Best Free MLM Traffic Sources For Recruiting

Best FREE MLM Traffic for 2023

Hello everyone, welcome to the channel. This is Erik Johnson and we are going to talk about the best MLM Traffic you can get online for 2023. Now I have used this technique since 2014, and has helped me generate 70,000 leads in multiple companies and I have made multiple six figures in these companies as well, all from this type of traffic that I am about to show you and it is free organic traffic. 

Best FREE MLM Traffic for 2023 Review – How I Recruited 3000 People with Free Sources

So the bottom line is you need to get enough traffic to your landing page. This is a landing page to a new opportunity I just signed up with seven days ago. So my whole thing is creating content and then having the content point to this landing page. And the more signups you get, the more sales you get. 

That is the bottom line for affiliate marketing for network marketing, for coaching, for CPA offers, whatever you want to do, the bottom line at the end of the day is getting clicks to your offers. 

Best Free MLM Traffic for 2023

So I’m gonna go over the two best free MLM traffic sources that I use to grow any company I want on autopilot. I can get three to five signups a day sometimes especially if the company is new, or hot or trending. 

We are going to try to provide as much value and transparency as possible because I want to help you guys finally succeed in 2023 and beyond. 

So the first place where I get amazing traffic organic targeted leads is my YouTube channel. The video you’re watching right now I attracted you to this video or article. 

For some reason you clicked on it, you are watching it. This was free to create right? The screen recorder that I am using is free. It is called apowersoft and the video is free to make for YouTube or any other video platform like Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram. 

How to Get Lots of Free MLM Leads for a New Company

But what I do when I start a new company is all create company reviews. So let me just say that the first thing I do is I create a playlist for the company. 

So this is called Matrix Empire Review 2023. You always want to have the year in your titles that really helps and then here’s a playlist, helping my team out. 

If in fact you do join my team, I will feature your video on my channel. If you have a YouTube channel here, I can simply just go get your link and put it in my playlist. 

Okay, so here’s some awesome team members, and so forth. So if I go to videos, you can see that I have created at least 11 videos that are ready for Matrix Empire because it’s a brand new company. 

In fact, it’s still in pre-launch, and I want to get ahead of the competition, and I want to get a lot of people signing up onto my team. 

YouTube Company Reviews Attract the Best Free MLM Leads

Because when people usually go to YouTube, they look for company reviews. So most of these titles are going to have a company review in it. That’s one benefit of doing videos. 

The other benefit is you can make additional income with YouTube I’ve already made. Let’s see if I go to my revenue. I’ve already made $390 this month and there’s still 13 days left in the month so I’ll probably beat last month’s income. 

So videos are very powerful. In fact, if I look at one of my top videos, let me just show you really quick. So this video alone, that I created last year, actually almost two years ago, has generated $2,500 in revenue. 

I’ve gotten 334 subscribers from it from this one video, 2600 hours of watch time, and 66,000 views. So one video is a powerful lead magnet especially if you start ranking your videos for certain search terms. 

I love YouTube. That’s why I’m hitting YouTube hard. I like doing long form content. I’m not really excited about YouTube shorts. I don’t get enough trust from them. They don’t get enough value from me. And it’s a different younger audience, and a lot of times I get a lot of little stupid comments, you know, haters from my shorts, so I don’t do YouTube shorts anymore. I just want to do long form content. 

Second Place for Best Free MLM Leads: Blog

Moving on to the second best place is a mlm blog. In fact, the biggest MLM leaders I looked up to back in 2014, when I started, they all had MLM blogs. 

So when you write an article and it ranks in Google, if someone types in a certain keyword phrase and your article comes up, then guess what, you’re going to get a lot of targeted traffic to your opportunity. 

So I do have a couple articles already for a matrix empire, and I want to be the first person to rank for that company. I want to be everywhere when people search for matrix Empire reviews. 

The only price of this is a membership or a hosting hosting provider. I use SiteGround so if I go to SiteGround these guys are out of the UK. We have really powerful blogs very fast loading. These are also managed wordpress, website, hosting, video WordPress hosting web hosting WooCommerce hosting. I think you can get a plan for about $12 a month. 

I haven’t looked recently. I pay annually so it’s about $350 a year. But since I work full time from home, it’s a tax write off so I really don’t care about spending money on my company, my opportunities, my brand, if I am making money with my brand, so that is the best clicks for your MLM business in 2023. 

I just put up this really cool banner on my blog. So when people click on that, I want to show you all the places just on this blog where I can get clicks to this landing page right here. 

Remember, it is all about getting clicks to your landing pages. Alright, so on my blog, I have this neat little notification bar that you can get over at Hello Bar com. They have a free version. You can get the pro version and it removes their little branding right here. 

But if you click on this, you always want things to open in a new window. So when you click on lock your spot opens up in a new window and it goes to the landing page. Okay, so that’s just one spot on my blog. 

Next spot is this new banner that I just put up for you to click on this. It goes to the landing page. Alright, so those are two places where I get leads, hot targeted leads. 

Then the third place is if I click on this article and scroll all the way down to the bottom. You are going to have a call to action at the end of the article. Here it is right here. I can click there. That actually goes to an article but down here, a new MLM launch if you click on this opens in a new window, and it goes to my landing page. 

So that is three places where I can get targeted, free leads. Thank you for watching this channel. And be sure and subscribe if you are not in my opportunity yet.

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