Matrix Empire Review: Get Paid From Multiple Income Sources

Matrix Empire Review

Hey everyone, welcome to the Cheap MLM Leads blog, this is Erik Christian Johnson. Today we have something really exciting. This is a forced matrix opportunity that just launched very recently. And if you have any experience with matrixes you know that all the people that join in the beginning make the majority of the money. That is why timing is of the essence with this video and I want to get it out as fast as possible. 

Matrix Empire Review: The Secret to Getting Paid from Multiple Income Sources

The company is called Matrix Empire. They have done for you landing pages like this one you’re seeing right here, and they also have an auto responder email system. So the entire marketing system is done for you. Now this literally launched October 6, I believe it is only five days old. I want you to sign up. 

This is a three by 10 forced matrix. That means you can get spillover and get paid on people that you don’t even recruit. And since I have recruited over 3900 people and five MLM companies, you know that I am going to blow up this opportunity. 

Now it is $45 a month, but if you recruit three people, that pays for the membership, so if you have three people sign up, you will get $15 from each person on your first level, and then that will pay for your membership. 

Anyone can recruit three people who have watched the video from the CEO, and it is such an engaging, enticing video, I had to sign up because I know that matrix is only paid when you sign up in the beginning. 

I have always missed matrixes in the past, you know I discovered a matrix, and it was already three months old, and they probably already were down 15 to 20 levels. I just talked to the CEO, and he said that they are only on the third level of this matrix. 

The CEO himself is building the matrix so when you sign up under my team, not only will you get my spillover, but you’re also going to get the CEO the spillover, and he’s going to start running a rotator. 

He is going to start generating leads. He is going to run a lead campaign on the 15th so in four days, he is going to run a lead campaign, and it is literally going to go through all of our rotators. Every person that joins right now is going to be part of that rotator. 

So I am gonna leave the link under this blog post. Even the member dashboard is really nice. It is very, very simple and powerful. You can see that my referral link is right here. Don’t worry, I will leave it under this article. 

But the first thing you want to do is watch the video on the landing page. And then watch the video when you sign up. Right here. Okay, so here are the three income streams included. So you click on in constrains income numbers. 

Matrix Empire 3 Income Streams

Number one is the matrix empire itself. I think this is great. I think the matrix empire on its own, can carry a lot of weight. And is very enticing for many people. That is all I’m promoting. 

Matrix Empire Second Income Stream: Text ALN

But there is also the income stream called Text ALN and this was only launched six months ago, a ton of people are signing up with that you can sign up to text ALN inside this platform. You don’t have to go and find text ALN, you can sign up within this dashboard. 

Matrix Empire Third Income Stream: Against All Odds

And then number three is called against all odds. This is an organic green smoothie opportunity. So with these three opportunities, you can make additional income streams because guys in 2023. It is all about creating multiple income streams. You know, people told me in the beginning when I joined network marketing to put all your eggs in one basket and laser focus on one opportunity. That is not the case anymore. You need three to five income opportunities, especially when we’re heading into a recession. 

So that is pretty much it right now. You can earn on multiple levels you can earn down 10 levels. This is a three by 10 forced matrix. It builds from left to right. So again, 45 a month but you recruit three and you are going to pay it is going to pay for itself and then you are going to get paid monthly back on to the debit card that you use to sign up so make sure you use a debit card that has money on it and you will get paid monthly back onto your card. So really exciting guys,

I can’t wait to blow this up. If you have been watching my YouTube channel for a while, I talk about how to generate three to five leads a day or three to five signups a day so you know you are on a good team five days old. All right. 

Now when you sign up one last caveat when you sign up, check your spam folder. Okay, some people are getting the welcome email in the spam folder. check your spam folder. If it is not there, then check your promotions folder. 

The IP address for this opportunity has to warm up with Google before the emails land in the proper folder. Okay, that is just the price of network marketing, internet marketing. Eventually that will iron out. Just tell people to look in the spam folder for their welcome email. That is it, I love you MLMers. Let’s rock and roll with increased income.

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