List Infinity Review: How To Earn In 1 Hour

We are going talk about List Infinity and how to make money with it from day one, actually within an hour or two. So we are going to get into what List Infinity is, why you should join, and how to make money with List Infinity Review. 

How to Make Money with List Infinity within an Hour Review (2023)

So what exactly is List Infinity? It is a viral list building system. Even if you don’t want to create a list or you already have one, you can always add an additional list. 

What is List Infinity?

These guys show you how to connect to Aweber, Getresponse, and another one. They also provide 30 email swipes that you can import instantly into your AWeber if you choose to do that. Aweber is free up to I think 500 subscribers, so it won’t cost you anything up front. 

This List Infinity system is either free, $10 or $100. So you can get paid $10 per signup and $100 per sale instantly through your PayPal or stripe. You can build a massive and profitable email list because as they say, the money is in the list.

List Infinity Helps Increase Your Commissions 

I have never created a list before until last week, I joined another program that helps me build my list and then I joined this. So now I have two lists within a week and I am very excited.

If you want to make money online, you need to have an email list because you need to email your leads every day until they sign up or they opt out. That is just how it is. 

List Infinity has it All

So this system comes with done-for-you lead capture pages that build your email list for your email campaigns. Like I said, you can copy and paste the email swipes and put them in Getresponse or you can import the whole list into Aweber automatically and they show you how to do everything in this. 

You can also activate multiple income streams. I’ll show you that as well. It’s in the dashboard, with banners on the left hand side that all of your members can see when they sign up. 

List Infinity Promotional Tools

You also get step by step training to get free traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube and then turn-key promotion tools including banners and Facebook cover photos. 

I have to tell you I copied and pasted one of their engagement posts, and I already have like 10 people asking for more info, and I never get that type of engagement on my facebook so I’m really excited. 

I’ve already generated 14 leads with this system in a matter of 20 hours. This is my landing page. This is one of the landing pages they give you. Now this will not work on its own. You have to connect to an autoresponder and I’m going to get into that in a minute. 

I am going to show you all of the landing pages that they provide. This is the best one that I like. So all you do is you’re going to create this you’re gonna get your own landing page like this. It’s going to have your account ID number in it. So if anyone signs up, you’re going to get a credit. 

Now every fifth lead that you generate is going to be passed up to your sponsor. So don’t depend on every single lead to join up with you. So if someone signs up and the fifth one is going up to your sponsor, and that’s not a big deal if you’re generating lots of leads. 

I’m going to show you the system. So actually, when you sign up, I’m going to leave a link under this video/article. So you’re going to enter your email address and click Send me the details. 

It’s then going to go to this order page. It could also go to my bridge page with which I just set up yesterday, which has a little bit of bio information on my picture and then when you click on that it goes to this page. 

How to Sign Up to List Infinity

Alright, you’re going to click on create a free account and then it’s gonna go to the next page where you can select free or the $10 or the $100 membership. Okay, go through all the steps to sign up properly. 

Now you can join as a free member just know that you can’t make commissions until you upgrade Okay, so if you start promoting this and you’re only the free member, your sponsor is going to get the commissions if anyone signs up under you as a paid member, so you want to upgrade as soon as possible. 

So after you sign up with the free account and upgrade to a paid member, you will see a dashboard, and I’m gonna go over this quickly. But don’t worry, it’s not complicated. 

Setting Up List Infinity to Make Money Fast

The first thing you’re going to want to do is read all of this: step one complete system setup, and if you haven’t upgraded yet to starter or pro, you’re gonna want to do that. 

You’re also going to want to set up your payment processor so you can get paid. You can use your paypal or you can use stripe: Number two, start building an email list. 

Click lead capture pages to get your link to one of the pages. Then you’re going to want to set up your autoresponder so you know the landing page works. 

Every fifth lead gets passed up to you. So you get 20% of all the leads that your referrals generate. So that can add up to a lot of leads and getting paid instantly. 

So if you start as a starter, you will get paid $10 for every person you refer who also upgrades to the startup starter level okay. But you won’t get the $100 pro level. You have to upgrade to the pro level if you want the $100 commissions, all right. Very exciting stuff. 

List infinity Multiple Income Streams

Now here are the other income streams. I will show you how to set these up too. So I set up my Udimi. So if any of my members click on this to buy solo ads, I get a commission. 

I didn’t do clickmagick, but I did get Aweber. I signed up as an Aweber advocate, which is an affiliate program that’s free. So if anyone signs up for Aweber I can get a commission if they sign up with AWeber as a paid member. So those are two extra income streams for me right there. They have up to five income streams. 

So here is the System Setup. Let’s click on that. You’re going to connect your auto responder. Alright, that’s pretty simple. You just click on this, you select what autoresponder you want to use, they have a trafficwave, get response, or Aweber.

You put in your list ID from the service that you use. You do not create it, you do not collect this as a subscriber’s name. And then if you’re using Aweber you read these instructions. 

Then you can import the 30 email swipes into your AWeber and it takes like literally one minute to do and then all of the leads that you generate are going to get the emails, the email follow ups. All right. 

Then you can customize your bridge page. I added my photo. I added just a little bit more information but this was all done for me. All I did was I added that I have worked from home full time since 2016. That is all that I added. 

Then you import your email campaign. Set up your payment processor. I just use PayPal so I added my paypal email and then activated your income streams. You can set up lead lightning you can set up Aweber, Udimi, clickmagick, and Facebook Suite. 

Now you can sign up to all of these if you want. Here’s the lead capture pages. You can go through these after you set up your auto responder. I selected this one right here. You just copy and paste your link. And this is what you start sharing to start making instant commissions. 

How to Promote List Infinity

So one of the places you can buy clicks is you just click on the Udimi banner and sign up for quality advertising. Okay, if you have never used Udimi you just sign up and then you select a vendor, a person who will send you clicks to your landing page. 

So all you do is you sign up, you find a vendor and then you give them this landing page, your own landing page, not mine. Then buy clicks. Another great place is tik tok. 

Everyone is doing tik tok. It is amazing. I am getting tons of views on my tiktok and all of these hundreds of views add up to a lot of people that are looking at my bio. 

So if they click on the link in my bio, it is going to go to my linktree, which is also free. If you click on the top tab here, get instant $100 PayPal payments over and over. It is going to go to the landing page that I just showed you. 

So the name of the game with tiktok is to get to do a tiktok every single day. If you don’t know how to do it, Google it. You want to point to text. It is easy. Do a 30 second or 15 Second Tiktok and point to text. Like let’s see if I do it here. Just pointed text all right. That’s how you make money with list infinity within an hour or two. I hope you liked this if you want to join list infinity today.

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