OLSP System Dominator Review 2024

OLSP System Dominator Review 2022

I am going to talk about OLSP and my thoughts on it as a new member. I have been a dominator for almost a month. So in three days, it will be a full month. I am going to show you my results and what I think about the program in our OLSP System Dominator Review.

OLSP System Dominator Review 2024: New Member Thoughts

So what is OLSP? It is basically all done for you, full suite, internet marketing business. Now it has everything from the landing pages to the autoresponders already set up for you to do internet marketing training. 

So there is a training boot camp where you watch modules, and if you complete the boot camp, they will put $20 into your commissions. So that is really cool to get a commission right away from this program. I haven’t seen any other program do that. 

Some of the OLSP System Products

The other thing is, you can there is software programs in this. There is also community services that help your social media posts go viral. For example, there is a Facebook commenter group that will leave a comment under your Facebook post and you do the same for them. 

If you post on theirs – if you do five posts for them then you can have people post on yours and it does work. I have had maybe 30 comments on one of my posts that I did on Facebook. They also have that for YouTube and they have that for Instagram. 

They also have an instant blog creator. They have a landing page builder if you want to do that even though they do have landing pages for you already. You can also buy additional landing pages. 

OLSP Members are Cookied for Life

There are many different things inside of OLSP. Wayne Crowe is an internet marketing master. He has been doing it for over 15 years with, you know, building platforms and getting traffic.

He specializes in solo ads and traffic, so this platform is very powerful and geared to making all affiliates money on commissions and your cookied for life. So if you share a link on Facebook, and someone clicks on it a year from now, you will get a commission – so it is geared towards making you money. 

OLSP System Membership Levels

There is a free membership. The commissions are kind of low. I did that for three months. I decided to go all the way with the dominator which is $99 a month. 

Sometimes they have specials. I heard Dominator is only $27 right now, it might be $47 depending on when you sign up. I just went for the $99 Dominator, because with the dominator level you get 50 to 100 leads put into your system. 

Now that is very powerful. Because I have gotten some upgrades from the leads that they give me, which is incredible. I have a couple people that I have recruited that have also gotten signups from the leads that they provide. 

This system is awesome. You don’t have to set up anything; it is done for you right out of the box. I think this is the new type of legendary marketer platform. You know the legendary marketer was huge in early 2023. I think this is something that is a little more refreshing, a little more activity inside your dashboard, and so forth in 2024. 

OLSP V.I.P Membership

Then there is the VIP membership, which is I believe a one time price of like $6,500 but with that you get Wayne Crowe’s personal leads placed under your team and you get documented buyer leads placed under your team. 

These are people that have already spent $1,000. So these are really hot leads, and they are Wayne Crowe’s personally since he is the CEO. 

The company itself has been around for several years, I believe, and has already helped people generate over $80 million in commissions. They just passed $80 million. There are over 70,000 members and it is a truly global opportunity. You can do this in any country. It is all digital these days. 

OLSP System Dashboard Features

So I am going to show you my dashboard. This is the landing page I use it is free. It comes with the platform. It is already done for you. You have my account number already in the link so I get credit when people sign up. It is as easy as sharing this link to start making money on top of the $20 they give you when you go through the bootcamp training. 

This is my dashboard. You can see like I said, I have been in for almost a month. I have made $240 and I can show you what I’ve done to make $240. Or I can just tell you basically I had a couple of friends sign up. And I had a couple of strangers sign up probably from YouTube videos. 

That’s great free traffic and people search for company reviews on YouTube. So when you sign up to this, I definitely would do some reviews for the company and start generating free traffic that’s the way to go. 

Or tiktok, tiktok is very fast traffic and I have four tik toks, but I’m pretty much only promoting this on one tik tok right now. But this is a very powerful dashboard because there’s so many things to look at in here. 

And right here at the banner, since I’m Dominator here’s a banner up here that allows me to to upgrade to the OLSP VIP if I want to. If I click on that it will go to a video from Wayne Crowe talking about the benefits of the VIP program. 

I also heard that if your credit is good, you can apply for the monthly installment plan for the VIP. 

The Dominator like I said is $27 to $99 depending on when you sign up. I really liked the community feel of OLSP. Seems like you can get your link right here after you sign up. You get this link right here – you just copy and paste it and put it under your YouTube videos or in your Tiktok bio. 

I already have 332 unique clicks to this link. Here’s a point system which is really cool because if you get enough points you can get in the top of the leaderboard and there’s cash prizes for the top leaders in OLSP.

My points all the time is 1682 points and for April is 569 you pretty much get points for anything from email interaction to logging in to buying solo ads to people on your second level buying solo ads. 

It is really a powerful system and it gives you this personal like community feel. You can also communicate with all the members in the OLSP Facebook group and I will show that in a minute. 

I love the dashboard because you can see what your leads have done. You can see the OLSP leads that they give you and then these are the leads that I’ve generated. 

This person just upgraded to Dominator. You can see when they connect their Facebook you can see when they have finished the bootcamp. So it’s very, it’s very transparent. You can see pretty much what everyone on your team is doing, which I haven’t seen it ever before. 

So here’s the bootcamp. Watch those trainings when you sign up. Here’s additional training guys, here’s like hours and hours and hours of training. And then the other thing I really like is it’s called the commission generator. 

OLSP Commission Generator

This is where all the webinar replays are, and what’s really cool about these webinars, here’s all the replays. Every webinar is over an hour long and now they give you the link to the replay with your account ID in it. 

So if you share this replay on your Facebook or wherever, and someone signs up watches the webinar and buys any product there during the webinar, you are going to get a commission for that, and some of these are high ticket $1,300 commissions, $3,000 commissions, they are put on by Wayne Crowe and top affiliate marketers in the industry. 

So they are doing all the selling for you. All you have to do is share your link, okay, and you can get a commission if anyone buys anything. Like I said, the cookies are for life. That means you will get credit if anyone signs up through your link, even if they find it three years from now. 

OLSP System is Truly Done-For-You

So this platform is awesome because I like everything done for me. I hate setting up autoresponders. I don’t like designing landing pages. I want everything done. 

The only thing I was missing in the past were leads placed into the system. And that has this – everything’s done literally the landing pages the autoresponders and the traffic. You don’t get traffic with the free membership you have to be a dominator. 

So sign up. I’ll leave a link under this video/article to become a dominator and start getting the leads because like I said, all the members I have on my team have gotten signups from the leads that this platform gives us. 

OLSP Dominator Facebook Group

Now look at this group. This is the Traffic Domination group for OLSP and there are 124,000 members. All right, so absolutely amazing community guys. Like I said, this has been around for five years or more and Wayne Crowe has made over 15 million in affiliate marketing . He knows what he’s doing. 

They are also constantly updating the platform, creating new sales funnels, AB testing the funnels, seeing which one works because he wants you to make the most commissions at the end of the day. 

So thank you for watching/reading. Click the link under this video to sign up. It is free to join but I strongly recommend you look into the dominator for increased income potential.

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