OLSP SYSTEM REVIEW – Can You Make Money For Free?


Is OLSP free or is it a giant pyramid scam? I am going to talk about that point today. I have been in OLSP as a free member for a few months and I am going to talk about my results. 

OLSP SYSTEM REVIEW – Can You Make Money Completely FREE?

First of all, what is OLSP? People refer to it as the OLSP System or Traffic Dominator. It is out of the UK. It was founded by Wayne Crowe in about 2018. 

There are over 70,000 members and it is catching on worldwide, and it is a complete done-for-you internet marketing system. It has services and products that can teach you and actually help you promote Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, you name it, you can also get leads inside the platform as well. 

You can email your leads, it’s a complete list. So you’re building your list on this platform, which is a great thing because a lot of programs you don’t get to keep your leads. Alright, so that is one huge benefit of this program. 

OLSP Free Version vs OLSP Dominator

So let’s talk about the OLSP system, the free version. Now I joined probably six months ago and the first four months I promoted it for free. Yes, you can promote this platform completely free. Nothing is limited. 

Now with other programs, if you do the free version, they might not give you certain things. They might not give you all of the features. With OLSP, the free version, I didn’t see any limitations. The only difference was the commissions were a lot lower and you didn’t get leads. 

The company will provide you leads at the $99 a month OLSP Dominator level. So I did it for three or four months for free, and I made about 50 bucks. 

Now I didn’t promote it heavily and I don’t have an email list. I know, I am an affiliate marketer and I don’t have a list, God forbid, but I am normally in network marketing companies and I never built a list but I still made over a quarter million dollars in network marketing generated over 70,000 leads. 

OLSP System is Completely Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing

So I know internet marketing, I don’t need any help there. But I just love programs that are done for me. They have the landing pages. They have the auto responders. I don’t have to set up any of that, I just want to rock and roll and start getting traffic to my opportunity. 

So OLSP is a great platform to do that because everything is done for you. So after four months of doing the free version, I was like you know I’m gonna just go all in. I’m gonna go for it. 

So my Commission’s went from maybe 10% to 30% overnight by upgrading to the dominator and the leads started to come in because OLSP will give you leads when you are the dominator. 

OLSP Lead Generation is Legit

I started getting three to five leads a day and some of them have signed up or upgraded to the dominator membership as well. So I am like wow, you know, I am not only getting leads from the system, but some of them are actually upgrading, and I haven’t talked to these leads. OLSP is placing these leads under me, and some are upgrading! 

In fact, I have a friend in the system as well. He signed up a little bit after me and he got a $1,300 commission just from one of the OLSP leads that they gave him, so absolutely amazing. 

I also have another girl that signed up on my team and she just got a $53 commission from a lead that OLSP gave her. You know, she’s super busy. She doesn’t have time to generate leads right now on her own anyways, so she was like, this is great, the system’s all done for me and they even provide the leads! 

So when I upgraded to Dominator, it has been almost a month and I have made about $240 and I have now about 150 leads in my downline and I can email those leads within this OLSP system as well. 

There is a built-in inbox. You can email your whole downline at once or you can email each person individually. It is really an awesome dashboard completely done and there is nothing missing. 

So the difference between the free and the dominator is like I said the commissions go up with Dominator and they provide you 50 to 100 leads every single month. 

OLSP V.I.P Membership

Now they also have a OLSP VIP membership. Now it is not monthly, it is annually or it is a lifetime membership. Annually, I believe it’s that $3000 maybe and the lifetime is $6500. 

If you get the lifetime VIP not only do you get leads every single month but Wayne Crowe will personally put leads under you that have already purchased $1,000 or more in products. 

So these are documented leads that have bought before, so they’re called buyer leads and buyer leads are like the creme de la creme of internet marketing because they’re proven to buy already. 

And Wayne Crowe the CEO of OLSP will personally put buyer leads in your downline. Okay. That is absolutely amazing. He is also going to put down his personal leads as well. So there is more lead sharing from the CEO and proven buyer leads as well. 

If you buy the $6,500 lifetime, you don’t ever have to pay again; you are in MLSP at VIP level for the entire life and that can add up a lot of commissions, especially if they guarantee your commissions. 

Wayne Crowe has said that if you upgrade to the VIP, you are guaranteed commissions, and I have been seeing that at the dominator level for $99 a month. 

The free version is great to get your feet wet, you might get a commission but it is going to be from your own leads, you have to generate your own leads at the free version, and the commissions are like $7, maybe $10.

When you are a dominator the commissions go up from, you get $17, $33 commissions all the way up to $1300, like my buddy got as a dominator, so I will leave a link under this article. 

OLSP System is for Everyone

So, OLSP is for everyone. It is for the beginner, it is for the advanced. They have one-on-one coaching, they have mentoring for you. You can talk to a coach when you sign up. 

They will help guide you where you need to go and what you want out of this program. It can be life changing income, the highest commission you can make in OLSP is $3,000 which would really help a lot of people right now. 

More than 4 million people have left their jobs to come work from home in one month, in February 2023 alone, so now is the time to share this platform with others who want to learn internet marketing because it is literally right out of the box ready for you to go. 

You don’t have to set up anything. You know these other programs out there, they are like, sign up and then you know, connect your autoresponder and then you got to set up the emails and then you got to create a landing page and then you got to buy clicks.

It is all done for you in OLSP and Wayne Crowe is a master at clicks and leads. I mean that’s his primary business which is Traffic Domination is all about leads and solo traffic solo ads, so you can buy the Traffic Domination solo ads in the platform itself.

So, if you ever want to boost your sales buy some solo ads, and solo ads pay down two levels so if you are promoting OLSP and you start building a team you’re gonna earn 10% Commission on the second level of your team when they buy solo ads, so that can add up to a lot of money fast. Again, this is Erik Johnson, please share this around and I hope to see you on my network marketing team!

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