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Welcome to Cheap MLM Leads! If you want to finally make money online, I will tell you the secret right from the beginning: if you learn online marketing and can work your way up to generating enough traffic and leads per day you can make money in any opportunity. Let me dive in and explain in detail, because I love transparency and truly want to help succeed online.

Learn Online Marketing the Right Way

Having generated over 70,000 leads and recruiting over 2200 people personally in several home businesses, I know for a fact that traffic and leads mean everything.

I know for a fact because I made almost $200,000 with online marketing being an ex-alcoholic, introverted guy who didn’t do 3-way calls, home parties, zoom calls, facebook lives, anything that took me out of my comfort zone.

I wanted to build MLM my way, and in the beginning it was very difficult. It took about two years (blogging and doing videos everyday) before I finally started to attract people to my MLM.

The reason why it took so long (besides not doing what MLM leaders were doing) was because I had learned about content marketing aka attraction marketing from some MLM bloggers that I had looked up to.

Basically, content marketing is “attracting” prospects to you, instead of pushing (spamming) your opportunity on them. I hated reaching out to people on messenger knowing that what I really wanted to say was “join my business”, but had to act like I was just being friendly.

Most people know instantly when you are trying to sell them something and I just didn’t want to play that game. So, I started writing articles and doing videos to attract people to me. That is why it took almost two years in the beginning for my content to “rank in Google” and get prospects finding me first.

Why Learn Online Marketing

In 2017, a beautiful thing happened. After 3 years of creating videos and articles, the company I was in launched CBD oil. I never even heard of it when the CEO was trying to explain what it was.

So, I got the bright idea to write some articles about CBD MLM companies before it went mainstream. I asked the CEO if I could publish an article about the new CBD products and he said the minute I launch them you can.

I wrote 3 articles back to back and in six months they were on the first page of Google. One article was in the first spot. Then, the mainstream learned about CBD and everyone started searching for it on Google – and the rest is history.

I became one of the top recruiters in the company and was getting 3 to 5 people signing up onto my team everyday without me even talking to them. My dreams had been realized. All my success was from learning online marketing and attracting people to me through content.

Learning Online Marketing Can Change Your Life Fast

I went from being unemployed and struggling with $30k of credit card debt, and installment loans with 600% APRs, to making $80,000 and staying in hotels for fun. 

That says a lot for an ex-alcoholic, introvert whose biggest check to date in the restaurant industry was $1000 in two weeks and I had to work 100 hours for that!

Putting some time in and learning online marketing the right way can make you a lot of money fast. With all the uncertainty of this world, and all the people not wanting to go to a job, online marketing is the answer.

Award from being top-producer in 2018. All from a blog basically.

Leads for Online Marketing

So, you probably know what I am going to say: if you want the best MLM leads for your Home Business, or the best affiliate marketing leads, you’ll need to learn the top secrets for getting those leads.

Internet marketing is changing rapidly. More and more people are using Instagram and TikTok rather than Facebook. Short videos are generating tons of leads for those who jump on these platforms first.

Don’t worry, if you are scared about doing video you can find many other ways in the program below. With the program I am promoting now you can get the best of everything:

  • Go Viral with Your Facebook Posts
  • Get 100 to 200 members placed under you every month
  • Have a marketing team build you a blog
  • Have a marketing team create your social media posts
  • Earn multiple income streams inside one dashboard
  • Earn $20 Guaranteed in your first day

I have never seen a platform so robust and complete. They thought about everything, and this can not only benefit newbies, but also can make advanced internet marketers a ton of money!

Get Unlimited Prospects to Your Opportunity

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