How To Get Leads For MLM Ventures

Leads for MLM

Without MLM Leads, your business doesn’t grow. You cannot depend on your friends and family to sign up to create significant income. You need to generate MLM leads in the cold market consistently to grow your home biz. Here’s how to get lots of leads for MLM.

What are Leads for MLM

Leads are what people become when they are curious about your opportunity and sign up on a landing page. A landing page is like a one page form where interested prospects fill out their name, email, and sometimes phone number to see more info.

When the prospect fills out the form and hits the continue button, you as the network or affiliate marketer usually gets an email that notifies you that you have someone interested in learning more through the MLM or direct selling software CRM.

Typical landing page for MLM.

At that time, it’s your choice to contact the lead either by phone or through your own email marketing funnel, or if the company sends emails to your leads, let them do it. It’s your choice. However, you will usually get better conversions by doing your own follow-up.

Your prospects are human and usually want to connect with another human before making a big decision, like starting a new home business. Adding the human element will establish trust with your prospects faster than anything else, and increase your conversion rate dramatically.

As an introvert myself, I just let the MLM company I was in email my prospects for me. I was fortunate to be in a MLM company that had a great autoresponder email series, but I had to generate a lot more leads because I didn’t add that personal connection until many years later.

Types of Leads for MLM

There’s two main types of MLM leads: cold market or warm market leads. Some people say there’s a third category, called hot leads, but those are basically closer friends than warm leads.

Cold leads are people that don’t know you, and warm market are people that might know of you or they are really close to you. Your doctor or your mechanic are warm leads, and a very close friend or spouse could be a hot lead if they sign up to whatever you do.

Personally, I have only worked with cold market leads 95% of the time. I did try to get my sister and mom in a couple things, but the rest of the time it was strictly strangers on social media.

Paid or Free MLM Leads

So, there’s two types of leads: free or paid. If you are just starting out in MLM and want to get the ball rolling you can buy leads or clicks. If you buy a lead, they can generally range from $1 to $4 per lead if they are fresh (24 to 48 hours old) and down to a few cents for old leads past 6 months old.

If you buy clicks to your landing page, you are looking at $1 per click. If you get really good at running PPC ads on Google or Bing you can get that down to 50 cents per click, but Google doesn’t like MLM so you have to know how to get around that. Keep in mind these are “clicks” not leads, so it might take 10 to 40 clicks to get one lead.

Free leads can be generated from social media posts, from Tiktok or YouTube videos, or blog articles. These are the best MLM leads because if someone reads about your company doing research on it, or watches a video about your company, chances are they are ready to join already – they are just learning a little more before they join. I guess you can say these are hot leads.

However, if you don’t have a YouTube channel yet, or it’s small, and you don’t have that many followers on social media, and you don’t blog, chances are you need to buy leads. If you want MLM leads today, you’re gonna want to buy leads. Keep in mind that not every lead is going to sign up and make you rich. I know that might sound funny to you but I was so naïve when I started MLM in 2014 that I literally thought every lead that I generated would sign up!

Look at it this way: it might take 100 to 200 leads just to get one paid sign up. It might take 20 to 50 leads to get one free sign up. It all depends on your opportunity, how unique it is, and how in demand it is, and the cost. 

If your service is for a pet MLM company and the starting price is $299 to join it might take a ton of leads to get one conversion. However, if your opportunity is $19.95 and it’s for the hottest crypto opportunity, then it might take less leads. All depends on how in alignment your leads are with your opportunity.

Example: let’s say I do a CBD MLM review before CBD is everywhere. It takes 6 months to rank on Google’s first page, and all of a sudden people want to make money with CBD and find my article when they research it.

Guess what? I am getting 3 to 5 people joining me everyday (without even reaching out to me) and buying CBD – because I created content that people found when researching it. That is the best way to generate leads – let them find you, ideally via inbound marketing in 2023.

However, if you want to get your business popping right away then click the link below to get a ton of leads for any opportunity you’re in! Thanks for reading!

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