The OLSP System

There is an affiliate marketing program that has flown under the radar for a few years, but is now really coming alive. I have been a paid member for a little over two months now and have made a decent profit, even over the price of membership, for doing very little. I truly believe this is the only 100% done-for-you affiliate program online. Here’s my review of the OLSP System.

 The OLSP System

The OLSP system was created by Wayne Crowe who has been a successful affiliate marketer for over 20 years and has earned around $15 million in affiliate marketing.

Wayne is also a lead generation expert and provides solo ads within the platform for OLSP members. He knows what converts and also provides email follow-up to all the leads that come into the system for you.

OLSP is the most robust system I have seen in a long time and is a truly done-for-you program. I have witnessed several members who got commissions solely from the leads OLSP provides on a monthly basis to the dominator members.

The OLSP System Review

I started OLSP a few months ago but upgraded to Dominator level because I wanted the 50 to 100 leads OLSP provides along with a commission increase on all products and services they offer.

I must say, my commissions did greatly improve at the dominator level just from the leads they provided me. I also really like some of the products they offer, like the “Commentor” products that help members get a lot of traction with their social media posts from other OLSP members commenting under their posts.

OLSP System also has weekly webinars that you can promote on your social media and get commissions from anyone who attends the webinars through your link and buys something. The replays are in the back office under “commission generator.”

Why I Recommend the OLSP System

Most done-for-you programs online are actually not 100% done-for-you. It is a common lie that affiliate marketers throw around to get you into their programs. 

OLSP is truly done-for-you: they provide you all the training, links to promote OLSP, the leads, and they even pay you $20 to watch the training. They have a great email follow-up system which emails your leads and they also have mentors to walk you or your team through the OLSP system or anyone who wants to go all the way with the OLSP VIP Program.

The main reason I stand by the OLSP system is not because it is done-for-you but it is because I have seen ordinary people (busy with their lives) make money with OLSP without doing anything.

More and more people are quitting their jobs and coming home to work from home. OLSP is a perfect program for all skill levels. You can promote the system as hard as you like or as little as you like. Either way, you are almost guaranteed commissions, which beats 85% of people who have never made a dime online.

Final Thoughts on OLSP

I have been doing internet marketing since 2011 and I have never done a turn-key online business like this. It allows everyone to learn online marketing and affiliate marketing once and for all. There is hundreds of hours of training within the program and plenty of support. The bottom line is, if you stay with OLSP you will make money, period.

The OLSP system is a global opportunity that is out of the U.K. I love programs that never sleep and are growing around the world because I want passive income 24/7 and I am sure you do too. You also can earn commissions on dominator renewals and earn down 2 levels on your team (if you are a dominator yourself). I hope to see you on my team!