OLSP System Dominator Review And Income Proof

OLSP System Dominator Review

Hey everyone, this is Erik Johnson. Today we are going to talk about the OLSP system. This is my one month anniversary as a dominator, which is the paid version. It is anywhere from $47 to $99. And what I like about the dominator is the commission’s go up, and they supply 50 to 100 leads into your dashboard every single month. Here is my OLSP system dominator review with income proof.

OLSP System Dominator Review After One Month – Income Proof

So I really liked that it can be truly hands off for anyone who is too busy to do affiliate marketing or figure anything out. This is probably the best program I have ever done that has everything from the landing pages to the autoresponders to even providing leads that go right into your dashboard. 

So I am pretty excited about my results. As you can see, I have made $256. I admit I haven’t hit it super hard yet, and I might not grow as fast as other people because for one I just started an email list. 

Building An Email List Using OLSP

Now if you want to be an affiliate marketer, you should definitely start building a list. I am so excited about this platform because I created my very first list after being in internet marketing for over 10 years. 

I finally created an email list with this program. They helped me, they trained me, they walked me through it and I had a list that I’m going to show you. I had a list done in two hours. 

So I am absolutely blown away just by that alone. It is worth the money. Plus they give me the leads. So I am going to talk about free methods on how I promote the business also, so stick around. 

How to Grow Your OLSP System Faster

I think from now on it is going to grow a lot faster because I have my email marketing system set up on top of the OLSP marketing system. So my leads are gonna get a daily email from OLSP and they are going to get an email from me, which I believe builds trust. 

They say it takes 7 to 15 exposures for someone to sign up to buy a product. So emailing a follow-up is crucial. And, I ignored that fact. You know, I always had my network marketing companies email my leads for me. I just didn’t want to set up a list. It was just too complicated and too much time. But I finally did it. So this platform is going to blow up. 

Top OLSP System Features

I am going to show you a couple of the key points to this dashboard, and why I like OLSP. I really liked the huge commission statement at the top. When you sign up, you are going to get your link, it is right here. It is called the mega link, and they train you on how to promote these links

How to Share Your OLSP Megalink

So your link is right here on the homepage of your dashboard. It is very visible. You are going to have your own affiliate ID on the end here. All you have to do is copy and paste this link. 

You can also get a domain name for it. Instead of sharing something that’s long and ugly like this, you can go to a website called Name or GoDaddy and buy a $10 vanity domain name, something that is memorable and short and then forward it to your OLSP link. 

That way if you are doing social media posts, you just put up a memorable website name instead of something long like this. For instance, my website for this is called all income streams. com – a lot easier than saying, 

OLSP system. com forward slash join, you know, people are going to be like, what was your link again? So definitely get a forwarded URL for that. 

How to Build an Email List Under an Hour with OLSP

Okay, now I’m going to show you the most exciting thing I’ve done with this program is to build a funnel and email list. So you go to growth hacks and you’re going to watch the video and then you’re going to commission loop and you’re going to click on completed hack. 

This is Wayne’s landing page for the commission loop, that is the CEO. Now if you go through the system, you will get your own landing page. I have my own right here. 

There’s four videos, so you’re gonna watch the four videos, they’re only 3 to 10 minutes long, and then when you finish the video, you click here and we’ll go to the second one. So basically these four videos combined are about 30 minutes. 

It basically taught me how to get a landing page for the commission loop, which is right here. Then they showed me how to set up getresponse. So this is my Getresponse dashboard. 

I have created 30 days of email follow ups for my list. I am so excited because I’ve been wanting to create a list for a couple years now. I just started it so 11 leads have gone through it but they’re gonna get emails from me every single day now and getresponse ia free up to 500 subscribers. 

So that’s completely free. The landing page is free up to a certain point if you get over like 10,000 impressions and you have to buy the paid version. But this is free for now. 

