How to Do Online Marketing and Earn Quick Commissions

How to Do Online Marketing

Today we’re going to talk about How to do Online Marketing and Earn Commissions Under an Hour. My name is Erik Johnson. I am an internet marketer, business loan broker and entrepreneur. I have been working from home since 2016 full time. 

How to Do Online Marketing and Earn Commissions Under an Hour

I am going to talk about my story really fast and then we’ll get into the techniques on how you can make a commission on your very first day doing internet marketing. 

I started network marketing in 2014. I started Internet Marketing in 2011, but we’re gonna stick with network marketing and affiliate marketing for this video/article. 

The bottom line is you can sign up with any affiliate program out there. A lot of companies have their own partner program. Even Walmart and Amazon have their own affiliate marketing program where you can promote their products through a link and that link is hard coded to use. 

So when someone orders something through your link, you get a commission. That is basically the definition of affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing as a huge trillion dollar business. 

There’s 1000s of different programs out there. A lot of them, most of them are free to join, and I’m going to talk about how I made money in affiliate marketing and network marketing. 

How to Do Online Marketing and Earn Commissions with Traffic

It’s all about getting enough traffic to your link, and the more targeted the traffic is, meaning they’re looking for that item that you are promoting, that is in perfect alignment. 

You are offering something that they are looking for. For example, when I was doing CBD oil, this was a network marketing company, and our company launched CBD oil. 

I started to create content around CBD oil right away before the masses did, and I had my link at the bottom of the videos and the articles I was writing about CBD oil. 

One article in particular took off. It started to rank number one on google and it was called something like the best three CBD MLM companies of 2017. 

Now this article has raised up to the very top of Google, and Google is the best place for organic traffic. You don’t have to pay for it. So all of a sudden I started getting three to five people signing up every single day into my business and buying the CBD oil without asking any questions because they were doing research on CBD oil already. 

They found my article and it was like heaven on earth for like six months. I was making over $10,000 a month with just a couple articles that were ranking on the first page of Google. 

So that is how you want your internet marketing to go. You want to promote, whatever you promote, you have to get traffic to your links, and there’s free versions. There is free ways to get traffic to your links and there’s paid versions on how to get traffic to your links. 

Starting Online Marketing Right Now and Getting Paid

Now, I know you probably already know all of this. I’m going to get into how you can make commissions right away. I’ve been doing a platform that is done for you. It’s turnkey, and they offer social media education. They teach you how to build a business online and they have several different products. 

I’ll go through it in a minute but the biggest catch of this platform is that if you go through their video training when you sign up, they will give you $20. 

It will be credited to your account, it will be in your little dashboard after you watch all the training. You’ll see a little $20 dollar amount next to the commission tab. 

That is your first commission. Congratulations. All you have to do is watch the training and all that training is going to teach you how to promote a link online. That’s what it comes down to. 

Online Marketing Programs Ready to Teach You Everything

They have all these other programs also. You can buy solo ads, which are clicks, so you can get clicks on this platform, and basically all you have to do after that – after you’ve signed up is you can upgrade to the paid membership, which will almost triple your commissions. Then you start sharing the link to this platform out to everyone. 

What’s exciting about this platform is they do webinars every single week, and with the replays of these webinars you get your own link for all of these replays. 

And what you can do is you post those replays onto your Facebook. You can post them on social media, but they all point back to the replay, and since you’re a member now those replays are all hard coded to you. 

So if someone watches the webinar on your Facebook, and they eventually buy the program, you’re going to get a commission. It’s the easiest way to start making money from home. 

If you’re new to working from home and you’re struggling and you don’t want to pay $2,500 for these online training programs I gotta sign up link under this video/article. 

Watch the training, it takes about an hour and then you get your $20 and then start sharing this platform on your social media. You can start a tiktok. It is very hot right now and it’s free. 

You can do a 15 to 30 second Tik Tok. You can point up to a text and then put your link in the bio to this platform. You do a tik tok every day or you can do paid advertising, you can do this solo ads within the platform. We offer clicks to promote this platform within the platform. 

Plus there’s all these other social media tools, they will also do social media posting for you. They can even do blog posting for you. It’s a done for you platform. 

Online Commissions within an Hour

So that is how you can make a commission within an hour of online marketing because so many people are coming home from working out there in the field and they don’t want to go to a job anymore. 

They don’t feel safe or they don’t want to do what they’re being told to do so they want to stay at home. A lot of people are working from home. I think millions of people are coming home and working from home every single month around the world. 

Online Marketing Worldwide 24/7

This is an international business because it’s all online marketing. It’s digital marketing. The programs are international, the products are international. So you can literally build this around the clock, which is really nice because I’ve been in a couple other businesses that are only open during business hours, nine to six, and then on the weekends it’s closed. So I’m sitting there all weekend fiddling my thumbs. 

Now I’m doing something International, and I’m excited to share this with you guys because I’ve been doing internet marketing since 2011 and full time since 2016. 

I’ve generated over 70,000 leads online to various affiliate marketing, Network Marketing Opportunities, and I’ve made money in all of them and that is the key – is getting enough traffic to your link. 

How to Work from Home Today Online Marketing

So you sign up with this and then start sharing the links and the replays all around and everything inside this platform is hard coded to you. It’s a cookie to you, and what cookies do is they track your links all over the internet. So it’s there forever. 

You know, some affiliate programs, you only get a 45 day cookie or a 90 day cookie. Some only give you a one to seven day cookie, and that means you only get credit if someone clicks on your link for only 7 days. 

Well with this program, you get a cookie for infinity. Alright, so if someone clicks on your link a year from now under some YouTube video, you’re going to get credit if they buy a product through this platform. That’s how crazy this is. 

Free Version vs Paid Version

Alright, so everything’s done for you. It’s straightforward. There’s nothing hidden. I’m not hiding anything from you. You don’t have to buy a $2,500 to $5,000 product later. The most I would recommend you do is the $99 a month level so you can triple your commissions but you can make money with this for free. 

I did it my first three months just to make sure that it was legit. And they pay weekly through PayPal and some other sources and I got paid so I’m like okay, it’s legit. 

So I upgraded my membership to the paid version. And now I’m ready to rock and roll and get the full amount of commissions available with this platform. It’s only a couple years old. 

So not a lot of people know about it which is good because you can go out on social media and start posting your links about it. And people aren’t going to be like, Oh yeah, you know, this was around in 2017. Everyone’s done it. 

It’s not like that. It’s pretty much new. So click the link under this article/video to sign up through the landing page. Watch the training as soon as possible. Then when you get the hang of it, start buying the membership and then the other products if you want as well to help you get the word out about this platform. 

It’s really cool because the platform helps you promote the platform. That’s as simple of an explanation as I can tell you and that’s what I love. I love everything being on one platform. I don’t have to jump around to five different things to do online marketing. 

This is all in one platform very fast. It’s very nice. The owner spent like over $100,000 designing this platform. It is not glitchy; they pay on time every single week, and you can see your downline. 

You can see the team that you are bringing in and for the $99 a month membership. They will also give you up to 100 leads a month so that that right there can make you make you the money to buy the membership and then everything past that is profit. So love you guys and we will talk to you soon.

The Guaranteed Way to Make Your First Commission Online Marketing 


Erik C. Johnson

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