How Network Marketers Can Get Unlimited Prospects Without Pitching


More and more people are starting to work from home. In fact, a few months ago, over 7 million people quit their jobs and came home in America. So many of these people are now looking for income streams, and many are turning to network marketing, because it still is a very lucrative and exciting industry to get into. But many people fail in network marketing because it cannot fill their pipeline with enough prospects to make enough income. 

New Network Marketers: Get UNLIMITED PROSPECTS Without Pitching ANYONE

Today I am going to talk about the newest methods to use in 2023 for recruiting unlimited prospects into your opportunity. So please read until the very end and like this video, it really helps the channel out and I want to provide you the most value as possible. 

So let me get into it. A little bit about me. I have been in network marketing since 2014. I didn’t want to listen to loud obnoxious sponsors telling me what to do. So I decided to do it my way, which I do even now in 2023. 

Now that is usually a recipe for disaster and, and total failure, but I went on to discover a method that is called attraction marketing using content. So what I still do today, eight years later, is I create content and I attract prospects to me. 

I’m not pushing my opportunity to anyone. I’m not pitching anyone because I’m an introvert. And I don’t want to spend 12 hours a day on Facebook, randomly pitching people that I haven’t talked to before. 

I hated it when I tried it years ago and I don’t want to do it today. So what I do is attraction marketing, and that’s basically attracting prospects to you. 

They find you on the internet. You are not out there pushing your stuff on to anyone. You are not building a list of everyone you know, you are not talking to everyone three feet around you like the old school methods tell you to do. 

New School MLM Recruiting for 2023

We’re not doing that anymore. It’s 2023 and beyond. We’re going to use social media, we’re going to use longform content, and we’re going to attract them to us. 

So no more like no friends left. You know burning bridges, your friends and family won’t talk to you anymore. This is something that’s totally exciting. 

The only caveat is that you have to create content. Now it can be as simple as creating a 30 second Tik tok, or it can be a 10 minute YouTube video, or it can be a blog article. 

I’m going to talk about the methods and what I do on a daily basis to get three to five new signups a day. So let’s dive in. 


So here is how it works. Back in 2014 Like I said, I didn’t talk to my sponsor, I literally blocked them because I knew by watching some network marketing videos that many of the successful leaders were extroverted. 

They were loud. They wanted you to go to hotel meetings, they wanted you to go to create home parties, they wanted you to get on three way calls and they wanted you to talk to everyone three feet around you. 

Now as an introvert who wanted to just stay at home and work from a laptop, that sounded like a complete horror show. I didn’t want to do that. 

I didn’t want to reach out to people. I was battling my own demons. I was just newly sober, and I still had a lot of issues to deal with. 

So the last thing I wanted to do was throw a rah rah party and talk about products to a bunch of people in my house. 

So, I took to the internet and I started watching network marketing training videos on YouTube. I took copious notes and watched at least two hours of training every single night just to get a sense of what network marketing was because it was a completely new concept to me. 

I had done affiliate marketing before that, but network marketing was a brand new business model. So I took notes, I took notes and then I started to notice a pattern. 

I was starting to really feel like I knew the trainers on YouTube. I really felt like I knew, liked and trusted them and that’s what you need to get people to sign up into your business. 

You need to establish trust without being in their house or calling them and talking for an hour and not getting them signed up. 

Starting to Attract Rather Than Spam with Attraction Marketing

So what I started to do was I eventually started creating my own YouTube videos. I would regurgitate the information that I learned and I would do my own video. And of course they sucked in the beginning. Many of them I deleted later on. 

As I got better. I would save the ones that were starting to get better. And then I created a blog because I saw that the top leaders had MLM blogs. 

I’m not saying you have to start a blog. I’m just saying it’s an extra place where if people typed in your company name into Google, they would either find your blog or they would find your YouTube. 

And that is the best organic traffic in the world because they typed in a term and you show up at the top and then they read your article or watch your video.

And, by the end of the video or article, they are ready to buy. Their wallet is out. That’s the best prospect to get in the world. The caveat is it might take a few months to create content that ranks in Google or shows up in the search. 

