savings highway global reboot review

Hey guys, we have big news with savings highway global, they are doing a new reboot of their marketing system, new landing pages and they are also bringing on a new membership level called titanium. 


So if you have been in savings highway global but you let your membership lapse, it is time to come back. I am building a very fast team. You can see here I’ve only been in for a couple days, and I’ve recruited about a member every day. 

Now what’s powerful about this system is that it has a 3×12 matrix and you can earn on everyone under you even if those people come from your upline sponsors. If they’re building a big team, they can help you out with your commissions they pay weekly. 

How Does Savings Highway Global Pay?

You can request a payout that goes right into your debit card every Friday. This is a true global opportunity. I’m going to show you some traffic sources that I’m doing. I’m gearing up for this. The reboot is happening in literally three days and I’m unwilling to just pump this out. 

How to Promote Savings Highway Global

So the first place that you should definitely start doing is our YouTube videos now. They do take a little while to start ranking in Google but once you get a couple ranking, then you know it’s free traffic.

What’s great about YouTube is people go to YouTube to search for a company. So you want to put review in your titles just like I put review in this and then in your keywords you want the company name and reviews. 

So for this example you’d say savings highway global reviews, and then another hashtag that a lot of people ask is “Is savings hideaway global a scam.” Those are two of the biggest keyword phrases you should use for any company that you’re promoting. 

So if you look here one of my top performing videos, when you scroll down here popular uploads to this video right here, it’s not related to affiliate marketing. It’s more for finance, but finance videos pay very well, and that’s what I used to do but I love affiliate marketing. 

This video has 46,000 views. This video alone has made me about $1,500 and it’s gotten me a lot of views as you can see 46,000 in a year, and that’s a small video compared to other YouTube channels. 

So it takes time to grow but once you get a couple videos taking off, I mean you can literally put hundreds or 1000s of people into any opportunity you want for free. 

And the way that I create these thumbnails is I use an app called PicsArt so check out PicsArt you can get a $50 yearly membership it’s not that much at all. 

Get Free Traffic for Savings Highway Global Reboot

But we’re not going to get into how to create videos right now. The next free traffic source which is blowing up everyone is getting on Tik Tok because I mean just look at the I am getting a couple 100 views for every tik tok. 

It only takes 15 to 30 seconds to create a tick tock and then what you want is enough traffic to go to your account that they click on this link here in your bio. You can put the link to see if it’s highway global. you could use a link tree if you have more than one opportunity. 

Link tree is completely free. This is my link tree. You can see I’m promoting several different opportunities. It’s all about traffic guys. So if you’re consistent and you do at least one tick tock a day, it will start climbing fast. 

Then my favorite paid advertising right now is being at alright so sign up, create a campaign, create a catchy ad. You can look at other ads on the internet to see what they’re doing. 

It’s okay to copy people. I mean Picasso said, you know good artists copy Great artists steal. So don’t be exactly like other people, you know, put a little personal twist on it. But I am getting like 20 cent clicks now. 91 clicks for 14 bucks. 

So if you are looking into solo ads where they charge you $100 for 100 clicks. Keep in mind that if you do it right you can get 20 cent clicks 15 cent clicks just don’t do their recommendations, they are always going to suggest that you increase your bid, but they all do that because they want more money from you. You don’t have to do it. Stay firm and stay under 20 cents a click. If you’re not getting enough clicks, add more keywords. 

Get Ready for the SHG Reboot

It is as simple as that. So if you are not in savings highway global at this moment, click the link under this video/article. Let’s rock and roll . I am a big recruiter and I will put people under you that you can earn money on if you recruit three. Obviously keep going after that but three opens up your matrix and then I started putting people under you as well. You can start making good commissions with this. God bless

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