Network Marketing Recruiting: Stop Spamming and Start Selling!

Network Marketing Recruiting

Today we are going to talk about network marketing recruiting and how to properly do it so you are not spamming anymore, and you are selling. So this is how to start selling and not spamming. 

Network Marketing Recruiting: Stop Spamming and Start Selling!

Most network marketers when they start out, they don’t know what to do. So they talk to everyone three feet around them, and they are told to do that by old school network marketing leaders. 

They are supposed to create a list of everyone they know and talk to everyone three feet around them, anyone who has a pulse, or who is breathing, who has a heartbeat, you should talk to them. That is ineffective and that is not how you build a sustainable network marketing business. 

Best Recruiting Tips for Network Marketing

So I am going to talk about the right method. And we are going to dive right into this to get right to the point. I am going to teach you how I personally recruited over 4500 people and several network marketing companies over the years and this is something that I’m not burning bridges with. 

I am not part of the no friends left (NFL) club or anything like that. It is completely ethical, and it works. So if you are new here, hit the subscribe button. My name is Erik Johnson and I love providing value. 

Network Marketing just gets me fired up. I have been doing this for eight years, and made multiple six figures and there is no other business model out there that I would like to do this is it. 

So let’s dive in. There is a shotgun sniper analogy. Okay, so most network marketers when they sign up, they do the shotgun method. And that means that they just blow away everyone with their opportunity. 

They are spamming people on Facebook Messenger. They are emailing their old, you know, everyone in their database, and they are getting blocked from Google and they are getting kicked out of Facebook with their spray and pray MLM marketing methods. 

And I was guilty of that, you know, the first six months of network marketing. I was replying to people on Twitter left and right. Totally not related to what they were talking about on Twitter. I would just be like, hey, check out my opportunity, check out my opportunity, check out my opportunity! 

Then Twitter blocks me so I mean, it got to the point where I am like getting kicked off of these platforms. I didn’t know what to do. And finally I discovered a new method and it is called attraction marketing. 

Network marketing Recruiting Success with Attraction Marketing

What that basically means is you attract the ideal candidates to you instead of the shotgun method, you are literally going to burn out or get blocked or get kicked off of platforms because you are just spamming everyone you don’t care about. 

Even if you do get people into your business, guess what? They are not your targeted prospect and they will probably drop out. 

That is another thing that old school network marketers are doing is they are doing three way calls and they are tag teaming people and basically, coercing them into joining because there is two of them against one. 

That’s why I never did three way calls. I hate them. I don’t want to be on either end of a three way call. And so you shouldn’t either because three way calls suck. It is two against one, you’re gonna get people that sign up just out of peer pressure and then they fall out the following month. 

And that’s the same thing with shotgun recruiting, if you are just getting people in by sheer numbers, but they don’t really want what you have. And they might sign up because, you know, there is power in numbers. If you talk to 1000 people, you’re gonna get 1, 2, 3 sign ups whether they want to join or not, it’s just the rule of the numbers, the law of numbers. But you want them to actually be excited because they’ll stay in longer. 

Targeted MLM Leads with Attraction Marketing

So attraction marketing is more of the sniper method. And what that means is you laser target the people that are exactly looking for what you have. They will stay longer, they will spend more money and they will be excited and passionate because they were looking for exactly what you have. 

Here is a great example. 2018 was my breakout year in network marketing, actually the end of 2017 and this is attraction marketing in a nutshell. I created an article on our new product that our network marketing company was going to launch.

They launched and then I published an article about that product the next day. I had to wait until the product launched. Then I was like, Can I write an article about it? I was asking the CEO, I was like, Can I write an article about it? And he’s like, yes, the product is live, go for it. 

That article was the best three CBD MLM companies for 2017. All right, and then I revised it a year later, all I did was I changed the year to 2018. But that article took about three to six months to finally get to the top of Google, which is ten times harder now in 2023 by the way. 

So what that meant was when someone typed in to Google, best CBD MLM my article showed up. And guess what this was before CBD oil went mainstream. 

So people went to Google, they’re like, I gotta join a CBD company, and people that were interested in network marketing typed in best CBD network marketing. And I came up. I showed up at the top of Google search, they clicked on it, and their wallet was ready. 

They had their wallet out and they’re ready to buy it because they were already searching for what I offered. So you want to target people who are searching for your product, your service, whatever, if you want to, if you’re in a credit repair company, you want to target people who want to fix their credit. It’s just a no brainer. 

And if the more content you create, it can be video. It can be blog articles, it could be a 30 second Tik tok. But the point is, people find you first, you’re not pushing your opportunity on them. 

All right, and if you create enough content for your company, now I’m not saying use the company name and your titles. There might be compliance issues, you have to check with your company first. 

You can use generic terms. You don’t use your company name with prospecting, but you can do company reviews on YouTube. So guess what, if there is a new company, let’s say ABC just launched and you joined ABC, they are only six months old, and no one has really talked about them yet on YouTube. You do an ABC review. 

Unlimited MLM Leads using Attraction Marketing

And guess what, in a month or two, you are going to get hundreds if not 1000s of views, and they are going to want to join that company because they heard about it on the streets, and they don’t want to join right then. But they went to YouTube to search for the best MLM company

And guess what they found? Your video first. Whoever scores the visitor first usually gets the sign up. So I’ve had so many people that find out about my company somewhere else, but they want to do a little more research before joining. 

They go to YouTube or Google. They find my company review and guess what they signed up with me first. So in a way you shouldn’t talk about your company name when you’re pitching or recruiting. But talking about your company name in a YouTube review video is ideal. 

Okay, so that is the gist of attraction marketing. You’re pulling people to you, you’re attracting them and you’re using the sniper method, not the shotgun spraying everyone three feet around you is wasted energy and it gives you a bad name and makes you look bad. Because they’ll be like, Oh, that spammer again. They are so aggressive. I don’t like them. I’m going to block them. 

You know how many people I block on Facebook every week? Because they just randomly pitched me their opportunity. Don’t do that in multi-level marketing. What you want to do is create content, and then your targeting 100% of your traffic is targeted for ABC company or whatever you want to sell. This video is about recruiting. It’s about teaching you attraction marketing. 

And so if you are reading this, I got the point across to you. If you want to learn more about attraction marketing, click the link under this video. The best resource is under this video teaches you how to generate unlimited leads and get three to five signups per day into your opportunity without wasting any time.

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