List Infinity Review After One Week with Income Proof

List Infinity Review

Today we are going to talk about List Infinity Review after one week of results with the platform. We’re going to talk about what List Infinity actually is. I am going to show you what I have been doing to make money with it and my results after seven days, so read until the very end. I am going to talk about where I am getting traffic for this platform, and why you should sign up. 

List Infinity Review After One Week with Income Proof

List Infinity has only been around for about six months and Derek Van Dyck is the CEO. He is a great guy because I have reached out to him a couple times and got a response within an hour. He also implements anything that he feels is appropriate, little tweaks to the website, so he is just very open-minded. I really like that kind of transparency. 

List infinity Commissions

As you can see, I have made here a $100 payment. I made a couple other payments, they are in different folders, but I have basically made about $150 my first week, and I could have made more I think if I wasn’t tweaking my autoresponder.

Why Setting Up an Autoresponder with List Infinity is Crucial

If you go to System Setup, you are going to connect to an auto responder. Now this is optional, but if you want to build an email list, I highly recommend that you connect to an autoresponder and learn how to set up an autoresponder. 

It is really easy all you have to do is click on connect to auto responder, you have three choices, you have Getresponse, AWeber, or traffic wave. And if you are using Aweber you just scroll down a little bit and they tell you how to find your AWeber list ID, and how to install it. 

Also, with Getresponse they show you how to do that one as well. Then they show you how to do traffic flow. If you are using Aweber they can import all 30 email swipes that they give you into Aweber in less than five minutes. 

But then you have to do some tweaking like you know untoggle email confirmation because if you don’t then your leads will stay stuck in pending. So that is why I was messing around with the autoresponder. I finally went with getresponse because I am just not a fan of Aweber and getresponse is easier and I just like the feel of the dashboard a lot better.

So here is the other thing is if you don’t want to set up an autoresponder, all you have to do is go up here to your referral link and copy it and you can share it on the internet like that. It will go to this page right here, which is your landing page. 

Now the link is cloaked so you are not going to see your user ID in the URL. It is going to go instantly to this right here list . But if you click on here to create a free account, you will see your referral name under the video. 

How to Share the List Infinity Opportunity

So that is how you know that you are promoting the link properly. Now if you do set up the landing pages, those are really cool as well. This is one of the landing pages that we get. It is high converting when they say it is high converting it is definitely high converting because if you check out my stats, now I have only been in for a week and I have generated 93 leads right now.

50 of those went to Aweber and I screwed up the funnel. So I probably could have gotten maybe five more members. But you know, almost 100 leads in a week is really good. Here is the lead capture pages. 

Now in order to use these lead capture pages, you’re going to have to set up the auto responder to use these. Now if you don’t set up an autoresponder and you test your landing page, it is going to say not active or something like that. So always test your links when you promote something online. So that is basically it. 

List Infinity Memberships

There are a lot of cool things with List Infinity. There is the $10 membership level or the $100 membership level. If you want to make the $100 commissions you have to be a pro and buy the $100 membership but it is only a one time price. 

After you buy the $100 Pro membership you’re locked in for life. You don’t have to buy anything else. I am already in the green, I paid $100 and I have made $150 with it. So I am already $50 in profit. 

Promoting List Infinity

I am going to talk about how I promote List Infinity. So I am very excited about it with the little mishap I had. It slowed me down a little but $150 my first week is pretty good. 

I think it is going to take off from here because my funnels are working now. My emails are working. Everything is dialed in, and I am super excited. What is really cool about this also is go back to system setup, and you will see it when you select activate your income streams. 

And what is really cool about that is you can activate these banners down here so all of your members that when they log into their dashboard they are going to see these banners here and if you activate these then you can make commissions with Udemi, you can make commissions with Clickmagick, and you can make commissions with AWeber. 

So there is about five income streams with this platform. And what I really like is when someone signs up, you get paid instantly through PayPal 100% of the commission’s so you get the $10 Commission or the $100 commission. There is a one time admin fee where you pay the CEO $25 for the $100 membership but once you pay that you’re done for life. 

Alright so how you promote this is up to you obviously the more traffic you get to it, the better. So I am going to talk about the traffic sources now. The first one is paid, and a lot of people use it. It is called Udimi. 

This is where you can buy clicks from people that have email lists. And so you just send them your link. Like I could send them this link right here, and they will get me to click on this link. Clicks are not leads but the more clicks you get, the more leads you will get. So this is a good place to start. 

Another place that I use, I don’t recommend it unless you love to write but I have been blogging about list infinity. You know, I just wrote these April 21 and April 22. 

With blog articles they can take up to a year to two years to rank in Google. So it is not a fast method. But I do love blogging because I have had a couple articles rank number one on google and made me a lot of money in the past. 

So I am always going to be blogging. I will probably transcribe this video into a blog post. So I don’t have to write from scratch. So there are ways to do that as well. 

The next is YouTube. Anyone that does affiliate marketing, they have a YouTube usually and when they join a program they start doing reviews for the company right away, because this is a great place to get free traffic. 

I have my list infinity review right here. I am going to add the video today to this playlist and I am going to build it out. You can see I did that for a couple other programs as well. 

So if you are doing affiliate marketing, there are two things you should do. One, create content right away every day if you can. And number two is start building your list and you can build a list with list infinity. That is the whole purpose of the program is to build an email list. 

I have always been in network marketing. I did not build a list. I just let the company email my leads, and that was a big mistake. Now I have a list because I am doing affiliate marketing. List infinity is probably the easiest way to start a list and it is a one time $10 or $100 for the membership. 

The next place is tiktok. Everyone is on tiktok right now and you can get a lot of views and the more views you get to your tiktoks. the more traffic you get looking at your bio, and the whole point of doing TikTok is to get people to click on your link. 

Now the link is not clickable in your bio until you hit 1000 followers. That is what I heard. I don’t know if a couple has the ability to get a link earlier than that. But maybe the rules have changed and now you need 1000 followers to get a link. 

You can learn how to point to text and the more views you get the more they will look at your bio. So that’s the whole concept of Tiktok. So that is my seven day review with list infinity.

I will leave a link under this article if you want to sign up again you can sign up as the free free member but you are not going to make commissions anyone that does buy a membership under you and and you’re a free member all those commissions will pass up to me. 

So you definitely want to lock in at least a $10 spot where you can get $10 commissions but if you want $100 Instant commissions, I strongly recommend you upgrade to the pro membership level. So I hope you liked this review of List Infinity, try it out for yourself!

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