Digital Wealth Pros vs OLSP System Review

Digital Wealth Pros Review

I have two really hot MLM companies right now. One of these leading network marketing businesses is called Digital Wealth Pros, which just launched last month. So I want to do a review really quick about this, versus OLSP system, which has been around for over seven years I am always shopping for the best affiliate programs online in 2023, and I am looking for something that is completely done-for-you, a complete system in itself where you don’t have to buy anything else. You just use that platform to make a lot of money online passively.

Here is my Digital Wealth pros Review vs OLSP multi-level marketing affiliate program for entrepreneurs entering the 2024 economy.

Digital Wealth Pros vs OLSP System Review – Which Is Better

So I am going to talk about the two hottest programs right now. Let’s start with digital wealth pros. So they literally just created it a year ago but are available in most countries, including Pakistan for new network marketers

I don’t even know who the CEO is, but I have been looking at videos about the company. Basically, it is a complete affiliate program with educational tools on how to do affiliate marketing. 

Digital Wealth Pros Price

They have three price points in Digital Wealth Pros. They only used to have two. They had the $200 level and they had the $400 level. Now they have a $800 level in this affiliate sales and direct selling program. It is gold, platinum and maybe titanium, I don’t even know the membership names, but it is $200 ONE time, $400 ONE time or $800 one time. 

The other thing about Digital Wealth Pros is that they have a call center. So get this – this is probably the best part of the program that I have seen so far. They have a call center that closes your leads. However, OLSP is kind of the same way in 2023. 

OLSP closes your leads, they do have a sales team that closes your leads, they do have coaches that call you and talk to you about the VIP program and ask if you should join it or not. 

How Much Does DWP and OLSP Pay?

Plus, with OLSP, you get a coaching call after you go through the bootcamp training and they also give you $20 In your commission tab after you complete the bootcamp.  

Back to Digital Wealth Pros, I haven’t looked inside the dashboard, but all I have heard about digital wealth pros is that they have educational tools on how to grow an internet marketing business. I do not know how extensive that is. 

The thing that is exciting about digital health pros is you can get instant $800 payments when people sign up through you and through various payment processors. They offer PayPal, they offer Stripe. They offer I think a couple more I didn’t see. 

OLSP has PayPal, and I don’t remember the other payment processors. OLSP pays weekly, whereas digital wealth pros pay instantly. 

So which one would you join? OLSP or Digital Wealth Pros

So right now, here is where I am at with digital wealth pros. I am going to give you the pros and the cons of each one. 

So with digital wealth pros what I like about it is that it is brand new, literally one month old. You could jump on it and start creating videos, you know get some traction going. 

I also like that you can get $800 commissions instantly from DWP – that is pretty much a high ticket program and there is not a lot of true high ticket affiliate programs out there. 

Now $800 is a nice chunk. I mean if you sold three of those a month you would be making $2400 a month. 

The problem is (for me) is that these are one off commissions. I don’t know if you make any money off of a team, you know you are not going to make money from monthly reorders, okay? 

With OLSP, the Dominator package is $99 a month. So, if you build a sizable team, you are going to be getting roughly $15 To $33 from every OLSP Dominator that reorders every month. So that is a residual income. 

Back with digital wealth pros. Here is the other thing with creating content for it. There seems to be about three leaders that are doing digital wealth pros right now, and they are dominating YouTube. So you are dealing with competition right out of the gate. Now let’s talk about other traffic methods that they offer you. 

Digital Wealth Pros Promotional Tools

Digital Wealth Pros right now, as you know, they are still new so they’re adding things every day. But digital wealth pros, they have a place where you can buy solo ads and OLSP also offers solo ads. Solo ads are very common with affiliate marketing. 

So, you can buy clicks to your landing page and you just give the vendor your landing page link and you buy clicks and clicks do not guarantee leads but the going price is usually – the starter package for clicks is $75 for 100 clicks. You can do that with both digital wealth grows and you can do that with OLSP. 

The other thing that digital wealth pros have to promote the system are postcards, they have a pretty cool looking postcard system where you can buy not only the postcards but you can pay extra and have the company send out the postcards – so they do the mailing for you. 

But it is expensive. I think the lowest package for their postcard service is I think $500 to $700 for 500 postcards. I don’t remember the specifics to be honest. I only saw it once, but it is definitely more than $300 to ship out 500 postcards. Postcards are a technique that you can use for promoting digital wealth pros. So those are the two things right now to boost business income. 

They are also going to launch a traffic rotator so you can get into the traffic rotator and so every time your name comes up, they’ll give you a lead or something like that, it will rotate throughout the whole team who applied for this rotator or added the rotator to their system. 

