Savings Highway Global vs OLSP Review – Which is Better?

Savings Highway Global vs OLSP Review

We are going to go over two really hot companies right now, these are internet marketing affiliate programs online. We’re going to get into these two companies right now, and talk about the differences and the pros and the cons and which one you should sign up to: Savings Highway Global vs OLSP Review – Which is Better?

Savings Highway Global vs OLSP Review – Which is Better?

So, the first one is called Savings Highway Global and the other one is called OLSP, aka One Lead System Pixel, and these guys have been around for a little while, but they’re gaining popularity, so I have to cover them as soon as possible. 

Plus, I was doing my own research because I want to sign up with the hottest company that makes the most sense for not only me, but for my members. 

I have a lot of people signing up with me right now, because I’m concentrating on internet marketing businesses, and passive income streams. So these two, these two companies are the hottest right now. 

SHG versus OLSP Review

So I’m going to go over their differences. So the savings highway global was founded around 2020. They started out as my20dollarbusiness, and now they are savings highway global but the domain was registered around 2020.

OLSP, aka one lead system pixel – I couldn’t find when they were actually founded. I am guessing it is from around 2018. If you do know leave a comment if you know but so what do they offer? Well, savings highway global offers savings on many different niches, travel, hotel, financial services.

One Lead System Pixel basically teaches you how to do internet marketing. What is great about these guys is that they teach you basically how to share your link. That is as simple as affiliate marketing gets. 

OLSP has many different products that teach you how to promote your link but also they have a lot of automated software that can share your link as well. 

OLSP and SHG Price to Join

The price for savings highway global is either $20 or $100 a month, and OLSP is free or $97 per month commissions. 

Now what’s great about SHG is that you can earn 50% fast start on your team, even at the Gold level. The gold level is $20 a month. Platinum is $100 a month but even as a gold member you can earn 50% commissions fast start on the people that you personally recruit. 

OLSP is 20% or 50% commissions. Right now they’re trying 100% on their $97 package. But you have to be the $97 package yourself to now get 100% commissions on other people that come in at the $97 dominator level but I think they have a 50% discount on the first month. 

I don’t know what they’re doing. But there’s a one time thing right now where you can get like $47 when someone signs up as a dominator. Alright, so pretty straightforward there. 

Savings Highway Global Pros

Let’s go over the pros of each company. Let me push this down. The pros of savings highway global is only 20 bucks every single month. Now, this is one of the reasons I’m drawn to this company. It’s straightforward. 20 bucks, and there’s no upsells, it is just 20 bucks a month. That’s it. 

What’s surprising about SHG is they’re a A plus with the Better Business Bureau. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that, but it’s totally true, and they have like 70 reviews over there. 

SHG has autoresponders and landing pages for you. So that’s what I was looking for. I was looking for the most inexpensive online business that emailed my leads, because I hate email marketing. I don’t have a list. And God forbid I’m an affiliate marketer and I don’t have a list. 

But I have always depended on companies to email my leads. I just generate the leads. So these guys have an autoresponder and they email my leads through Getresponse which is a good emailer.

So yeah, 50% commissions even at the Gold level, they also have a 3×12 matrix where you can earn $1 to $5 even on people that are coming in above you down into your matrix. It’s called a spillover so you can get even $1 to $5 just on spillover. Plus, SHG pays uni-level that pays down 10 levels and faststart of 50% and they pay weekly. Okay, 


The pros for OLSP is top notch training. Wayne Crow has been in the industry for over two decades. He’s also a full time seller of solo ads. He’s just really knowledgeable when it comes to traffic sources. Okay, he knows his stuff. 

He knows internet marketing, and I believe the company just hit 80 million in sales. They are out of the UK. So there’s a little different feel there. But Wayne Crowe is a good guy and tons of products but you’re going to get a lot of upsells. I know we’re in the pros. So I’m going to stick with the pros. Tons of different products. 

Unique OLSP Products

They even have a blog creator. They have a social media poster where they post social media posts for you. They have a Facebook commenter where people post and will comment on your Facebook posts and you do the same for them. 

You can earn credits doing that, and that can help your Facebook posts go viral. They also have one for YouTube and Instagram, tons of different products. It’s a very robust system. 

You can earn on past webinars, everything is cookied to you for life. So if you share a webinar that’s a year old and someone buys a product through the webinar, you get a commission. So cookies for life on this one. Also, SHG has cookies forever as well. Paid weekly on both of them. 

Savings Highway Global Cons

Alright, here’s the cons for Savings highway global: the dashboard looks homemade and the signup application looks homemade. The savings might be questionable. I think a lot of people are just signing up for the $20 business and recruiting like mad to make money with this. 

So it’s kind of like a recruiting thing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they do have products and I just signed up so I haven’t dived into the savings but I love how simple the system is, and there’s no upsells. 

Cons for OLSP

The cons for OLSP – it’s $99 a month. But that’s the same way I mean, if you do the platinum over at savings highway global, it’s $100 a month too, but now let me talk about the free version of OLSP. 

I tried the free version for a few months and you do get commissions but they’re tiny. So it took me like three months to make 70 bucks for the free version. 

Whereas the $20 version over at SHG, you can earn 50% even if someone comes in at the $100 level which is 50 bucks for you even if you’re gold. So the Commission just seems better. 

OLSP does have high ticket products over 1000s of dollars that you can earn 20% on. Still, you know if you sell a $1,000 product you’d make only 200 bucks. 

So the OLSP cons, too many follow up emails with OLSP even though I signed up as a dominator, I’m still getting tons of emails that say I need to watch the boot camp. I already watched the boot camp and I’m still getting emails every day to watch the boot camp even though I did complete it. 

So their email system is a little off plus the funnel. If you get the mega funnel which  you have to tie it into their landing page builder, which is another 60 a month, the Mega funnel is a little clunky and there’s nine upsells. 

I had to say no thank you nine times. Then at the very end of it, it doesn’t go to my dashboard. It goes to a warrior plus receipt, and I was confused how to log into my account with OLSP.

With savings highway, very straightforward but they do have to review your account. It takes an hour, up to a day to approve you. But I like it because there are safety guards on that where they won’t allow bots to sign up. 

I was in a previous MLM company where I was getting hundreds of fake emails every day that these bots were signing up on my landing page. There was no security, no CAPTCHA to prevent it. I couldn’t stand it and IT couldn’t figure it out. That’s part of the reason why I quit that last company. 

So anyways, a lot of safety guards with savings highway. That is my review guys and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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