There is a faster method. I’ll get to that at the end of this video. But I started to blog and I started doing YouTube videos around 2017. 

So three years into network marketing, I was working from home after two years in network marketing. 

My bills weren’t that high so I managed to get home and work full time in my business. 

But after around 2017 I was about to give up. I had like 165 blog articles written and I asked a friend, I was like how long is this going to take? 

He was a fellow blogger. He’s like just keep going, it will happen. And one day I created an article that ranked number one in Google for back then a CBD oil. 

I did a three best MLM CBD MLM Company review, and lo and behold, this is before mainstream and all of a sudden, I was getting three to five signups from that article, maybe two more articles. 

Three to five signups per day and they didn’t even talk to me, their wallet was out and they purchased the CBD oil. That was very exciting. It changed my life. 

best way to make money online 2023
Becoming a top 10 Recruiter Out of 50,000 Distributors from Just From Blogging and YouTube

Content marketing does work attracting people to you. It does work. You don’t have to be on Facebook 12 hours a day. You don’t have to force people into a three way call and tag team them into joining your business. That is the old school way. 

Best Network Marketing Recruiting Method for 2023

So I want to talk about a content method that is really hot right now and it only takes literally less than an hour a day to do. This is what you do. 

So when you get on Tiktok you download the app, and you learn how to do a 3o second Tik Tok and you can Google how to do this, but all you want to do is talk for 30 seconds and maybe you can point to some text. 

That’s all I learned was how to point to text and have it appear and then disappear. You don’t even need text, you just talk for 30 seconds and then at the end of the video you say check out my bio for more info or check out my bio for our number one income opportunity. 

Then what you do is after that video is uploaded, you copy the link and you get another app called Snap tick or snap talk. It might be different. I use Android. It might be different for iOS but you get an app that removes the watermark on the tik tok video you just did. 

Then you put that short video on a YouTube short, Facebook reel, Instagram reel and you can even figure out a way to put it on Pinterest. 

So you’re putting a video on five platforms total. That’s including Tik Tok. So five places you show up now. 

The other thing you need to do is put your opportunity link in the bio on all these platforms, okay, so that when they want to check out your info, they can look into your bio and see your link. 

Now the key is getting enough traffic looking at your link. But if you do this every day, then you will get so much exposure and you’ll start getting signups and all of this is completely free. The application is free, Tik Tok is free, all these platforms are free. 

Now, a little rule of thumb with tick tock they want you to add hashtags. I use three to five hashtags. 

So you are going to have a title, and then three to five hashtags. So you want it to be SEO friendly. So you’re gonna say you know something like the best network marketing business for 2023. 

Then your hashtags can be MLM hashtag, network marketing hashtag, home business, and hashtag recruiting. 

You do that every day it is going to blow up. In six months, if you do this every day for six months, you will blow up and you will be surprised. That is attraction marketing. 

You are not pitching anyone. They are coming to you instead. They are finding you on TikTok. They are finding you on Facebook. 

Now with Facebook reels I don’t use hashtags. I just do a title. All right, let them find your bio and click on that. Instagram you want to use hashtags. YouTube shorts, you don’t have to use hashtags. And that’s it. 

Repurpose Your MLM Content Marketing Everywhere

Here is another bonus tip. If you do want to blog, start a blog, ideally you do it on WordPress. You get your own hosted website. It is your digital property. You are not blogging on LinkedIn or medium where they technically own all of the content. 

This is your own WordPress based blog. I am not talking about I am talking about going over to SiteGround, getting a name, a website name and then uploading WordPress. That is the web platform. 

So what you do is you create a YouTube video that is 10 minutes long, and then you transcribe it. And then you put the article on your blog, and then you put the YouTube video in the middle of the article published as well. 

So you have just covered about six different platforms. And it is very exciting because attraction marketing is the way to grow your business and 2023 and beyond. 

So I hope you found value in this video/article. If you did, please subscribe and share this video to all your fellow network marketers that have begun their journey in this exciting industry as well and if you want more ideas on attraction marketing click the link below here. 

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