How To Make $100 Per Day With List Infinity

Make $100/Day With List Infinity

Today we are going to talk about how to make $100 a day with a new platform called list infinity. Now this one has flown under the radar with most affiliate marketers. So it is wide open for you to promote this platform and make instant $100 Commissions – $300 Commissions through Paypal or Stripe to make money online in 2023. 

Make $100/Day With List Infinity | Make Money Online (2023)

So I’m going to talk about what the platform is and how to make $100 to $300 a day. So what exactly is list infinity? You can see right here that you can either set up PayPal or Stripe for this platform and you get instant $100 or $10 commissions. 

Now if you sign up as a $10 membership level then you can only get $10 commissions. If you sign up at the pro $100 level, then you can get $100 Instant commissions. 

So obviously you want to sign up at the $100 level. This is a one time payment so once you pay the $100 If you sell this platform only once you will make your money all right you will break even everything past that will be 100% profit. 

Get Commissions from Every 5th Person Your Team Recruits

The other great thing about this platform is that when you promote when you recruit people into this platform, you’re going to get every fifth member that they recruit up to you. It will be passed up to you every fifth member that they recruit will be passed up to you. 

So that is an extra basically like a second tier commission level which is rare to find in affiliate marketing and it can really boost your sales. So obviously you want to promote this platform a lot because you want a couple leaders under you that are recruiting a lot and that will help your income tremendously. 

What is List Infinity?

So what exactly is list infinity is a platform that helps you build a massive and profitable email list. Every lead you generate goes directly into your email list. 

You get your own lead capture pages. These are our high definition lead capture pages. What exactly is the lead capture page? I know you’ve seen them all around the internet. I will show you what we get. If you get to the lead capture pages inside the platform, you can see that we have up to I think 12 or 15 landing pages to choose from. 

Now these don’t work until you connect an auto responder, but you have a choice of five different autoresponders. This platform works with several says right here, connect your auto responder. 

And these are the different autoresponders that you can use. You can use Aweber Get Response traffic wave or LeadsLeap. Alright, and there are directions on how to set up auto responder right here. There is a video on how to do it as well. 

You can also import an email campaign and this platform has a 30 day email campaign. All set up for you all you have to do is copy and paste the email swipes into the autoresponder you choose or you can instantly import it into Aweber as well. 

List Infinity Landing Pages

So back to the landing pages. There’s so many different ones you can use. They’re gorgeous, they’re high definition. If I copy and paste this one, put it into a new window. This is how it looks very nice. 

So the name of the game is getting enough people to sign up, take a free tour into the platform, and then they’ll start getting the emails that you import it into your autoresponder of your choice.

But here’s the thing, list Infinity has so many different marketing tools that you will never guess again how to do social media marketing. 

In fact, if you look here these are all the members that have signed up through me through my efforts that I’ve learned through list infinity. These are all paid members and free members. Obviously the more members you get, the more people will sign up and upgrade into the pro membership level. All right. 

List Infinity Promotion Tools Review

So here’s something that is really powerful. If you go to promotion tools, You will see that they give you Facebook posts that you can put into your page. 

In fact, this banner right here that I put on my Facebook is from list infinity. This is one of the promotion tools they give me. All right. Also, this post right here was just an experiment that I did for list infinity and I got 24 comments of people wanting to know how they can get instant Commissions through paypal. 

So if you want to make $100 a day with this platform, all you have to do is sell one platform a day, right and this platform teaches you how to do it. So let me click on the Facebook posts 60 posts to get massive engagement. Now this is so easy to do. 

I’m gonna do this one today. All right, so all you gotta do is copy this, because so many people don’t know how to use Facebook, right? They’re too spammy. 

Or they put their company link in the post and people go research it and you lose them because you’re going to sign up with someone else. These engagement posts are so hot right now. 

So you go back to your Facebook. And you click on here and then you click on this to make a colored post. And then I’m going to copy and paste exactly what lists infinity gave me. 

Need An Extra $100 This Weekend?

It Is Easy When You Have The Right System!

Ask Me How 👇

So I am going to post this all right. So it is right down here. Right? This is going to create massive engagement. And then when they go to my Facebook, they’re gonna see this and they are going to be like, Oh, wow, what is he doing? I want to learn how to do $300 a day instantly through my PayPal. 

All right. That is how you promote list infinity successfully. And if he just sell one a day, you’re gonna make $100 a day, or $3,000 a month. How much would $3000 a month change your life? 

Most people aren’t even making that right now. You can do one of these per day. And then people are going to be like, What are you doing? This is absolutely amazing. 

Another thing you can do is click on these 30 posts that generate leads. Right You can literally copy one of these and put this in your Facebook.

All right, I make an extra 100 This weekend it’s easy. It’s easy when you have the right system and ask me how.

All right people are you copy and paste this into your Facebook. People are going to be like how, more info. And then all you do is you go to your messenger and you give them the link to either your landing page. 

Or I just do straight to this is the home home website that we get. All right now look at all the people that are making money. Instant $100 payments right here. All right. 

They keep getting paid and paid and paid $100 $100 $10 $100 $100 That is how easy it is to promote list infinity. So check it out. Click the link under this article. 

Sign up as a pro member. And then you can start sharing. You get all these different tools. Okay, here are the banners you can put into your Facebook header. 

All right, like I showed you the one I use right here. All right. It is as easy as just saving the image and slapping it on your bio. All right, and then the more engagement you know, you post one engagement post a day, you are going get so many comments. 

Then they are going to look at your top pinned post, which should be something like this and they’re gonna be like how do I do it like this guy how and then you private message them your link and that’s how you do it. 

You message them your link and you get signups. Alright look someone in Dubai just upgraded to the pro while I am typing this article. That is how easy it is to make $100 a day guys, so check it out for yourselves and learn to earn!

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