How To Recruit More People Into Network Marketing

How Do I Recruit More People into Network Marketing?

One of the most common questions in network marketing is how do I recruit more people into my network marketing business? That is the number one question and so I am going to tell you exactly how I have recruited over 4500 people personally into several different programs over the years. 

How Do I Recruit More People into Network Marketing? (New Method for 2023)

Being an introvert, being a person with autism, being a person that is not outgoing and talking to people. I did this all from my laptop so you can too, especially post pandemic, there is new methods that people are using to generate massive leads. I have generated over 70,000 leads into my opportunities, all from online techniques that I am about to show you. So read this article until the very end if you have the time. 

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Becoming top 10 Recruiter in 2018 out of 50,000 distributors.

How I Did MLM My Way

So the first thing is when I joined network marketing in 2014, I did not want to talk to a sponsor because I knew that sponsors in network marketing were loud, they were extroverted. 

They tricked people into going to home parties like they did to my dad 30 years prior, and I didn’t want any part of that. I just wanted to make money from my laptop. I wanted it to be passive. And I wanted to recruit a lot of people. 

I am not saying that I don’t like people. I am saying I have social anxiety, and that is so common these days, and the old school methods are not working like they used to in 2023. 

So these old school leaders are telling you to get out there, talk to everyone three feet around you, build a list of every single person you know, talk to waiters at the restaurant when you’re trying to eat your meal. 

I mean it is just that these tactics are outdated. Okay, and that is why MLM has a bad rap. 

How to Recruit 3 to 5 Prospects a Day on AutoPilot

So I am going to talk about how you can recruit three to five new people every single day on autopilot. So let’s dive in. 

When I started MLM out in 2014, I tried doing it the way they told me to do it. I did call leads. I did talk to people when I didn’t want to. I talked to a guy in the sauna, talking about being uncomfortable. I mean, he left just, you know with a weird look on his face and I was like I don’t want to do this. 

I tried prospecting on Facebook, stalking people in the messenger, you know, like giving generic scripts and it just sucked. And I felt like I was pushing. I was pushing my opportunity on to people and I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to do it that way. 

Recruiting on AutoPilot using Attraction Marketing

Then I learned about attraction marketing, and I was like, what is that? And then I learned that it is creating content, and that attracts people to you. I was like, alright, that is a great concept. Plus I wanted to do network marketing “my way” like Frank Sinatra famously sang about.

So I started watching network marketing training videos on YouTube. I started taking notes, and I started doing my own videos and I was watching leaders online. They were doing their MLM business all online, and they were doing it with just a YouTube channel, maybe a blog. 

And today there is even better methods and I will get to that in a minute. But I was like, wait a minute. I really feel like I know these trainers on YouTube. I have watched a few of their videos, I have taken notes. I really feel like I know them. 

And that is the thing, you have to get people to feel like they know you, even if it is through a video. Video is great at establishing trust. And I know you might be like, Erik, I don’t know what to talk about on a video. It is scary at first doing educational and honest videos to create content. 

How Do I Recruit More People into Network Marketing?

Here is the thing: There is a method called invest, learn, teach, you invest in a training product in network marketing, when you learn it you take notes like I did. I just took notes. 

Then eventually, I started teaching what I learned. So you don’t have to know everything to start doing videos. In fact, I deleted hundreds of videos when I looked back on some of the old ones. I was like, that’s not me anymore. I don’t like it and you can delete it. 

You can also block commenters. You don’t have to, you know, no one is going to see the video for months when you first start so don’t even worry about turning people off. Right. 

So creating content is what I learned to do. And I went on to recruit 2500 people personally, and I still generate lots of leads every single day from content that I did four years ago. 

So once you put up a YouTube video, it stays up for years. There’s videos on here that are still ranking number one number two, number three spot and they were created in 2016. Imagine all the leads that these YouTubers are getting. 

Fastest Way to Recruit MLM Prospects

So here’s a faster method and before I dive into that, hit the subscribe button, like this video and share it around because it really helps the channel out and I want to get this word out because this is the most popular question How do I get more people into my network marketing business? 

Here’s the final tip. Facebook reels, tik toks, Instagram reels, they are taking off and what I do is I do a 30 second Tik Tok Okay, and then I get an I have an app on my phone. It’s called Snaptok or snap talk and it removes the watermark from the TikTok and then I just copy that link and I upload it to my Facebook reel and to my Instagram Reel. 

Then I even put it on a YouTube short and there is even a way to put it on pins, Pinterest if that’s what you want to do. So you can literally put one little video on five different platforms for the price of one video you put on five platforms now what you do, as he told whenever you create content, you have to have a call to action. 

Work up to 20 Leads Per Day

You have to be in a company that has a landing page. It is a signup form for your leads. So when someone signs up on your form, you get an email that says congratulations you generated a lead that is what you want. And that is when you know that you’re on the right track and you want to get up to 20 leads a day. 

All right, that is the rule of thumb. I have 20 MLM leads a day. It might take you a year, it might take you two years, but the point is, you’ll stay in the business once you start generating leads you’re gonna stay in the business. Once you get a sale, you’re gonna stay in the business even longer. 

That is what you want. You want to get your first sale and then you want to help your team get their first sale and they will stay in twice as long. Okay, so with the TikTok you just talk about, you know, how you found a way to recruit, and you want to teach people how to do it and you can say Check, check out the link in my bio. 

Or if you are writing an article at the end of the article you say check out my number one opportunity online right now. And then you say go here, you never say the company name. 

You always want people to sign up on that landing page first, and then they take a free tour into your opportunity, depending on what company you’re in. I have always been in network marketing companies that had a landing page for me and then they had an automated email system that emailed my leads for me because I don’t want to learn email marketing. I want it done for me. I want a done for you marketing system. 

Every company I have been in since 2014 had some type of auto responder because I don’t want to do it. I just want to generate leads and let the company close them in 2023. Right. And of course when people sign up as a paid member, then I well you know I I send a welcome email I text them and so forth. 

I build a relationship after they sign up for your MLM opportunity. So I hope you found value in this if you are consistent. If you create content every day for your business, you will eventually start getting those 20 leads a day. 

You will start getting three to five signups and the more leads you generate the more signups you get. That is just the bottom line. It is all about traffic at the end of the day. And that is how I built several six figure businesses online. If you want all the details on attraction marketing, keep reading our MLM blog!

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