Best MLM in the World for 2023

Today I want to talk about what the best MLM in the World for 2023 will be. Everyone is asking what it will be. They are trying to predict what the product will be, what the compensation plan will be, what the technology will be – and I am going to explain in very simple terms what the best MLM will be for 2023 and beyond. 

Best MLM in the World for 2023

First of all, I am Erik Johnson. I have been in MLM since 2014. So in a little more than eight years, I have recruited over 5000 people, personally generated over 70,000 leads. 

I have been in several companies. I have been in skin cream, brain supplements, CBD oil, Forex, crypto, you name it, I have been in it. I have seen the growth of many companies. I have seen the decline of many companies, and there are only a few components that make an MLM really great – and only the leaders know this, they understand it. 

What Makes a MLM the Best MLM in the World 

So the first thing I am going to talk about is the timeline. Alright, so what do you look for in a company? It is not necessarily the product even though everyone says it is the product. 

If you are a distributor, if you are a promoter, if you are an internet marketer, and you want to make serious money, the bottom line is the compensation plan and how fast it pays and do they pay? 

You want to jump in a company that is only a couple years old, that is usually when they hit their stride. If they make it their first year. The first year is going to be really bumpy. It could be glitchy; they might be working out shipping and getting into different countries. 

The second year they start to iron out all the kinks. If it’s a good company they will have a CEO that has a lot of experience in network marketing that understands how to build teams, networks, systems. 

If the CEO is good and the leadership team is good, and they have everything streamlined, so it can handle a million distributors joining the next couple of years, then that’s great. 

You don’t want things to be glitching out, especially in the second or third year. If it is or they’re not paying on time then that’s a serious red flag right there. 

When to Join the best MLM in the World

So you want a company that is just hitting its stride. Now there are a lot of people that join in pre-launch, and that’s kind of like gambling on a penny stock. You’re waiting for it to pay off big, but there’s a lot of risk because you haven’t seen any track record of the company. 

You can make a lot of money if you join in pre launch and the company goes somewhere. But a lot of those companies do fizzle out after a year or two because they don’t have the proper leadership. They don’t have the proper software or the proper products. 

But let’s say that the company does have all the systems in place and the leadership is great. You want to join at like the two or three year mark right when they hit that exponential curve. 

Alright, so you want to see what their income is. What’s their revenue? Is it growing every single year? You can easily look up any company’s revenue if they’re legitimate on businessforhome, like the company that I just joined. It’s doubling its revenue every year, even during the lockdown. So that is a good sign right there.

Best MLM in the World Commissions

The second thing I look for is the compensation plan. Is it beneficial? Does it pay well, alright, or do you have to work your butt off just to make 10% commissions? 

I’m not looking for something that pays 10%. I want 50% jumpstarts or even 100% commissions. There’s a couple of affiliate programs out there that pay 100% commissions, but you do have to pay a small admin fee to the owner. 

However, those aren’t that successful. I have been in a few of those. A lot of people jump in and then they move on. They get bored. There is not a lot of residual income in those instant commission one time payment affiliate programs. 

So I am just talking about MLM companies. So it is not necessarily about the product, although it does help. There are two camps of people: there are the people that think the product doesn’t even matter. It is about the compensation plan and opportunity to profit overall that really counts. 

Then there are the people that are like it’s all about the product. I’m kind of in the middle because I don’t really believe that it’s necessarily the product, but it has slowed down my growth a lot because I was promoting CBD oil, and the market became saturated. It was extremely hard to sell that. So products do matter. 

Best MLM in the World Winning Combination

So the ultimate MLM combination is to have a product that’s new, it’s new to market (not a lot of people understand what it is yet) It’s not everywhere. It’s not at every gas station like CBD oil. 

Number two, the leadership is growing,  the teams are growing fast. So there’s a lot of momentum and a lot of people are joining, it’s just hit the beginning of that exponential growth curve. You got to get on it. If you miss that growth curve, especially if you’re in America, it’s too late. 

Because here’s what happens. Most MLM companies will hit America and Canada first and gather all the people in those countries, and that makes the growth curve really spike right? 

But then the company becomes old news in America, and what they do is they expand into Asia and Africa. That’s what almost every MLM does and they do that so they can survive, because if they’re not growing, if they’re not hitting that curve, that exponential curve, then they are dying. 

MLM Loves Speed

It’s as simple as that – you’re either growing fast or you’re dying fast in MLM, and you gotta hit that wave. It’s like surfing – you have to get on the wave before it peaks and crests and then dissipates. That’s how MLM works. You have to grow your MLM fast with a lot of momentum. MLM loves speed and loves urgency. 

Alright, you’re going places – you have to say, hey, you have to get in this because this is growing fast. You can’t say that with a company like Amway, or Maleauca, because they’ve been around for 20, 30, 50 years.  

Leaving a MLM Legacy

But people do make a lot of money in those companies, because they joined in the beginning. They built a team of 20,000 to 50,000 distributors under them, and now they can sit at the top and just get a residual income check every single month, but they did all the work in the beginning. They got 1000s or 10s of 1000s of people in the beginning, the first two years, ideally, and now they’re sitting pretty. 

But to promote a company, if you’re brand new to it, and the company is 20 years old, you’re gonna have a very hard time because everyone’s gonna be like Oh, Amway. They are still around. Okay. But there are people grandfathered in making a ton of money still, you know, Dexter Yager of the Yeager foundation they’re worth like, they’ve generated over half a billion in Amway, alright, so it is possible but you got to get grandfathered in. 

So I’m talking about the hottest new global MLM company. So the leadership has to be building fast. The software has to be amazing. It has to accommodate a ton of growth. The product has to get shipped out right away. 

Best MLM of 2023 Pays Great

Number three – the compensation plan has to be amazing. A new trend right now is MLM companies that are paying instantly or almost instantly and that’s the hottest new thing. 

Another thing is what will be hot right now are fuel supplements are hot because gas prices are really high. But I think that’s a fad. I think it will die out in two or three years, especially when gas prices go down. Those products are not going to be as appealing. 

Alright, so you need a company that is also adding additional product lines. That’s the other way that you can grow a MLM company is that they keep launching new products. 

Best MLM Companies Switches It Up

A good example of that is my daily choice. They are always launching new product lines and new landing pages. They have an automated email system. They have over 50 different landing pages. However, my daily choice has been kind of what you call it when you’re known for only one thing. You know my daily choice is known for Hempworx. Their CBD product line. 

They are still growing, but they are growing fast in Africa and Asia. Because everyone knows about Hempworx and My Daily Choice in America. They are like CBD everywhere. It is dead as far as major US growth. So my daily choice is smart. They expanded rapidly in Africa and Asia, and that is what you have to do if you are a CEO of a MLM company. 

So I think I have rambled on enough about MLMs. The gist of it is, you have to get in before the wave breaks. You have to have amazing systems. Hopefully an email system that gives your prospects that fear of loss. Also cutting Edge Products obviously help, but an amazing compensation plan that pays instantly is even better. So I hope this helps your search and click the link to see our number one money maker.

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