Matrix Empire Review – 5 Reasons To Join In 2023

Matrix Empire Review

Today we are going to talk about the five reasons why you should join Matrix Empire right now. If you are someone who is looking to work from home full time, or you want to create multiple income streams, this company is for you. 

Matrix Empire Review – 5 Reasons Why You Need to Join NOW

My name is Erik Johnson. I have been in internet marketing since 2011 full time, and network marketing since 2016. I have personally recruited over 4,000 people now in 2023. 

I am going to show you today the five reasons why you should join Matrix Empire right now, but stay till the very end because I have a bonus on how you can recruit three to five prospects every single day. Let’s dive right in to our Matrix Empire review. 

5 Reasons Why You Need to Join Empire Matrix MLM Right Now

Five: Matrix Empire is Truly a Ground-Floor Opportunity

So number five, the reason you should join Matrix Empire is it is literally a ground floor opportunity. It is in pre-launch right now. You know, depending on when you read this article, it is in the early launch stage. 

But even if you see this a month from now or three months from now, it is still truly a ground floor opportunity. 

Why is it important to join at the ground floor? Because MLM loves speed, it loves momentum. So when you get in the beginning, you can really see a team blow up. 

If you get on my team, you’re gonna see some serious action because it is brand new. There is a lot of excitement. People are going to be finding my YouTube videos and signing up or signing up under you depending on where you are on my team. 

So it is truly exciting. That is why you want to get in the beginning. There is a lot of growth the first year, the first or second year in MLM so that is why ground floor is so important. 

The other reason is, you want to get in before the masses. You want to get that spot and imagine if you invested in Microsoft or Starbucks when they first started out, you would be rich right now. 

So you have to get in the beginning of any trend, especially these days, okay, and it’s going to help you work from home faster. If you get in a winning company something that’s going super fast. That’s number five. 

Four: Competent CEO Who is Chill

Number four, the CEO has a lot of experience creating these types of opportunities. He’s a very chill guy. He is quite cool. Even though he is super busy, he always has time to always answer my questions.

They have awesome support as well. There is lots of team training, so you won’t feel left behind. And he’s just a cool guy. 

Three: Truly Help Those On Your Team

Number three, we can truly help others get out of their situation with this opportunity, because it’s a team growing dynamic. People can earn money from spillovers which I’ll talk about later. 

But you can literally help someone get out of a financial situation that’s really tough, which is almost all of us right now during the post-pandemic. 

You know, people want to work from home. Millions of people are quitting their jobs every single month to come home. They’re trying to find something online to make money. 

And this platform has three income streams in one platform, and that is the second point of this video. 

Two: Matrix Empire Has Multiple Income Streams

The second reason to join is because Matrix Empire has three main income streams. Now the CEO is also adding new products every single month. So there is a robust system already. 

And that’s amazing to say that because most pre launch companies are just the bare bones. They’re just trying to get launched. You know, there’s glitches. The website is funky. 

This system looks sharp right out of the box. And they’re already developing new products and services for this platform. So I imagine a year from now there’s going to be so many things inside this dashboard. It’s gonna make your head spin. It’s always going to keep things exciting. 

Most MLM companies that want to survive or do survive. They always launch a new product every six months. It keeps the company fresh, it keeps the momentum going. It keeps the MLM in business. 

Because most MLM companies that only have one product usually shut down, you need to be bigger than a one trick pony. So this company is diversifying right out of it right out of the gate, which is a great sign. They’re always going to be developing new things. And finally, number one:

One: Capture My Team’s Spillover or My Own

This is a 3×10 forced matrix. Now if you haven’t done affiliate marketing or MLM before, it’s a forced matrix which is a type of compensation plan, which means that you can literally get paid from the spillover that I do. 

So if I put a team member under you, you can get a commission from them if you are a paid active member. 

How Much Does Matrix Empire Cost?

Now the membership is only $45 a month but if you recruit three or three spots that get filled under you on the first level, then your subscription is absolutely free. 

Of course, if you want to make more money, you want to ideally recruit three people yourself or more to really get this thing going but the spillover and the matrix is phenomenal – if you get in the beginning.

If you wait three to six months too late, then you know you might not get a spillover because you’re so far down in the matrix you might get under someone who isn’t recruiting and if you get under someone who’s not recruiting or your whole team is stagnant, then you’re not gonna get any spillover and that’s going to make you want to quit too. 

That happened to me in 2017. I joined a matrix six months too late, and I thought I was gonna get a spillover. But people at the very top were already bored and moving on or I was too far down. I didn’t see any spillover. 

This is brand new. And I’ve recruited over almost 3000 people personally (In previous companies) so you know that you will get spillover on my team. 

That’s that’s the final reason but here’s the bonus if you want to learn how to recruit three to five people every single day on autopilot then I’m going to leave a link to a free 10 Day Bootcamp on attraction marketing, how to attract your clients and how to get them signing up under you with you know they want they have their wallet out ready to buy from you. 

That is how powerful attraction marketing is. You’re not pitching anyone. You’re not spamming anyone. You are not getting kicked off of Facebook because you are stalking people. 

This is where people come to you three to five signups a day on autopilot with their wallet out. So click the link under that as well after you sign up to matrix empire. 

Check out the other link for the 10 day boot camp. That is the bonus. Thank you for reading. I hope you join our team. This is really exciting. I have already recruited eight people in three days and this is just getting started. 

I am committed, I am faithful, and I stay in companies as long as I can. years if the company is growing, I will be in for years meaning there potentially could be 1000s of people under you. If you stay in as a paid member then you can earn a great deal of money. 

Now a little disclaimer, you might not make money in this at all and you shouldn’t rely on my spillover to make money. You obviously want to do this for yourself. This is your business. This is your opportunity. I am here to help you and hopefully I do put a spillover on your team. But you might not make any money and this article is for educational purposes only.

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