So I’m absolutely excited that I have a sales funnel on top of OLSP’s sales funnel, because they have their own sales funnel. They give you this landing page right from the beginning. This is your Mega link. Alright, and this has a powerful sales funnel as well, and there’s a sales team that closes your leads. So you don’t even have to reach out to your leads if you don’t know what to say. So that’s powerful on top of it. 

Basically, I got two sales funnels going and I’m going to show you how I promote the system. I do want to touch on one more thing if I go back here. Alright, so the next coolest thing is called the commission generator. 

OLSP Commission Generator

All the past replays – they have a facebook live every week, and all the replays will be in your dashboard in commission generator. But what’s really exciting is each webinar replay gives you a personalized link with your affiliate ID link in it.

So, if I copy the Facebook replay, now if I share this anywhere, guess what? If someone signs up, they enter their email, they’re gonna go into the follow up system and they’re gonna get emails, and if anyone signs up through this link, I’m gonna get a commission. 

Now everything inside OLSP is cookied to you for life. So if you share this a year from now, and someone buys, you’re still gonna get a commission. So you can do that with any of these replays. Some of them are outdated or they disappear so you’d be safe just promoting the top 10 here. So that’s an easy way to get a commission. 

OLSP Facebook Comment Domination

On top of that, if you want your Facebook posts to go viral, you can go to comment domination and watch the video. It’s got a whole new section here. What they do is basically anyone can post on their Facebook and you can comment under their post. So you help them go viral. 

And after you leave five comments on five posts in Facebook, then you can leave your own post for people to comment on. So I did that and I got like 30 comments under one of my Facebook posts. They have a free version and they have a paid version of that as well. So the Facebook commenter is really powerful. Super excited. 

This platform is absolutely mind blowing. So I did the free OLSP version for three months and I wasn’t getting enough commissions, plus you don’t get the leads. So I finally upgraded to the dominator. So this is my one month result.

How to Promote OLSP

I want to show you how I promote this system. I like free traffic. Obviously you can buy solo ads within this platform as well. Or just upgrade to the dominator and get the 50 to 100 leads that they give you. 

I’ve gotten over 100 leads from them already so I’m super excited about that. But if you want to grow your business faster I do this: when I join a new company, I start doing reviews for that company every single day. 

Even if I don’t have a lot of new information, if I don’t have any info I will go find other people that have posted reviews for the company, and I don’t copy them verbatim I put it in my own words. 

But, I already have like eight or nine videos for OLSP and under every video I leave a link to OLSP. Okay, it can be this landing page or it could be the mega link that they give you. 

So YouTube is a little slow. I mean it can take a few months for your videos to rank, but it is free traffic so once you get a viral video or video that gets a couple hundred to a couple thousand views you could get a lot of signups from that. 

So it is something that you should look into. YouTube has great free traffic. I also blog. I have done maybe five articles but again, blogging is even slower than YouTube. 

I will show you the fastest method right now that it seems like everyone is using and it is incredible is tiktok and this is just one account that I have and I am now promoting OLSP only. 

So what you do is you can do 15 to 30 second Tik Toks. You can literally just point to text and you can find a song and I will show you an example. But basically what you want is you want lots of views. The more you do, the better. 

I mean this one has 1800 video views. This one has 900, this one 838, this one 770 – all of these views really add up. Then the key, kind of like Instagram, is you want people to check out your bio and go to your link. 

So my link is not clickable yet because I haven’t gotten 1000 followers but if I copy this and go to a new window, it’s going to go to the mega link that they give you. So the name of the game is traffic.

So between YouTube Tiktok and the leads that OLSP Dominator gives me I think this is a powerful system and can replace all my other income streams in the next six months. 

OLSP System Dominator Review Conclusion

So if you are not in OSLP click the link under this article. I hope I gave you some insight and this is what I do. I can do three tiktoks a day. It could be done in an hour of filming and promotion. It is the same case with YouTube videos and Instagram Reels. And if you want you can look into buying solo ads for cheap prices.

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