How to Generate MLM Leads Today

How to Generate MLM Leads Today

Generating leads for your home business means everything. With not enough leads, your business won’t grow. I’ve generated over 70,000 leads in the last 7 years which has helped me make money from several programs consistently. Here’s how to generate MLM leads today.

How to Generate MLM Leads Today

Ray Higdon famously said one time “You either need time or money to grow your business.” What I thought he meant was, you either have to buy leads for your business or you have to spend time creating content to attract leads.

Either way, Ray was definitely right. I have done a lot of both. I spent hundreds of hours following people on Twitter (so they get my automated message) and have spent thousands of dollars on Craigslist, Google and Bing ads, and leads online.

There is no wrong or right way to create MLM leads right now. The bottom line is to get a combination of quality and quantity of leads working for you consistently on a daily basis.

How to Get MLM Leads Right Now

In 2014, when I didn’t have money to buy leads or run ads for my MLM business, I did what the MLM leaders I looked up to did: I created a MLM blog and a Youtube channel about MLM.

Little did my impatient self know back then, creating content like that takes forever to show up on the first page of Google or Youtube, if at all. I was writing one to three articles a day and shooting one or two videos a day about my network marketing company.

I was desperate to make my MLM business work because I wanted to escape flipping burgers or washing dishes in the restaurant business. I was in my 40’s and my back hurt and making $11 an hour wasn’t going to help any retirement plans anytime this century!

Finally, after creating over 200 articles and 200 videos on my youtube, I started to recruit quality network marketers into my MLM business. However, I had to go back to a job four times until I started making enough money with my home business to quit my day job.

The point is: there’s a lot faster ways to generate MLM leads today. TikTok, Facebook Lives, and Instagram Reels have rolled out super short video platforms which get more people viewing your content. In fact, yesterday I got 4300 views on one TikTok.

The name of the game with most of these platforms is getting enough viewers to love your content so much that they click the link in your bio to find out more about what you do. Traffic is always the secret sauce to making money with any program.

How to Get More Leads Today

So, here’s what I have been doing to generate more leads fast. For one, I use a platform where I get 100 leads a day for $1 Buck a day. Number two, I have been doing TikToks everyday to get more traffic to my youtube channel, which is a passive income stream itself.

I create a 15 second tiktok about how I work one hour a day from home, then in my bio I have my Youtube link. They can visit my youtube channel to view the extended version of what I talked about on TikTok. I am killing two birds with one stone!

Conclusion How to Generate MLM Leads Today

More leads equals more sales. It has always been this way. There is no shortcut or one secret to make money online. It takes consistency and crazy determination, but it does work. I have over 5 income streams now and I work one hour a day, all from traffic and leads! Click the link below to read more about cheap mlm leads and what you can do to explode your business! God bless and thanks for reading!

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