Cheapest Bulk MLM Leads

Cheapest Bulk MLM Leads

Having a ton of MLM leads in your arsenal is a great feeling. It can make the difference in making money in MLM and not. Bulk MLM leads are a great way for email marketers to shoot out thousands of emails to prospects about their opportunity. MLM is truly a numbers game: the more people see your opportunity, the more signups you get. Here are the cheapest bulk MLM Leads online.

Types of MLM Leads

Let’s go over quickly what types of leads are out their for purchase:

Real-Time Leads: Are leads that are delivered to you right when a prospect fills out a form and submits it. There are real-time national leads (all of the USA) and real-time local leads (based on specific states.)

Specific Niche Leads: These leads are self-explanatory. They have Christian Leads, Female only leads, industry-specific leads like for Doctors, Attorneys, plumbers, etc.

Short-Form Leads: Are generated when a prospect clicks on a banner or advertising on the internet about a home-based business opportunity. When they fill out the “short-form” they are then redirected directly to you with their name, email, phone, IP address, and sometimes the time and date when the lead was generated.

Phone Interviewed Leads: Are leads that have been called by a telemarketer essentially who asks a series of qualifying questions to the prospect. If the prospect answers the questions positively then the lead is then sent to the buyer of that lead. 

Some lead vendors will qualify the leads more and ask if they can invest a certain amount each month, which raises the price of the lead, but qualifies the prospect even more. Lead Power offers Time & Investment Qualified Leads which start at $4.25 per lead. However, we are dealing with only the cheapest bulk MLM leads for this article.

Double Opt-In Leads: These are leads that usually have filled out an online form expressing interest in a home based business opportunity, then are contacted a second time by email or phone to qualify the lead even more to see if they are truly interested in starting a business from home.

Website Traffic: Website traffic is when the company directs their prospects directly to your company-specific landing page. These are not leads but rather clicks. One click is usually one person. It might take 20 to 50 clicks to get one lead – depending on how great your opportunity is and how nice your landing page is.

How the Cheapest MLM Leads Work

Dealing with bulk leads can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing. The name of the game is handling hundreds of thousands of leads fast and efficiently.

Top internet marketers can have over a million leads in their “email list” which they then can email anytime they want with effective sales copy and informative articles. 

Effective email marketing combines both sales copy and provides information and entertainment which builds trust with the email readers. If you blast your prospects constantly with offers and opportunities with no content, they will usually unsubscribe.

When you order bulk leads, the MLM lead seller will usually email you a csv file with all the leads. You will usually get the name, email, phone, IP address of that lead.

You will need to import that csv into an emailer that can email out thousands of emails at a reasonable price. If you want to email over 100,000 leads it can get expensive quickly. 

For example, Aweber charges over $140 per month if you want to email just 25,000 subscribers. So, you need to find the most reliable emailer for the lowest price.

Email marketing takes time to perfect and there’s lots of information out there on how to do it the right way. The point is with cheap MLM leads is getting your message out to as many leads as possible about your opportunity. It truly is all about traffic to your opportunity.

What are the Cheapest MLM Leads?

Four: MLM Leads

MLM Leads has been around for a long time and has a very informative blog if you want to educate yourself more before prospecting leads. They offer real-time leads, national and local leads, female leads, and web traffic.

Their cheapest bulk MLM Leads are the email autoresponder leads which start at 58 cents a lead for 50 all the way down to 38 cents for 1000 leads. 

**Cheapest: 1000 leads for $360

Three: Lead Power Net

Lead Power Net has been around since 1998 and have helped over 175,000 network marketing professionals get high-quality leads for their businesses. Lead Power net offers high quality telephone interviewed leads, real-time short form, local, and super clicks.

Their cheapest leads start at 34 cents for 100 leads down to 16 cents for 16 cents for 600 leads.

**Cheapest: 600 leads for $97

Two: Self Serve Leads

Self serve leads are owned by Lead Power and offer wholesale leads at bulk rates. They offer the same type of leads as Lead Power, with the exception of 90 day old leads which are priced as low as 1 cent per lead. 

For aged telephone leads of 90 days old you are looking at 5 cents per lead. For 90 day old internet short form leads you are looking at 1 cent per lead.

**Cheapest leads: short-form 90 days old 1 cent.

One: Apache Leads

Apache leads truly has the cheapest bulk mlm leads online with the biggest package available online (without requesting info) with a million leads 60 to 90 days old for $750. You get their name, email, address, gender, date, everything. However not all leads have all their info.

**Cheapest Bulk MLM Leads: 1 million leads for $750

How Many Cheap Leads Do I Need for a Sale?

Not all leads are created equal. The best MLM leads come from people that usually know you or about you and feel they can trust you. I personally get the best leads from video and blog articles, because viewers and reads alike feel they can trust me before buying.

Here is a rough example of the typical conversion rates for each type of lead:

1 Hot lead = 1 sale

10 warm leads = 1 sale

100 24-48 hours old leads = 1 sale

1000 week old leads = 1 sale

10,000 1 month old leads = 1 sale

100k 3-6 month old leads = 1 sale

1 million 1 year old leads = 1 sale

Sold over and over leads = No Sale.

Quick reference: hot leads are usually family members or best friends that do whatever you ask. Most will join your business if you ask them. Warm leads are people that know you or about you – like a family doctor.

Why Use Cheap MLM Leads

All successful online marketers know the term “money’s in the list” especially affiliate marketers who rely solely on traffic to sell their programs and products. The list is your rolodex for money. The bigger the list usually means more sales – especially if the list has some quality leads in it as well as older leads.


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