Internet Marketing for Beginners Working from Home

Internet Marketing for Beginners

Congratulations if you want to work from home full time doing internet marketing this is for you. First of all, my name is Erik Johnson. I’m an internet marketer. I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2016. I’ve generated over 70,000 leads and made a quarter million dollars being an introvert, hiding behind my laptop from home, and that’s where I made all my money. Here is exactly what you need to do internet marketing for beginners working from home.

Internet Marketing for Beginners Working from Home

So I’m going to talk about what worked for me, what didn’t work for me, and we can go from there. So here is the gist of Internet Marketing. The bottom line is, you want to get traffic to your link – that is as simple as I can make it. 

What that means is there’s 1000s and 1000s of affiliate programs out there that you can apply to and join. Most of them are free, and they’re going to give you your own link to share on the internet. 

Now this link has your username in it or it’s cookied for you to use – so it’s got a little code that’s embedded into the link. So if someone finds your link on the internet somewhere and signs up or they buy a product through that link or whatever, then you get credit for it. 

You get a commission and then the affiliate company will pay you weekly or monthly whatever it is. So that is the gist of Internet Marketing, and we’re going to talk about how to get traffic to your link and what you should do. 

Find an Affiliate program that is in Alignment with Your Interests

You should definitely sign up to an affiliate program that is in alignment with your interests because you will burn out if you do not have a very passionate level of interest for this product or service that you want to promote. 

For instance, if I wanted to promote blenders, you know, I would burn out because I’d have to create a lot of content. You have to get a lot of stuff out there. 

You need a lot of visitors on that link, and if you don’t, if you’re not fully passionate about blenders you’re going to burn out because this is something you have to do every day, especially if you’re working from home and you want to go full time. 

Internet Marketing as a Working from Home Business

You should be working on your business as much as you did at your job – at least half of that time, so if you did eight hours at a job you should do four hours a day on your online business, and if you can go further than go further just don’t burn out. 

You really got to watch your energy levels because after a couple of weeks of posting videos and blog articles, I’m pretty tired myself and I’ve been doing this full time for quite a while. 

So you want to sign up for something that you’re in alignment with that you’re passionate about. I am passionate about online marketing. I’m passionate about generating leads and getting traffic to a program or a product that helps people learn how to make money from home. 

Getting Traffic for Your Internet Marketing Business

Making money from home is a huge niche and right now more than ever people are wanting to work from home because inflation is through the roof. They can’t afford the gas or they’re still leery about leaving their house after the pandemic.

So working from home is more popular than ever. So what you want to do is you want to sign up for an affiliate program, and then you want to start looking into traffic sources. 

There’s free traffic and there’s paid traffic. So free traffic would be something like this YouTube video. You know you talk about your product and then at the end of the video, you just say click the link under this video to see what I offer or to get your discount or to check out the product or check out the best product out of the five that I reviewed. 

Finding the Best Niche for Beginning Internet Marketers

You always want to have a call to action on anything you do. If you’re doing TikTok, it’s a lot quicker to get views. You know if you do YouTube, it might take up to a year for your video to climb all the way up to the first page, depending on how competitive that keyword is. 

For example, if I want to do a video on making money from home, I might never get on the top page of YouTube. But if I do online marketing for beginners, I might have a chance to get on the top page of YouTube in one or two months. 

So you want to look at your keywords and the competition before you even start creating content. A  great place to do that is to use Google keyword research tool and type in the term that you’re interested in using and then hit enter and you’ll get a long list of keywords and you’ll see the search volume for each keyword, monthly search volume. 

So the term “online marketing” might get 5000 searches a month and the competition is low. So I’m going to use online marketing rather than internet marketing which is a lot more competitive. So those are the things you want to look at. 

Use Buying Keywords when Creating Content

You also want to look at keywords in your niche. So if you are promoting blenders, you might want to type in a buying phrase into the keyword research tool and find the best phrases that no one knows, no one is competing with you for with low competition keywords. 

Best Place to Promote Internet Marketing

Now, what is the best place to promote your links? Well, tik tok is pretty much the hottest thing right now. You know you could be brand new and get 300 to 700 views on your beginning tiktoks. they’re easy to do, 15 to 30 second Tiktoks. 

You can learn how to do it by googling “how to do a tik tok, how to go viral with tik tok and so forth. You can use your Facebook, paid advertising, you can look into Google AdSense. You could do Google ads, you could do bing ads, which is Microsoft’s version. 

But the bottom line is at the end of the day, you want to create something every day that will stay on the internet forever. So I write articles. I do YouTube videos, I do tik toks and I pretty much do everything now because the marketplace is so competitive that you want to do all the platforms you can.

Internet Marketing from Home Requires Long Term Vision

Now, you don’t want to start out by joining 12 platforms and getting overwhelmed. Just focus on one in the beginning. It could be YouTube, it could be tik tok or whatever. If you really enjoy blogging, or writing you can start a blog but understand it can take a year to two years for blog articles to even show up on the first or second page of Google. 

The whole point of doing content marketing is to get at the top of the Google search engines. So if someone typed in “best blender for 2022” and your article shows up that’s brilliant because you can make a lot of money and all of that traffic is free, brought to you by Google or Bing or Yahoo and but if you want to speed things up faster, you can buy clicks, you can do ads, you can do YouTube ads, there’s so many places to get the word out. So that is internet marketing in a nutshell. 

When to do Internet Marketing for Beginners Full-Time

I’ve been doing this full time since 2016, and it was hard in the beginning so I wouldn’t leave your job until your internet marketing business is doing at least equal the amount of income or at least enough to pay your bills before you quit your job. 

I am not going to say just quit your job and go for it. But you know if your bills are low, and you start getting traction really fast with your brand, then great. 

Brand Yourself, Not Products

You might want to look into creating a brand. You are the brand so stay away from creating content or you know creating a YouTube or a blog that’s just about your blender to use that as an example. 

Because back in the day before CBD caught on to the masses, my girlfriend and I created a blog just for CBD oil and we got shut down by our company. They didn’t want us to have a blog speaking about their products. 

So make sure that when you brand that you brand you because your interest might change over the years and if you just start with your name, you know I have a blog called Erik Christian Johnson but I sold that one. 

But the point is, my YouTube is Erik Christian Johnson. I can promote many different things and I don’t have to keep changing my youtube name because now I’m promoting something new. 

Just brand you and then from there, you can start adding multiple income streams. Start with one product you really love. Start creating videos for it or running ads, whatever you want to do. Then when that gets going, you can start adding another item that you really like, ideally something that’s complementary to the first product. 

Example, if you do fishing poles, maybe the second income stream product that you want to do is Lures and then the third income stream could be tackle boxes. You know, they get all in alignment and that way you’re not all over the map with your content. So that is the gist of Internet Marketing.

I’m very proud of you if you’re at home right now and you’re working from home and you’re excited about it and it’s kind of scary at the same time. I was there the first year. It was very hard because I decided to just blog. And it took like two years for my blog to take off. 

So I did have to go back to my job three or four times. It was very stressful. But eventually the check started climbing and I got home full time and then I haven’t gone back to a job. So I hope this helps. Click the link under this article for the complete turnkey, all in one platform that I use to make money online. You can earn your first commission within an hour..


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