OLSP System Review To Make More Money

the olsp system

If you are interested in joining the OLS P system, read this before you join the company. I have an important tip on what to do when you join. So the OLSP system is a great standalone done-for-you affiliate program so it has been around a few years it is catching fire. There are over 100,000 followers on Facebook for the group. It is tremendous now it has everything you need inside of it to make good money online. Here’s OLSP SYSTEM Review to Make More Money.

The OLSP SYSTEM Review to Make More Money

The OLSP System teaches you everything you need to know plus you can earn commissions from day one just by watching the training, which is really cool. They have upsells and you can earn up to $3,000 on their programs, lots of different products. It’s a great company. 

I’m absolutely blown away with it. I’ve been in for almost 60 days at the dominator level, which is usually $97 a month. The reason why I upgraded to the dominator level was I wanted the 50 to 100 leads that they provide me every single month because as a free member they don’t do that. 

So you’re on your own as far as generating traffic and leads for the free program and the commissions are a lot less at the free membership level. Now you can do it. I did it just to experiment but if you want to make good money and get the ball rolling and have it completely 100% automated then you want to do the dominator level so you can get the 50 to 100 leads every single month that they provide you. 

The OLSP System Lead Follow-Up

They also email your leads and they do follow up with your leads and they have upsells and tons of products so you can make good commissions on just a small team. 

Plus you get second level commissions on the dominators that join under you and anyone that buys solo ads down to levels so it can add up to good commissions but I want to talk about how to grow your OLSP business faster. 

Growing the OLSP System Faster

So I am at the dominator level currently. I am happy with the leads. However, I have noticed a trend though, with the people that just rely on the company leads they are making about. I have seen people posting their income proofs on the Facebook group and whatnot. 

But I am estimating that the people that just rely on the leads from the company make about $1500 to $3,000 a year with this program. Now that is great if you are a beginner, you know just to make $50 in this program or any affiliate program is a huge milestone and you should pat yourself on the back. 

But if you want to make life-changing income with OLSP I highly recommend not only do you do the dominator level, but you also create content for OLSP like this blog post article is content. YouTube is great for free traffic, a lot of people that sign up with me into OLSP watch a review that I’ve done on YouTube before they pull the trigger. 

So content marketing is very powerful. I also have a blog. I am not saying that you have to start a blog. It’s something I have been doing for 10 years. I’ve started many blogs, it’s hard work. It takes a lot of articles, but every little bit helps and so I am probably going to start getting numbers from that as well. 

Promoting The OLSP System with TikTok

Then there is tiktok. Tiktok is amazing. You can get hundreds of views even as a newbie. All I did was I researched how to point a text in a tiktok video and I was off and running, doing you know 30 second tiktoks every day. Then I started four accounts. 

So now I got four accounts going for different programs and it’s very exciting. So if you want to make a life changing income, definitely do the dominator level and start creating content for the OLSP system.

Look up keywords that people are searching for OLSP and then start doing titles with OLSP System Review in it and be consistent and create something for the program every day if you can, even if it’s just small little updates – people want to know what you’re doing with it, and they search YouTube for new companies. 

So always say OLSP system reviews in your titles, because you want to do SEO. You want search engines to pick up your stuff. Alright, so that is my tip. I’ll leave a link under this video/article if you want to sign up. 

You can also buy solo ads within the program. You can find other solo ad prevent providers like Udimi is really good if you have more of a budget you can look up Traffic Authority. Buying clicks is pretty much the norm with affiliate marketing because you want a ton of traffic looking at your link. 

So when you sign up with the OLSP System and you upgrade to a dominator, there’s going to be a mega link in your dashboard. You only have to share that link to start making sales and they’ll email your leads so you don’t have to do anything else. 

Now these are leads that you own for life. They’re exclusive to you. They’re your leads, OLSP even gives you an inbox where you can email your leads, but OLSP is also emailing your leads. So I don’t have an auto responder myself anymore connected to the OLSP system because the emails are already aggressive enough. 

I don’t need to add to that because I think it would create overwhelm but you can connect to AWeber or get response also to the OLSP system if you want to email your own leads, so you can build your own list with OLSP which is what I’m trying to get to. Very exciting. 

It is exciting seeing what your leads do. It is a very transparent dashboard where you can see what they’re doing. You can see them progress through the system. You can see when they connect their Facebook. You can see when they complete the bootcamp training. You can see when they upgrade to Dominator you can see all of that stuff. 

So it is really cool if you want to reach out to your leads and say welcome and you know, I see that you connected your Facebook and so it’s a very good system. I’m very pleased with it. 

I have been at Dominator level for about 56 days. I have made over $500 and you know I create content. So check back a year from now it’s going to be 1000s because content takes you know, six months to a year to rank in YouTube or Google so I’m a slow starter but once I get going, it is rock and roll. So I hope you liked this video, and sign up through the link below this video and best of luck building your business for the big bucks!

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