30%; then there’s the VIP which I believe is $300 and you can earn 80% commissions. 

I’m doing a dominator and I’m getting about 50 to 100 and maybe 120 leads a month that they have supplied me. The other reason I like OLSP is because everything is done for me. 

I’ve never been a fan of setting up landing pages or auto responders because every company I joined in the past already had landing pages for us and they had an autoresponder. 

I would just generate leads and the company would email my leads and I would get signups. I would be hanging out watching TV and I would get upgrade membership notifications and I really got addicted to that. That kind of hands off, passive type of approach. 

Why I Joined OLSP – Perfect for Introverts

Now the downside of that is obviously I didn’t build a huge connection with the people that joined me, and so I lost a lot of people over the years. I still made decent money, especially someone who is introverted. 

I am an ex-alcoholic. I have autism, and the last thing I wanted to do while building a business online was to be on the phone all day long, establishing friendships but of course the people that I did talk to stayed in the longest. 

So I’m like, Huh, okay, so now I do have more kind of contact with the people that join me but that is not the point of the video. The video is about OLSP and why I like it. So I have been a dominator of $99 a month membership level for almost a month. And so I’m coming up. I have maybe a week and a half left until I have to pay the $99 again, but I’ve made over $200 with this. 

Why I Joined OLSP Testimonial of a Friend

Also, I have a buddy who joined as well, at the same time, and he just got a $1,300 commission from one of the leads that OLSP gave him, which is absolutely incredible. He is a dominator as well, and someone under him bought the VIP lifetime membership and so he got a $1,300 commission and that’s mind blowing. 

Because I’ve done MLM for going on eight years and the biggest commission I ever made in traditional MLM, meaning you know, with products was $400 and that was in a company that had a coffee supplement. 

If you know MLM, you probably know what company I’m talking about, but they are pretty, they are pretty big, and I sold the biggest pack that they had, which was like $1,200. So this person got all these supplements. Yeah, there’s no way you’re gonna go through all of it. But I got a $400 commission now. 

It’s the highest commission I ever earned until I started another program in the financial industry. So Back to OLSP, he got maybe $1370 and that’s right up to where my highest commission in the finance industry was. 

Why I Joined OLSP – They Have Everything

So this is absolutely incredible because OLSP has landing pages. It has an auto responder. You get the one on one coach, you get hundreds of hours of training. You get software where you can post on Facebook and other people come in under your post to help your posts go viral. 

They have a YouTube commenter type software that can help your social media posts go viral. They can help set up a blog for you and they can do your social media posts. 

Everything is in the system. It’s perfect for the beginner, it’s perfect for the advanced and I’m happy just to get the leads every day from them. But on top of that, I think what you need to do is also grow this as well. 

How to Build the OLSP System

You don’t want to just rely on the leads from the company even though they can upgrade on their own. You might go two or three months without getting an upgrade from their leads. So of course when you join, you’re going to want to promote this and build a business. 

That’s why that platform is there to teach you how to do online marketing to share your link and they will even give you $20 If you go through the training. 

So there will be a $20 amount in your commission’s tab after you go through the bootcamp. So that is a great incentive to start internet marketing because it’s all done for you. 

They even supply the leads and they will pay you as you go through the training. Then all you have to do is start promoting your link and they’ll teach you how to do that. And you will start being an internet marketer. It’s the greatest platform I’ve ever been on. 

Why I Joined OLSP after Legendary Marketer

I was in Legendary Marketer before and that was a robust system as well but they really urged you to connect to click funnels, which is $99 a month. And I didn’t want to do that because again, I didn’t want to build my own funnel. I did not want to build bridge pages. I just want the company to do everything for me. 

So OLSP seems more complete in a way than legendary marketer. But that’s just my opinion. People have made tons of money with legendary marketer, but it seems like legendary marketer was really hot, you know, in 2018-2019 and then people on YouTube kind of burnt it out or made it saturated – everyone who was in legendary marketer. 

OLSP is Still New That’s Why I Joined OLSP

OLSP is still pretty unheard of and new. So, I’m really excited going forward. So if you want to join my team, don’t worry. I’m not gonna ignore you now. But I’m very excited. about this. And when I get involved with a company, I go all the way and I recruit like a madman, and I’m committed and I’m faithful. But, I do have other income streams. 

Launch Out Loud when You Join OLSP

But when I joined a company, I launched it out loud, which I suggest you do as well. Do tiktok videos, do YouTube videos because you can buy leads. That is okay, you can buy clicks. 

They even have solo ads on the platform. You could buy solo ads for OLSP but eventually you’re going to want to do free methods of lead generation and YouTube is one of the greatest places to do that or tik tok because people can see you. They can hear you. You establish trust. 

I’m not saying go out and do fiver videos because people still aren’t going to trust you because it’s a fiber video people can see that do an actual video yourself. And it’s okay to show your income. Some companies don’t allow you to do that but oh else OLSP seems to be cool about it. Just leave an income disclaimer.

Okay, don’t make up stuff, don’t make up numbers. Just be really honest. And people are gonna love your honesty, even if you have only made $50 on the platform. Show your dashboard which has the huge commissions at the top and people will be proud of you and just talk about your progress, do several videos, do a diary vlog, you know, and that is a great way to build the platform. So that is why I love OLSP and we will be committed to it for a long time. So God bless.

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