Internet Marketing for Beginners – Which Platform to Promote?

Internet Marketing for Beginners

If you are new to Internet marketing and you want to make money from home online, this is for you. My name is Erik Johnson. I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2016 and have made a quarter million dollars. I am an introvert, I work from home. I don’t go out and prospect and people come to me. They sign up most of the time without even asking questions because I have techniques that I’m going to show internet marketing for beginners and which platform to promote in 2023.

Internet Marketing for Beginners – Which Platform to Promote?

When you start your internet marketing journey, now I’m going to just talk about paid internet platforms, you can become an affiliate marketer for free. There’s 1000s of different programs out there, but today we’re going to talk about systems. 

These are affiliate marketing systems that usually have everything in one box. So you’re going to get landing pages and all these other things, but I’m going to talk about the three levels of affiliate marketing platforms. 

3 Types of Affiliate Marketing Platforms

The first level is very simple, okay, and it’ll cost anywhere from $10 to 50 to $75. These types of systems are just bare bones. They usually teach you how to create a landing page. 

They might have a landing page creator and they might have some email swipes and they might teach you how to do some internet marketing with some training. But it doesn’t have an autoresponder. You have to connect your own email or you know, like AWeber or getresponse or any of those. 

So that’s extra money, and then there’s no mentor and the training is a little shoddy. It’s like PDFs and stuff. So that’s your $25 system. Okay, so that’s the first tier. 

The second tier is more mid range, anywhere from $90 to $200 and this system is more robust and might have everything built for you. It might have an email autoresponder, so you just generate leads, the landing pages are already done for you. 

And so you just share your landing page, and then you let their sales team, because there’s usually a sales team with these types of platforms, that will actually email your leads for you. 

Internet Marketing Complete System Out-of-Box

I like this because I’ve never been an email marketer. I’ve always had the company email my leads. So that’s just my style. For about $100 a month, I get everything with this type of platform, the landing pages, the emails go out to my leads every single day, and then there’s a sales team that closes my leads. It’s all in one package. They even have their own clicks that you can buy to promote the platform. 

So everything’s there, you can buy leads, the landing pages are done, the emails are already done. There’s mentorship, if you want a one on one coach, they’re already done for you, and they have high ticket products all the way up to $10,000. You don’t have to buy the $10,000 package either. You can just stay at the $100 level a month price. 

The third tier is the higher end affiliate marketing. It might only cost $7 to join but eventually they upsell you to getting the $2500 to $10,000 product and some of these platforms don’t open up a certain range of commissions for you unless you buy the higher range packages. 

There’s a couple platforms that in order to make $2,500 Commission, you yourself have to pay the $2,500 product to open up that commission rate for you. 

There’s a couple programs out there that want you to become a VIP and spend $10,000 to go to these fancy retreats and that’s great. I’m not bashing it, but the thing is, a lot of people can’t afford these programs and with travel restrictions right now people are leery of traveling to these mentoring galas and whatnot. 

So my pick for you is definitely the middle rung because those barebone ones, the $25 to $50 ones, you gotta design your own landing page. You have to get Aweber, you have to figure out email marketing and how to set up your AWeber. So there’s more money involved with those $25 programs. 

The middle one is completely done for you. I have these extra landing pages I get with this platform. So in total I spent about $160 a month for the middle rung line. 

Then the top tier one is for people with type A personality. They already make six figures with their business. You know, they might work in a corporation and they’re flying around already. They love travel, they love meeting people, they are extroverted, they are outgoing, and they don’t mind dropping $5,000 to learn how to do internet marketing properly

So I am not bashing the top tier, but middle rung is definitely for a lot of people because it’s done for you it is right out of the box, you can start promoting it. You can even buy clicks to it. I’ll leave a link under this article for you. So those are the three types of paid affiliate marketing systems out there right now. Hope you like this. And God bless

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