Is OLSP Legit? Income Proof from a New Member

Is OLSP Legit?

Today we are going to talk about OLSP and what it is and what it can do for people that want to work online from home. This is a powerful done for you affiliate program, and I have been serious about it for about two weeks. I have been a paid member for two weeks and as you can see, I have already made $213 And I have a great testimonial so stay till the very end. So, is OLSP legit?

Is OLSP Legit?

Let’s get into what it actually is. So it has been around for three to five years, founded by Wayne Crowe who has over 20 years internet marketing experience. 

He’s also a traffic specialist and deals with generating leads for the entire organization. You can also buy solo ads within the platform, everything is in this platform; you do not need to have a landing page builder; You do not need to set up an autoresponder, you do not have to buy leads, everything is done for you. 

You get your own landing page, which is right here. This is the standard landing page that you can get. But they also have a page builder inside where you can select over 100 to 200 themes and landing pages that are pre-made for you. So that is an option as well. This is just the standard link that you get for free along with the platform. 

What is OLSP?

So I want to talk about this really fast. They’ve already generated over 80 million in sales and there’s over 70,000 members. This is a true global opportunity. 

OLSP is in the UK. It’s founded in the UK, but you know it’s in South Africa. It’s in Australia, it’s in America, it’s in Canada. It’s all over the world. So it’s truly an international business that can grow around the clock and give you passive income around the clock as well. 

So I want to show you something that’s really cool, since I’ve been a paid member – they give you 50 to 100 leads as a paid member and it’s $99 a month as the dominator that is the the official name for the paid membership, called Dominator and then the step above that is called the VIP. 

But, I want to show you the leads I’m getting now. As you can see, I’ve been getting leads for a while when I was a free member I only got like one every other day. 

Okay, but when I upgraded to Dominator, guess what happened? I mean, I got seven this day. I got four this day I got 13 Another day, two, three, another 13. So I am literally getting most of these leads as part of being a member of OLSP.

OLSP is Truly a Done-For-You System

Now this is great because most people that love this program are very busy. They don’t have time to generate leads, they want everything done. And this is truly a done for you platform. 

Everything you need is inside this platform. You have bootcamp training, you also have additional training units. Now when you go through the bootcamp they are going to pay you $20. Now you will earn $20. 

Now you can’t get it out of the system until you reach the $50 threshold. But I think it’s a brilliant marketing idea to actually help people earn their first $20 online. It’s a very good feeling. Then from there, hopefully you’re motivated enough to start working on the platform to get the money out. 

OLSP Testimonial

But the testimonial I’m about to share will blow you away because this man has been a good friend of mine. He’s followed me in several different platforms I’ve done over the years. He’s a very busy family man, he has five children. He has a little bit of autism like I do, and he’s a restaurant manager doing about 50 hour work weeks. 

So he’s very busy, and he doesn’t want to do video marketing. He doesn’t want to do content. He wants everything done. Now, he was about to give up. He did one month of Dominator, which is $99 a month. But he just texted me this yesterday. This is what he wrote. 

So he said “I just paid my first full month of $99 on the fourth. Okay, this is my return in two days. And he only had 60 bucks yesterday and this is what he woke up to this morning. So he looked at his dashboard and he was blown away to see that he was paid $1,378 . 

High Ticket Affiliate Commissions with OLSP

I asked him if this was the most he’s ever made online and he said yes. In fact, it’s very close to the highest amount I’ve ever made online. The highest I’ve ever made was $1400 selling business loans that took hundreds of dollars in advertising and 1000s of hours of work. 

He got this commission from one of the free OLSP leads that they gave him; he didn’t generate that lead, the system gave him that lead. Okay, just like all the leads I’ve been getting every day. 

One of the leads that the system got him upgraded to the VIP lifetime membership. So he got a $1,300 commission. absolutely mind blowing. I am so proud of him. 

Is OLSP Legit? We Think So.

Because everything we’ve done together, he gets discouraged. It is too much work. He doesn’t want to do YouTube videos. He’s too busy. Alright, he’s got five children, and he’s working 50 hours a week as a restaurant manager. This is the biggest commission he’s ever made. So I owe it all to OLSP and the done for you marketing system. OLSP is Legit.

How to Join the OLSP System

So I’m gonna leave a link under this blog article. Alright, so sign up as the dominator and start getting your leads, and start sharing your link around. It is as simple as copying this link right here. Or you can get the mega funnel, which has lots of upsells. It is in a very aggressive funnel, and it is part of the TD pages that you get as well. 

If you want the TD pages, that’s an extra 60. But the system works well on its own. Just copy and paste this. You can put this in your Twitter bio, your Facebook bio, you can put it in the bio on your Tik Tok there’s many places to share it. 

You can share it with friends and family that want to work online but they just don’t know how to do it yet. Guys, this is the most complete system I have ever seen. That is why I upgraded to the dominator because the commissions are a lot higher and they start giving you 50 to 100 leads. 

I don’t know of any other program that gives you leads along with this complete system so check it out, share this around to all the people that want to work from home and God bless.


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