Online Marketing: Make Money Posting Webinar Links

Online Marketing

I’m going to talk about online marketing and how you can make money posting webinar links on your social media. This isn’t some scam. I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2016, and this is absolutely a legit platform. I make money with it every single week. 

Online Marketing: Make Money Posting Webinar Links 

So what it is, is basically there’s various products and what you do is you sign up through the link under this video or article, it’s going to take you to a landing page and then a funnel with a couple upsells and then you’re going to go into the boot camp training, where you watch 15 videos that teach you how to do online marketing

Then one of the products after that is a webinar series. They have live webinars once a week, but they also have past recordings saved, and once you are a member, you can take one of those recordings from the webinars and you get your own link that’s hard coded to you. 

So if you share a webinar on your Facebook and you have 1000 friends and someone watches that webinar on how to do online marketing that has the tracking cookie in the webinar that goes back to you, and you can make a commission on that. 

Online Marketing for Facebook Posts to Go Viral

So the other great product that we have is called the Facebook commenter and people can help you go viral on Facebook because there is a commenting section in this platform where everyone can gather together, they get credits as well, so they like doing it. 

You post a Facebook post URL into the platform and then people will comment on your post and that can allow it to go viral because the more comments you get on a Facebook post, the more likely you will get to the top of your wall and go viral. 

Get Paid For Just Signing Up and Watching the Training

So those are just two of the awesome products that we have on this platform. I’ll leave a link under this bio. The other thing is after you watch the boot camp training, they will give you $20. 

You can make Commission’s your very first day doing internet marketing. There’s a lot of people that work from home or want to work from home right now. They don’t know how to do it, and this is a great way to show them that it’s totally possible and they can make $20 within their first hour just watching the bootcamp training. 

Then the training teaches you how to not only share a link but also drive a ton of traffic to that link because I’ve made money in everything I sign up for because I understand that it’s a numbers game, and the more traffic you get to your link, the more you’ll get signups. 

More Traffic Equals More Sales in Online Marketing

I’ve generated over 70,000 leads since 2014 in various network marketing and affiliate marketing programs, and I just don’t understand how a lot of people don’t know how to make money online because that is the number one thing they need to do is to get traffic to a link. 

When you sign up to a program, they’re going to give you your own personalized link. So if someone signs up through that link, you get commissions. That’s pretty much online marketing 101. You want people to sign up through your link, and the more you share the link the more views you get, and the more signups you’ll get. 

I have done that in probably 15 programs over the years and made a quarter million dollars being a social introvert, not wanting to talk to people in person. I don’t leave the house, I do this all on the laptop and I’ve made a full time income for the last six years. 

So if this sounds interesting to you, then click the link under article and watch the training right away and then grab your link and then look at the Facebook links of the replays because if you share those replays, you can also make commissions on that as well. 

There are over 10 products you can make money on all points back to your link. You get hard coded. You get the credit if anyone signs up on anything, anything relating to your platform. So hit the subscribe button if you’re new here and thanks for watching.

The Guaranteed Way to Make Your First Commission Online Marketing 


Erik C. Johnson

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