Online Marketing for Beginners: Earn Income Same Day

Online Marketing for Beginners

There’s a lot of people that are working from home now and they’re struggling to find a way to make money online. There’s a platform that I’ve been a part of for about six months now and is perfect for teaching online marketing for beginners. I was doing the free version just to see if it paid, and it has. I’m very excited about the results because I wanted to upgrade my position to the full access position. Here’s all about it.

Online Marketing for Beginners: Earn Income Same Day

This platform is done for you. Everything is within the platform and it teaches you how you can make money from day one. In fact, they pay you $20 to watch the training when you sign up. 

They’ll give you everything from your own landing pages. They’ll give you a place to access solo ads so you can buy solo ads to promote the platform. 

Everything is built around this platform and pointing traffic back to it. They will teach you all the traffic sources that are working right now; everything from YouTube creation, Instagram, tiktok, all the way to this automated commenter that you can use for Facebook posts that will help your Facebook posts go viral, a perfect way to learn online marketing for beginners.

Online Marketing Starting Point

So all of that is in one platform, and if you watch the training, you can get $20 into your account. Then you can start promoting it and work your way up to the $50 threshold. Then all you gotta do is request withdrawal, and you can get paid weekly through PayPal once you hit that $50 threshold. 

So I’ve upgraded to the full version and I’m hitting this hard. I just wanted to update you guys because if you’ve been watching my channel for a while you’ve seen a lot of changes with the channel and what I’m promoting. 

I’m still in love with helping businesses get the working capital they need to stay in business but in my heart I’ve always been an internet marketer. And I have been doing internet marketing full time since 2016 and won’t do anything else. 

So this is the best and hottest platform right now. I’m basically coming out of hiding and talking about this platform because I do stand by it. The training is absolutely top notch. It kind of is similar to Legendary Marketer but I think it’s a little more modernized. 

Online Marketing Earning Potential

Also, there’s a lot more video training that really points you in all the right directions. So there’s a free version and then the pro version is $99 a month. 

I suggest you get the $99 version a month right away because that can triple your commission potential. The dashboard access is absolutely incredible. You can see what all of your leads are doing. 

You can see when they connect their Facebook you can see when they went through all of the video training. You can see when they upgraded to the higher package and so forth. 

You get their name and their email and their phone number and then all these little status codes to see you can see what progress they are making within the system. And then like I said you can buy your own clicks, solo ads, and as a pro member you get paid down two levels on your so on your team’s solo ad purchases. So you can get I think 20% on level one and five or 10% on level two. 

So if you recruit a team and that team recruits a lot of people and they’re buying solo ads, you could probably make a lot of money just from the solo ad part of it. 

But they also have higher end products as well that go up to like $10,000 and you can earn up to 30% on those products as well. They also have a sales team that closes your leads for you. 

There’s a robust follow up system I should say. So when you start generating leads, you don’t have to have an autoresponder, you just let the company email your leads. 

How to Grow Your Online Marketing Business

It’s all about getting traffic to this platform, which the CEO will mention several times. So I’m going to leave a link under this article and I am glad to be back and probably still going to be doing working capital loans but this is my absolute dream right now being paid weekly through PayPal. 

Everything is done for you, all the video training you need and a lot of really cool social media products as well that you can buy. So check it out. Fill out the landing page link underneath and just go through the training and get your 20 bucks and go from there.

The Guaranteed Way to Make Your First Commission Online Marketing 


Erik C. Johnson

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