List Infinity vs OLSP Review – Which is Better?

List Infinity vs OLSP Review

This review is about List Infinity vs. OLSP, which means one lead source pixel, and which program is better, list Infinity or OLSP review. 

So both of these programs are really exploding right now. They are very popular. It’s an affiliate marketers dream out there. And I am going to talk about the differences between each one and the benefits of which one might be the best for you. 

List Infinity vs OLSP Review

So let’s get right into it. So sign up costs and commissions for each platform. List infinity is either free or a one time payment of $100. OLSP has a free version and $99 a month or the VIP program which is $4,000 to $6,000 and that’s a one time purchase. 

List Infinity gives you 100% commissions. So as a pro, you pay $100 And then if you get someone signing up under you as a pro you basically earn back your money. 

OLSP offers 20 to 50% commissions. Now with List Infinity every fifth person that you refer to is passed up to you. All right, actually every person that your personal team gets is passed up to you. 

With OLSP you can earn $20 right when you sign up and watch their training. It is unheard of to earn $20 Day one, not doing anything but signing up and watching their bootcamp. That is a very unique feature. I love that. 

List infinity they pay instantly via PayPal, stripe, and other methods. OLSP pays weekly via PayPal and crypto whatever. 

Alright, List Infinity only has one product for $100. OLSP has several products including $10,000 high ticket products you can earn 30% on if you’re a $99 traffic Dominator. 

List Infinity and OLSP Products

Okay, moving on. List infinity products are for social media marketing. Okay. Now this is everything from learning how to dominate YouTube. Tik Tok how to post on Facebook. Okay, it’s the same type of stuff that a lot of these affiliate programs have. Okay, so I’m not going to dive into that. They’re all pretty much the same. OLSP has the same thing. Alright, high quality landing pages. Same thing with all OLSP autoresponders. 

I am not clear on this. I think you get an autoresponder for 30 days with Infinity List. So if you share one of your landing pages, I believe the company might email them for 30 days. 

Now, you can leave a comment if you know more about that. OLSP they have a sales team that closes your leads. And there is an email system built in that has a follow up that lasts forever. So you’re still going to get emails from OLSP 52 weeks down the road. 

Alright. List infinity, I don’t think they have any leads available within the system. OLSP you can buy clicks. They have a solo ad marketplace right in the system and you can earn 20% on level one referrals when they buy their own solo ads on your team. 

And level two, you can earn 10% on everyone who buys solo traffic now this is for the dominators these are for the $99 a month people. You don’t get this if you’re a freebie. 

List Infinity has a free vacation to pro members, which is kind of unique.

OLSP, If you become a dominator, which is $99 a month, they give you 50 to 150 Free members on your team. Now some of these can upgrade and you’ll earn commissions on everything they do. 

Since there’s so many different products, you get cookies for all of it. Even Facebook Lives can make money all right. It’s pretty unique that you get a cookie on your link. It’s called the mega link and if you share your Mega link anywhere, if you share Facebook Lives and your referrals buy anything, It’s cookies to you forever. 

Alright, moving on pros and cons:

List infinity it’s a one time payment and you’re in. OLSP if you want to be a traffic Dominator, it’s $99 a month. Pros and con list infinity is instant payout with PayPal when anyone becomes a pro member on your team. OLSP is weekly when you hit the $50 threshold. 

All right. List Infinity only makes $100 one time so you get someone in and they pay $100 to upgrade. That’s it you get $100. So you have to keep recruiting a lot of people to make a lot of money. 

With OLSP you get monthly residual income from several products that have a monthly membership or if they want to, you know if someone on your team buys traffic you’re gonna get commissions. 

Okay, so you can get several Commissions throughout the month from one team member who keeps buying different products from OLSP plus you get the 50 to 150 members under you every single month and they can buy solo ads, they can buy programs and products anytime they want, and you always are going to get commissions. 

There are no high ticket programs for list infinity. It’s just $100. With OLSP they keep introducing new products every month. Some of these are high ticket programs that are up to $10,000 or more. And if you’re a traffic Dominator, you can earn 30% on these high ticket programs. So that could be several $1,000 on one program. 

Also, You’re going to get $33 for every traffic Dominator person that you bring in if you’re a traffic Dominator as well. If you’re just a freebie, you Are not going to get a commission if someone upgrades to the traffic Dominator for $99. 

So I hope this clarifies everything. I’m also doing this for my own research. I hope you enjoyed it, leave a comment and what you think about these programs.


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