So, traffic rotators can be nice unless they are old and they are using old leads but if this is a true new traffic rotator for digital wealth pros and their leads are coming from the homepage of digital wealth pros then it could be very powerful – you know these leads could sign up. 

The other thing that DWP is going to start is a texting promotional service. So maybe they’ll start texting your leads or maybe you can do a text blast to new leads. 

So you could send out 1000 texts to new people. I’m not a huge fan of texting, texting people, but it is effective and large enough. Everything is effective if you do enough. All right, let’s just say that texting service would be cool. 

OLSP Lead Generation

On the OLSP side they have solo ads also, but here’s what I really like about OLSP is that when you are a dominator, which is $99 a month, they supply you with 50 to 100 leads a month.

So that right there 50 to 100 leads is probably close to $100 to $150 in value. So you’re breaking even right there. It’s not a waste of money $99 a month for 50 to 100 leads that in itself will pay for this system. 

I have gotten probably three three to five signups from their leads in the last month that I’ve been a dominator. So I’m breaking even with just the leads they provide me. 

OLSP V.I.P Program

Now with OLSP they have a VIP program and the price for the lifetime VIP membership I heard was $6,500. So you could earn up to $3,000 with OLSP if you’re a VIP as well. 

Now if you’re a dominator, you can make anywhere from 250 and 1300 on the VIP package if you sell it, so that is truly a high ticket program. So if I just stay in OLSP as a dominator for $99 a month I’m sure I’ll get a lead someday from OLSP ( I don’t even have to generate my own leads) that will upgrade to the VIP membership level. 

In fact, I have a friend that is an OLSP Dominator and one of the leads that he got from OSLP upgraded to VIP and he got a $1,300 commission. $1370. So it does work on its own. 

I really like the fact that OLSP is truly done for you. They have a sales team like digital wealth pros but you also get 50 to 100 leads a month for $99. So let’s compare the highest and the most expensive package of digital wealth pros. 

So $800 is the highest price for digital wealth pros. You only pay that once and then you’re locked in at that rate. So that means you can make $800 commissions over and over and over. 

But if you only buy the $200 package, I think you only make the $200 commissions so that’s how those programs usually work. Now for $800 You’re done. You don’t have to ever pay again. But you still have to buy leads. 

Now if you do OSLP Dominator for eight months, that would be $800. So eight times 100 leads max is 800 leads after eight months in OLSP Dominator, alright. You’re definitely going to break even or make probably a lot more money than $800 just by letting OSLP put leads in your system. 

OLSP and Digital Wealth Pros and Cons

So they both have their pros and cons. Let me just do a little recap. So digital wealth pros – what I like about it, you can get instant one time $800 commissions. They have a call center that closes your leads. You even get an email when the call center is calling your lead. 

You’ll get an email when the call center is actually talking to your lead. They’ll say something like, we were contacting your lead right now. So that’s cool. Very transparent, very hands on.

What I don’t like about digital wealth pros. It seems like the products are just educational products, i.e. how to do internet marketing, how to do social media, how to do this, how to do that. 

Whereas OLSP there’s actually software and there’s things that do build your business. For instance, the Facebook commenter is like a community thing where all members from OLSP can leave a comment on your Facebook post that you give them in the dashboard – you just get the URL of your Facebook post, you put it in the dashboard. 

You can even buy credits to get even more people to comment on your Facebook posts and that can help your Facebook posts go viral. OLSP also has a commenter for YouTube videos so you can get a lot of comments under your YouTube, real comments from real OLSP members and they have one for Instagram. 

The other thing I like about OLSP is they have an instant blog creator so you can create a blog. They also have a funnel. They already have a funnel but you can learn how to set up your own. 

In fact, my very first email list and funnel that I built was by going through the tutorial from OSLP. Now I have a Get Response funnel for OLSP and I have aWeber funnel for list infinity which is another program I’m in so I know I might be all over the place. 

Which Affiliate Program Wins?

At the end of the day, I am leaning towards OLSP because it just seems more of a stronger community and the tools actually do help your business. It is not just educational. They are actually tools and software programs that help you build your business online. 

I know I am missing things but that’s my review of digital wealth pros. You know, I was really tempted to join digital wealth pros because it is so new. If you Google it, there’s only like two blogs that talk about it. But there are a lot of people doing it on YouTube. 

So I am a blogger. I could get a couple articles out about digital wealth pros and probably rank number one for it. But I have to be realistic and ask how many $800 packages am I gonna sell? 

I use tiktok a lot and you know, I don’t know a lot of tiktokers that have $800 laying around. What I sell mostly on tiktok are $10 to $100 programs. So it is a little steep for a lot of people but that could just be my mindset. So that’s enough rambling for me and click the link under this video if you want to check out my number one program and God bless.

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