Guaranteed Residual Income Online with OLSP System Dominator

OLSP System Dominator Review

Today I am going to talk about the guaranteed residual income online with the OLSP system. So most people when they join affiliate marketing, they don’t make any money, and that is the number one reason why they leave the company and try something else. 

Guaranteed Residual Income Online with OLSP System Dominator Review

So the attrition rate is really high, not only in affiliate marketing, but network marketing as well because people do not make money. So they move on. 

In fact, after a year, there’s only about 20% to 25% of the people that you originally recruited left in your company. So you have to always keep recruiting to make money in affiliate marketing and network marketing. 

But what I am going to talk about is really mind blowing because this system OSLP is a complete done for you Affiliate Marketing System. Now it is been around since 2018. But it is still under the radar in America during 2023 because it is UK based, but there is over 130,000 members on the Facebook group alone, and it is absolutely mind blowing. 

Why Most People Don’t make Money with Affiliate Marketing

I haven’t made commissions in that many programs online. I have made money in network marketing, but that took a lot of work to build a team and they were still quitting on me no matter what I did. So it was pointless. 

How to Make Money with the OLSP System

With OLSP, there are two ways you can make money with the system. I am going to get into it right now. So the number one way to make money with OLSP is by just simply signing up and watching the training videos. They will put $20 into your account into your commissions. 

So right there, you are guaranteed $20 Now, you cannot pull that money out until you hit $50. That is not a big deal. Most people can make $30 more. But I want to talk about the Dominator membership

Becoming OLSP Dominator

The Dominator membership is $97 a month and what that does is the company will put 50 to 100 leads into your team every single month. So you are almost guaranteed 50 to 100 leads every single month at the dominator level with OLSP. 

So I have noticed and I’ve talked to a lot of people about this myself included, I have gotten sales from the leads that they give me. My team members have gotten sales from the leads OLSP has given them.

One guy in particular on my team, who had a lead that OSLP gave him, upgraded to the VIP membership and he got a $1,300 commission without doing anything, I mean the system did give him that commission from their own leads. 

OLSP Conversions Will Greatly Reduce Team Attrition

So what does that do? Well, that greatly will decrease attrition, which means people who quit – it will greatly reduce attrition because if people stay in long enough at the dominator level, then they are going to get signups just from the leads that OLSP gives them. 

And what that does is if you recruit enough Dominator level people, then they are going to stay in a lot more than people in other programs where they’re not guaranteed those types of results. 

Commissions with OLSP

So I am staying in because I’ve already made around $500 with the program, my buddy is going to stay in because he is already made $1500 with the program, and several others are going to stay in. That in itself almost guarantees a residual income because no one’s going to leave something that’s working. That is the bottom line. 

The only reason people are jumping around all these different programs is because they don’t make any money. They get discouraged and they leave. That is the bottom line. 

With OLSP, you are getting 50 to 100 leads a month if you are a dominator, and, here is what I am not guaranteeing. I am not going to guaranteeing that you’re going to break even every month, maybe your first month you might not break even, second month you might not break even. 

But, when you start building a team of dominators who are getting upgrades from the OSLP leads, they are gonna stay around longer and you’re gonna start building a team. Obviously, still promote the link that they give you to try to get more traffic on top of what OLSP gives you. 

Why OLSP System Works

But you know I haven’t made money and many other affiliate programs. With OSLP I keep coming back to it because I am like, wow, I just got another commission. Wow, I just got another commission. Well, I just got another Commission. 

The other thing is that OLSP has a lot of affiliate programs that have a two tier level payment plan. So not only will you get paid on the people you recruit, but you get paid on the people under the people you recruit down two levels. 

So you know you can get 5% from all the dominators that sign up as dominators on the second level. So let’s say you build a team of 50 dominators. Half of them get commissions for their first month as a dominator, so they’re gonna stay in because they are like, Wow, I just got a commission and I haven’t done much with it. It is from OLSP. 

Then they start promoting their links, and they build a team. And let’s say those 50 people bring in 300 people, you are going to get 5% on what anyone does out of that 300 people on the second level. So that adds up to a lot of results.

That will probably keep 80% of people in if they stay in as a dominator, you know, maybe not the first month, maybe not the second month but the third month they might be like wow, I am getting commissions and I have people down two levels recruiting and buying products and everything.

OLSP Links Cookied to You For Life

The OSLP system is cookied to you for life. All the products in there, all the webinar replays are cookied to you for life. So if you share a webinar on Facebook to an OLSP webinar and someone buys something on that webinar through your link, then you are going get a commission even a year from now. 

So it is very sticky – the program is very sticky and people stay in. They love the products, they love the services, they love the training, and then they start getting commissions because of the OLSP leads and they’re like, Wow, I haven’t even done anything and I am making money with this. 

And that is the whole point of making money online is you want to make money that is why all these people are signing up with these programs. They want to make money. 

Most of these affiliate programs don’t give you leads. You know there is programs out there that are $300- $800 and they do not give you leads. You still have to buy solo ad clicks on top of your $800 membership, right?

OLSP Products 

With OSLP, everything is there. You get the landing pages, you get the autoresponder, you get the sales team that closes your leads. You get the one on one mentor, you get hundreds of hours of training, webinars and then several products. 

They even have an instant blog creator. They have a YouTube commenter where people can comment under your YouTube. You have a Facebook commenter where people can comment under your Facebook posts and help them go viral. 

Everything is on this platform. You don’t have to go over to another program to buy, you know, the solo ads and you don’t have to go over to this other program to buy a landing page builder – and you don’t have to go over to an emailer to email your leads. 

It is an all-in-one system for $99 a month and you get all of that plus you get the 50 to 100 leads. It is a no brainer. It is perfect for the people that don’t have a lot of time to grow an online business but they want to see results. 

I am not guaranteeing massive results. You know, commissions might be $10 here and $20 there, but it can add up and it will keep people in because – I know there are people out there that will stay in business if they even see a $20 commission.

I mean that that would keep me in because I would want to wait to see what happens because I’m like, Hey, I made 20 bucks. I want to see where this goes. And most results are going to happen if you stay in anything long enough. 

I mean, you are not going to make a ton of money your first month in any program, and most programs you have to get your own leads and that can take months to years to figure out how to get the right traffic to that program. At least with OSLP they give you leads and they are high converting so check it out. 

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