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Who Am I?

best mlm 2023
Hitting a top rank in 2018. I was one of the top 10 recruiters out of 50,000 distributors.

I started internet marketing in 2011 after escaping a near-death lifestyle with alcohol. In 2008 I was almost homeless, already had a heart-attack, and the one friend I had left said I would be dead within a year.

So, God intervened and I quit drinking cold-turkey and learned internet marketing. However, I wasn’t making any money.

However, one day I had sold one of my digital MP3s overnight in Japan and that turned me on to the idea of making passive income while I slept.

I tried affiliate marketing in 2013 and made around $2,000, but there really wasn’t any residual, passive income.

Then, I discovered MLM/Network marketing in 2014 and this was a dream come true! I discovered I could earn commissions not only from what I did, but I could earn commissions from everyone I recruited onto my team.

There was just one problem: I was scared to talk to people.

So, I learned content marketing and attraction marketing and people found me instead.

All I did was get a lot of people to the link my company gave me, and when I got up to around 20 leads a day i was getting a lot of signups!

In 2018, my life changed when a perfect storm happened: my company launched a great product and it went mainstream, and I created some videos about it and lo and behold I made $80,000 that year in MLM! Now I make even more money in 2023.

The rest is history!

MLM and Affiliate Marketing can create residual income for years and years. The key is to join an affiliate program that pays you to build a list and a team. (Every fifth person your team recruits passes up to you), learn a couple simple lead generation strategies, and recruit consistently. Never quit and you will always succeed!

Get Unlimited Prospects to Your Opportunity without Pitching ANYONE

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