OLSP System Done-For-You VIP Review – Is It Worth It?

OLSP System Done-For-You VIP Review

Hey guys, today we are going to talk about a very powerful all done for you affiliate marketing program that I am really impressed with. This is definitely done for you, all in one program type of system, a very robust system. It has been around for a few years and it’s just now getting traction in the mainstream globally. This is an international business. Today, we will go over the OLSP System Done-For-You VIP Review.

OLSP System Done-For-You VIP Review

OLSP system is a platform that teaches you internet marketing. There are three levels: there’s free, there’s 99 a month, and then there’s 300 a month, the VIP or $6500 for Lifetime VIP. I’m going to cover the VIP today and why you should promote that platform. 

So this is one of the landing pages that they give you right out of the gate. It’s very powerful because it says right here the Secret Super Affiliate bootcamp that takes you from zero to commissions in just one hour and that is absolutely true. 

OLSP Commission Right Out of the Gate

If you watch the training inside the dashboard, they will put $20 into your account right away. So for a lot of people that is their very first commission they make online, and I think it’s a very powerful way to market the system. 

Because so many people are lost. They don’t know how to do affiliate marketing. There are so many products out there. They spent so much money on training and products, you know, $7 products, $15 products, $20 products, and none of it really adds up to sales. 

The OLSP System is Complete Out-of-the-Box

Now, what I love about the OLSP system that other systems do not have is that you get your own landing pages like I’m showing you here. You also get a built in autoresponder where the company emails your leads, you get a sales team that closes your leads, and then they even provide you leads as well, not for the free version but for the $99 and up they supply you 50 to 100 leads or more. 

These are all the leads that I’m getting as a dominator. You can see seven here, four here, thirteen one day, and 13 again in one day and 11 another day. So I’m also getting upgrades from the leads that they provide, which a lot of services cannot do. 

In fact, I have a friend that is part of this system as well and he got a $1,300 commission from one of the leads that the system gave him so super exciting stuff.

OLSP System Products

So I’m going to talk about the VIP program. This is my dashboard. Now I’ve only been doing it for about two weeks, and I’ve already made $214. There’s a lot of different programs inside of this system. Like I said, it’s completely done for you. Here’s your link right here. This is going to go to the landing page that I just showed you. 

So basically affiliate marketing is getting enough traffic to a landing page, and inevitably you’re going to get sales if you get enough traffic. Now the OLSP system has a lot of different programs and products that can help you get traffic and you can also buy solo ads within the platform itself. 

If I go to TD products, you can see right here you can buy clicks. So you can buy traffic to this program. You can buy traffic to any other program you want. There’s also capture pages, there’s training replays. 

Make OLSP Commissions Sharing Facebook Replays

What’s really cool about the training replays is when you become a member you can actually share the replay links that have your account ID embedded into it cookie to you. 

So if someone watches a replay that you post on Facebook a year from now, and someone buys a product via webinar through your link, you’re going to get a commission. So your link is cookied for life. It doesn’t matter if someone clicks on it five years from now, you’re gonna get credit for everything that you share with OLSP. 

OLSP Unique Activity Point System

What I really like about OLSP also is all the points you earn in your dashboard. You pretty much can get points for anything you do: email interactions, coaching calls, even logging in, you can get points, commission points, second level points, sign up points, unit completion points, and it really feels good because these guys really have a system that has a community feel and we support each other. 

You can get on the leaderboard pretty easily with just being consistent every day and doing things and you’ll get points and if you go to the leaderboard the top five people also get cash prizes. So it is a very good, powerful incentive to want to be active on this platform. 

OLSP V.I.P Membership Perks

Now, I’m going to go over the VIP membership benefits because I think it’s very powerful, and you can get a lot out of it. So this is what you get for your affiliate marketing VIP membership. 

So you get done for your traffic and list building for an entire year. That’s valued at $1,180. You get the best squeeze page builder on the planet. If you want to use it, I did and it’s very easy to set up. It’s basically two clicks and you’re up and running. DFI templates for everything emails squeeze pages, the biggest discount he has ever given on solo ads. 

Okay, I have to mention Wayne Crowe is the CEO and founder. His system has generated over $80 million in commissions to its affiliates. OLSP is very successful with over 70,000 members worldwide, and people are just now catching on to this. 

So it’s not it’s not something that’s played out. You know, like other programs out there that everyone’s been promoting for years. This is still pretty new to the masses. 

Back to the VIP OLSP perks, you can get a discount on solo ads. You also get lead grabbing software. You get training on how to use the buyer software. You get his own $100,000 a month blueprint. It’s called the OLSP accelerator. 

You get mastermind sessions that end with every question answered. You get instant VIP status in the community, and there are a lot of people on the Facebook group so it’s definitely a very active community, and the members are very supportive. 

If you share your commission statement with people in the group they’ll cheer you on and it’s just a really good feeling for mega traffic training. You can get commissions up to $3,000 per sale. So this is truly a high ticket program, and you can earn 100% commissions as a VIP. 

Best Part of the OLSP VIP Membership

Now I want to talk about the two best things about this program for the VIP. All right, high ticket leads that have already spent $997 are placed on your team. 

Wayne Crowe will personally put people on your team that have already spent $1,000. So they are proven buyers, and he’s going to place those people on your team that you can get commissions from for the rest of your life. Okay, he gives you all of his own buyers. 

So he’s sharing some High Ticket leads that have already been purchased. Now that in itself is worth $5,000. Okay, this total system is about $300 a month. And I think it’s a one time $3,000 annually and $6500 lifetime membership.

The VIP is still brand new. So if you want a true done for you system where everything is done for you, you even get a manager, you get another person on your team that helps you build your team. 

OLSP System Done-For-You VIP Review Conclusion

So you get one-on-one coaching, you get the masterminds, you also get high ticket leads that have already spent money and all of this for about $300 a month. Wayne Crowe is a master with traffic. He’s not going to mess around when he’s giving you his own personal traffic. I can guarantee you that. 

I’m very excited about this program. It’s not multi level. The only thing that you can earn down more than one level is the solo ads. You can earn down two levels when people buy solo ads on this platform. Very powerful system guys, I’ll leave a link to the program. 

Again, sign up, go through the bootcamp they will give me 20 bucks in the commissions area and then look into upgrading to the VIP because you’re gonna get all of these things that will make you a bonafide internet marketer literally overnight. 

Whereas most people struggle for years if not decades. My first four years in affiliate marketing network marketing sucked. I only made two hundred dollars a year. Now I am making a full time income from home with affiliate marketing and network marketing, and everything he covers right here is what every affiliate marketer wants. 

There are a lot of wannabes out there that promise you these things but they never come through. Wayne Crowe is actually giving you people that have spent money, and they will spend more money because this is a lifetime membership. What you are getting right here is lifetime to lucrative opportunities.

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